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Tuesday 13 September 2011

Helen Flanagan talks about Just Rosie

Along with the launch of Rosie Webster's Just Rosie website today, here's an interview with Helen Flanagan about the new mini-web series.

Tell us about Just Rosie

Just Rosie is three mini episodes that have been filmed for following Rosie’s bid for fame and fortune in London. It’s sort of Britain’s Next Top Model meets Corrie. We filmed here at Corrie and on location in London. We see Rosie in all sorts of hilarious situations – including having a scrap with another model live on Lorraine!

How did you feel that they wrote this especially for you?

I was so flattered that they wanted to do something for my character. We hear so much on screen about Rosie going off on modelling jobs but we can’t show it happening so it is fantastic that the viewers get to see a bit more of Rosie’s life away from the Street.

What was it like to film?

It was great fun and completely different to filming Coronation Street – there are all sorts of dream sequences and we see Rosie going for auditions and of course all loved up with Jason. It was hard work as I am in every scene – but it is really funny and I hope people like it.

How does Rosie become an internet sensation?

Well as you know Rosie has always wanted to be famous and she finds out that her agent Alfie has to find a model for a job on Lorraine on ITV1. She overhears him talking to her biggest rival Stacey about giving her the job but then she films them kissing in his office and blackmails him to give her the job – or she’ll tell his girlfriend! He has no choice and Stacey is given the job of hand modelling jewellery instead. But when they get to London Stacey stitches her up and gets to Lorraine before her. When Rosie arrives the item has already started and Rosie gets past security and attacks Stacey on set on live TV! Alfie sacks her from the agency but then the fight is a hit across the internet and her career suddenly takes off!
How does she end up as a guest on Loose Women and Capital Radio?

She is booked onto Loose Women for an item about whether women should be ambitious to get what they want and then she goes on Capital Raddio as she gets a big nationwide campaign as the 5-a-day veg girl. Not exactly Cover Girl but it’s a start!

Is this what Rosie has always wanted?

Rosie wants to be a famous supermodel and she really does think that this is the start of big things for her – and who knows it could be. But this is Rosie after all and she never gets it quite right does she!

Tell us about

After she becomes an internet sensation Rosie decides to set up her own website giving advice on make-up, life coaching, boyfriends, how to be famous. She films it all in her front room and the website has actually been set up to run alongside the web episodes. She also has a blog on the website and now there is also an official Rosie Webster Facebook page with photos and updates.

You had 3 months off before coming back to film Just Rosie – why was that and what did you get up to?

I decided to take a break because I have been playing Rosie since I was 9 years old so I have actually been playing Rosie longer than I haven’t and she is a massive part of my life. I just wanted to spend some time off from filming and I went on a nice holiday, moved home, changed my hair, saw more of my boyfriend Scott and generally took time out being myself for a while.

Tell us about the hair change

I have always wanted to have short blonde hair but I could never change it so dramatically whilst I was working – the first day after I had finished filming I had it all cut off and dyed blonde and I loved it. When I was due to come back the producer said he was happy for it to stay short but felt that it had to go back brunette for Rosie which is fine. I love experimenting with my hair so I was fine about changing it back. I’d love to grow it again now and maybe have some hair extensions whilst it is growing – and one day I’d love to go Rhianna red!!

You have played Rosie Webster for more than half your life – are you anything like her?

I hope not! Don’t get me wrong I love her to bits but she is pretty ruthless and can be bitchy or nasty at times, I am not like that at all. The only similarities are that we both love nice girly things and love shopping. I love my fashion and so does Rosie but personality wise I’d like to think I am a nicer person than Rosie. Rosie loves her little sister to bits and was very supportive over her coming out as a lesbian and I love my little sister so I suppose we are alike in that way.

What is happening to Rosie back in Weatherfield?

The whole experience in London links into the main show with Rosie talking about being on Lorraine but there is also some dramatic stuff coming up in October when John Stape returns and one of the people he seeks out is Rosie!

What has been your favourite Rosie storyline so far?

I love playing all the fun stuff but I really did enjoy the story where John Stape locked her in the attic. It was different to see Rosie stripped bare without any make-up and vulnerable. So I am really looking forward to the next John Stape stuff which I am about to film.

The web episodes will go live on and /corrie on September 26th

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