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Monday 12 September 2011

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 12 September

Monday 12 September 2011 7:30pm
As Steve and Becky chat it's clear he's still harbouring feelings for her but he's thrown when he spots Deirdre with Amy. Finding Tracy, he lays into her for stealing his daughter, Tracy tries to calm him saying there's something he needs to know but Steve refuses to listen, he hates her. Tracy's broken and with all hopes for her and Steve gone, she tells the Barlows she's going to have an abortion. Tracy swears Deirdre to secrecy but, convinced it's a knee jerk reaction to Steve's anger, she heads to the pub. Steve's upbeat, having made plans with Becky to offer her a good settlement at the mediation meeting tomorrow but when Deirdre drops the bombshell that Tracy's pregnant, how will he react? Following the upset of leaving Dylan, Sean's looking forward to letting his hair down on his birthday. But when Marcus reveals he's arranged for them to go to an adoption meeting, Sean's unimpressed. Despite his reservations he agrees but, as he enjoys a few birthday drinks in the Rovers, will Sean forget his promise?
Frank heads to court while a hostile Karl insists they should throw away the key. What punishment will Frank face? Kylie struggles to get her mobile nail business off the ground.

Monday 12 September 2011 8:30pm Steve is dumbfounded. Deirdre pleads with him to speak to Tracy before it's too late. At first Steve refuses to believe it, accusing Tracy of lying, but as she breaks down her vulnerability finally convinces him she's telling the truth. But it changes nothing for Steve, he won't let her use another child to manipulate him and refuses to be a father to this baby. Thrusting her referral to the abortion clinic into his hands she spits back it's nothing more than she expected from him. Will Steve agree that an abortion is the way forward?
In the pub Sean's lost all track of time as he enjoys his birthday. When he realises he races off to the adoption meeting. How will Marcus react as Sean struggles to hide his drunkenness?
Franks surprises Carla when he takes her back to the posh Cheshire home they lost out on weeks ago. The buyer has dropped out so their offer has now been accepted. Frank's ecstatic but is it what Carla really wants?


Loony Baloon said...

The Steve and Becky merry go round goes round again - ad nauseam

Anonymous said...

How about the Tracy and Steve merry-go-round? COme on, we're supposed to believe that
a)he is that profoundly stupid and
b)she's only slept with him twice, and gotten pregnant both times? There's suspending disbelief, and then there's treating the viewing public like idiots...
Rebecca in TO.

Anonymous said...

This is the best story they could come up with? Seriously?? Just re-hashing the past story? How come she's only super-fertile with Steve?

C'mon writers! It's weak.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

The actual episodes were as bad as feared. Aside from the TracyLuv rubbish, there was Marcus arranging to attend an adoption meeting on Sean's birthday. Sean managing to forget the time was overdoing it. The sole purpose of all this seemed to be to prove Anthony Cotton can't act. I've bristled somewhat when others have said that on this blog in the past, but tonight it was just embarrassing.

The only good bits in a whole hour were Karl showing Frank how scary is done and Audrey and Kylie spitting venom at each other like caged cobras. This is really not good enough - the programme will become a joke.

Looney Baloon said...

How appalling was Kate Ford;s acting again yesterday? More ham than a leg of pork, Plus Sean's silly little episode, and Stella within a week from death's door to being behind the bar again. Very poor again I am afraid.

Cobblestone said...

It's notoriously hard for an actor to pull off a convincing drunk scene. Many fine actors fail to manage it. As Michael Cain wisely said, "a drunk is a man who THINKS he's sober". Anthony Cotton's circus performance last night was deeply embarrassing. I just feel so sorry for Charlie Condou, being shackled to another performer who simply cannot act outside of his (peripheral) comfort zone. Seriously, if you thought Tracy was unconvincing, Sean was nothing short of appauling. I've seen more naturalism in Rentaghost! (Which ironically produced one of Corrie's finest actors!)


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