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Monday 19 September 2011

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 12 September

Monday 19th September at 7.30pm

Carla bites the bullet and confronts Frank. It’s the eve of the wedding and Carla now knows she has to get out of this. Meeting with her solicitor Carla hears how Frank could make life very difficult for her and is advised to make the split as amicable as possible. Full of anxious determination she heads off to speak to Frank. Putting the blame firmly on herself she reveals her doubts. As Carla tells Frank she can’t marry him how will he react?

Lloyd gives Tracy a wake-up call. Steve’s stressed as the two women in his life fight to bleed him dry, Becky through the divorce and Tracy with her demands for a flat. But when Lloyd accuses Tracy of being no better than Becky will she soften?

Can Sean and Marcus resolve their differences? Sean attempts to apologise to Marcus for their row but Marcus stops him; he was pushing to hard to adopt and would rather forget it. Will Sean be happy to let it lie?
Elsewhere when Rita finds her car has been boxed in (by Kirsty who thinks it’s Tina’s car) she calmly leaves a polite note. Irked Tina replaces it with a new note which is far from polite!

Monday 19th September at 8.30pm

As Frank struggles to get his head round what Carla is saying she insists a clean break is best as she can’t return his love. It’s a slap in the face for Frank who storms out of the factory. Witnessing his anger Peter heads inside where a bitter Carla reveals she’s called the wedding off because of him. How will Peter react? Back at the flat Frank’s waiting for Carla, having worked out why she’s been seeing her solicitor. His suspicions and his blood boiling Frank refuses to walk away. Needing to get through to him Carla admits her feelings for Peter. Losing it Frank grabs her...when we next see Carla she’s lying on the floor traumatized. Fighting her tears she calls Maria who races round. As she breaks down Carla reveals the horrible truth about Frank.

Believing he’s depriving Marcus of being a dad Sean tells Marcus he’s ending it because they’re too different. Broken hearted and unaware of the real reason behind Sean’s break up speech will Marcus be able to talk him round?

Tracy tries to prove to Steve she’s grown up.Under pressure from Deirdre, Tracy tells Steve she’s decided to stay at No.1. Pretending it’s a selfless decision she claims she doesn’t want to put him under any more pressure. Will Steve be won over by her act?

Elsewhere when Tina sees Kirsty leaving Tyrone’s she’s shocked to realise the girl she’s been feuding with is his new girlfriend. Legging it towards her car she attempts to remove the rude note. Will she get to it in time?

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Anonymous said...

Now comes another go-round of Leanne/Peter/Carla which will end with Carla's suicide attempt which, I must admit is pretty original. Did they hire new writers? (note the sarcasm).


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