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Thursday 29 September 2011

Are you getting sick of Peter and Leanne - Yay Or Nay?

Two weeks ago, we asked you "Are You Warming To Tracy?" and the result was a resounding Nay, with the exception of one or two Yays. One Anonymous blogger said: "I seem to be alone here, but Yay! I hated her at Christmas, but I love her" which is exactley my feelings. On the other hand, another Anonymous blogger posted "Ditch the B***h!"

This week, we turn our attention towards Corrie's most fiery couple, Leanne and Peter. Poor Leanne and Peter, they never seem to be happy, just when they are happy, something gets in their way. The miscarriage, Leanne's affair and most importantly - Carla. And at the moment - things seem to be OFF.

So I'm asking you, are you getting sick of Leanne and Peter? Well, I am. I like happy endings, but Phil Collinson seems to think differently. He has them constantly at loggerheads, and sometimes I'm asking myself "what's this argument about this time?"

Of course, they have their reasons, but in my honest opinion, enough is enough. Leanne used to be one of my favourite characters, but now I've gone off her, I'm just not bothered by them anymore.

It's a big YAY from me. But, what do you think? Do you like the matchmaking between Peter and Leanne, or do you think it's getting boring, like I do?
Post your comments below!


Llifon said...

I do like Peter and Leanne but I think they're starting to become overused. TPTB need to balance out the characters so everyone has equal attention.

Anonymous said...

Yay, yay and yay! Not Peter though, just Leanne. I was actually shouting at the screen 'Shut uppp!' (I never do this) I've never really liked her, but her jumping on her high horse about Peter (innocently, I think) supporting Carla after what happened with Nick is beyond rich, really. But then I kind of want Carla and Peter to get together-what a handsome couple they'd be! :-)

Apple Cobbler said...

Although Chris Gascoyne and Jane Danson are fantastic actors who give their characters real depth, I feel that Peter and Leanne are becoming overused. However, the quality of the acting and storylines which they are involved in has been maintained, and for that reason I'm saying NAY.

Anonymous said...

The writers need to give them a break, they arent giving them any reason to stay together because theres never any good times. Carla neess to go off to rehab n give them some space, im usually corries number one fan, but theres like no happy couples on the street. This isnt eastenders! We like some happy storylines sometimes too! SORT IT OUT!

Llywela said...

It's funny to see people calling Peter and Leanne overused when we barely saw them for several months this year between Feb-June. Corrie rotates its characters and storylines and this pair happen to be at the forefront at the moment - they'll slip into the background again soon enough so that another storyline can be focused on.

I love Peter and Leanne together when they are allowed to be happy and just get on with life - they always have really cute domestic scenes! Unfortunately, we aren't getting to see that side of their relationship at the moment, given all the trouble and strife they've got going on. If they could actually manage to work through the major trust issues they have with each other, they might stand a chance. Usually when they make up after a row, though, they simply sweep all those issues under the carpet rather than deal with them properly - only to trip over them again later.

Humpty Dumpty said...

It's a Yay/Nay! Corrie have done the impossible. They've taken two very popular characters, Peter and Leanne, and turned them into boring, irritating people who nobody's going to care much about. They did the same with Steve and Becky.

There have always been warring couples on the street like Jack & Vera and Stan & Hilda, but you could see they still cared for each other. We should see a bit of that with Peter and Leanne, even while they're going through this. As it is, I'm beginning not to care much about anyone in the street and this is from someone who used to take the phone off the hook when Corrie was on!

Anonymous said...

I love them both but think that it is high time to give someone else a chance at a big story line.

Anonymous said...

LUV both Peter and Leanne! I really wish the writers would allow them some happiness. They're great parents to Simon.

And enough already with the pot/ kettle thing. So Leanne got up to no good. Let's not all forget where Simon comes from ... Peter's bigamy.

Carla is a man-stealing bitch (let's not forget Liam) and, at the moment, a useless drunk. A totally inappropriate person to be a mother to Simon. Look how quick she was to shout at baby Liam the other night - simply for crying! She doesn't have the maternal temperament.

If the writers put Carla and Peter together ... I'll likely tune out 'til that storyline is done. And that's saying something, cuz I've been watching Corrie for 50 years!

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

I still like Leanne, and I have every sympathy for her feelings regarding Peter's inappropriate behaviour regarding Carla, I don't think I could have behaved as well as Leanne has!
I actually did switch off one day when Carla was going on about "justice being done" with Frank; ah...where would she have been if Frank hadn't switched places with her after the crash?
Frank hasn't so far seemed that bad to me, but Peter sure does.
Carla and Peter? Yeah, can just see her with Simon, such a 'little old man' he is, he'd see right through her in a heart-beat, and Peter would see what she's really like when his 'adorable' child exposes her values.
So it's a definite "Yay" from me.

Anonymous said...

To be honest I love Leanne and peter because of their storylines! But I would love for Carla and peter to get together as they would make the cutest couple! Carla's my favourite character and by far one of the strongest actress' on the show! We need to see some romance between peter and carla, make the storyline more interesting!

aunty pam fan said...

Quality actors and great TV. We see a lot of them because we need good stuff on Corrie.

Anonymous said...

It seems like Groundhog Day whenever I watch these two. Carla's a mate Peetah says..I'm your wife says Leanne. I love you Peetah says Carla...this stops now says Petah and then goes round to Carla's over and over again...or she follows him somewhere only to be told to bog off by Peetah who then will chat her up saying he'll always be there for her. He shows up at her door and gives her a big hug and sits on the couch with her stroking her hair. Yah...not sending too many mixed messages there. Of course Leanne has to show up at her place...c'mon writers...this is just stupid writing. Either Carl and Peter do the horizontal mambo or get rid of this tiresome threesome.

Anonymous said...

I think Peter loves Carla and he should be with her. Leanne cheated on him with Nick while Peter was true to her. I think Peter should be more angry at Leanne not Leanne be angry at Peter and Carla's relationship.

Frosty the Snowman said...

I like Leanne, Jane Danson plays her with such emotion that even hard hearted Frosty feels for her. But I am beginning to hate Peter, what all this "sweetheart" business with Carla yesterday and WHY WONT SHE FRIGGING LEAVE HIM ALONE. Its becoming ad naseum now. As someone said, like Steve and Becky the marvellous powers that be are ruining more of the characters again - well done Phil - you "done good" again - not.

Anonymous said...

YAY! I just love this storyline: it's got history, depth and complexity. I for one am utterly gripped.

I love Leanne and Peter, and the programme is all the better for the two of them.

Anonymous said...

Leanne should be with Nick, they deserve each other. Imagine Gail's face if Nick took up again with an ex-prostitute

Adam Rekitt said...

Yay! I am getting sick of Peter and Leanne in such dull storylines. Leanne's affair with Nick was unbelievable and Peter's reaction totally over the top. The experience seems to have turned Leanne into a haridan, the way she treated Stella (zzzzzzzzzz) and now Carla.

The actors are great, but I'm starting to dislike the characters. The Peter/Carla thing is so dull. As someone else said it is Groundhog Day. Peter/Carla flirt/share a secret. Leanne finds out and acts like a fishwife. Wash, rinse, repeat, wash, rinse,repeat....... Tedious.

Anonymous said...

Fully agree Adam.

I don't feel sorry for Leanne. She treated Stella like crap, now is acting all "You nearly killed my mum". Yeah, if it wasn't for the crash, you probably would still be treating her like something you have just stood in.

Mallory said...

I'ts an ehhh from me, on one hand i LOVE Leanne, i feel that i really love how her character has been put together and has so many different layers <3 I do also love her with Peter, they go so well together, they have put their problems aside and make a lovely pair haha!
on the other hand though...I love her and Nick together! I think they are so cute! And they argue like a proper married couple and its just like awww i always liked them together when they were having the affair...Thats quite harsh on Peter but yeaah :L
I think Peter and Carla suit each other, and yesterdays episode you actually saw how much he did care for her 'Sweetheart'
Overall I think its probably a Yay...Jane Danson is an amazing actress and the way she responds to stuff is amazing!
I study her carefully as im doing drama A-Level...I'm not a stalker promise haha just got used to seeing different sides to things <333

ChiaGwen said...

Hmmmm......the cuddling and hair stroking were a bit over the top for Peter if Carla is just a friend. Leanne was vile to poor Carla when she stopped at the bookies....I was kind of hoping Peter would tell her to shut up. Torn between Leanne and Carla as to who Peter should choose....sigh.

Beth said...

Yay. Frosty and Adam R couldn't agree more. I've tuned out these past weeks not really caring if I've missed episodes or not and a bit of a chore to try and catch up just to see the same thing over and over. So, yes it seems I am sick of them as they are being over used. Llywela says they weren't on screen from February until June, that may be the case, but before and after that it's alternated between the Leanne and Peter Show or the Becky and Steve Show.

Phil C has got a fabulous knack of turning us off characters by using them to the max giving and them storylines as miserable as sin clearly having misread the sign on the way in as Walford and not Weatherfield.

The acting is great but even they must be sick and tired of the same thing too? The production staff at Granada are clever though, they know who can act and then over use them, sadly though it works opposite for the viewrs because we are subjected to the same characters time and time again. Look what they did to Becky. Used her until we'll all be putting out the bunting when she leaves.

Anonymous said...

I love them always have Leanne is one of my all time favourite characters. I just think they need I;m sick of seeing them have the same fight over an over again.


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