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Tuesday 13 September 2011

Coronation Street weekly update, September 13

Thanks to Karen Jankel who wrote this week's summary while Flaming Nora is on holiday.

Oh what a tangled web we weave ... and they certainly have their fair share of webs around Weatherfield this week, mostly down to the fact that Frank lied and told the police he was driving the car which ran down Stella.

While Carla is coming round from the accident in one part of the hospital, Stella is lying in a coma in another. David Cameron's cuts have clearly had even more of an effect on Weatherfield General than the rest of the beleaguered NHS put together because they appear to be the only two patients in the hospital. This is just as well as the hospital also seems to be down to one member of staff: a doctor who has to break the various updates to Leanne, Peter, Eva and Karl who are keeping vigil in the corridor outside. First Stella might lose her spleen and then she might never wake up. There's nothing like the threat of losing someone to make people realise how much they're going to miss them and Leanne is no exception, desperately hoping that the mother she has only just met is going to pull through. Her wish is granted and Stella eventually opens her eyes, Leanne begs her forgiveness for saying that she never wanted to see her again, Stella is overcome with joy that Leanne cares after all and Eva is overcome with jealousy.

When Carla discovers what Frank has done she's wracked with guilt and almost spills the beans but he persuades her to keep quiet because if the police find out the truth they'll both go to prison and of course that wouldn't do at all because we've had far too many prison scenes lately what with Fiz and all. However, Carla can't live with herself and tries to go and visit Stella. Karl refuses to let her anywhere near her so Peter intervenes which gives Carla the opportunity to confess all to him. He is appalled by her dirty secret and sends her packing.

Frank then discovers that Carla has told Peter and is furious, reminding her again that they have to stick to their story, or rather his story which Carla had no choice but to go along with. One wonders, of course, why nobody questioned the fact that Frank walked away from the accident without a hair out of place when Carla ended up in hospital and the bookies was so badly damaged by the impact that Peter and Leanne had to go and stay with Deirdre and Ken until the flat was declared safe enough to go back to. However, even the court is convinced because he gets away with a £500 fine and 8 points on his licence. He sees this as a cause for celebration and brazenly takes Carla for a drink in the Rovers before whisking her away to spring a surprise on her: a large, family-sized house which will very soon be theirs. Carla is well and truly trapped and one senses that she does not share Frank's desire either for her or the babies he wants them to have together.

Back on the street, Tyrone and Tommy are in celebratory mood after their run-in with the drug dealer so decide to go out on the town. Knowing Tyrone doesn't find it easy to chat up girls Tommy decides to help him out by paying a girl to have a drink with Tyrone. We're not too sure yet whether she's just being kind but it looks as though the two of them might have genuinely hit it off because, much to Tommy's amazement, the girl offers Tyrone her number and agrees to go out on a date. Whether this will transpire remains to be seen.

Over at Eileen's, Sean and Marcus are distraught because Violet is finally better and little Dillon is returning to London. At least Marcus is distraught. So distraught, in fact, that he comes up with a bright idea. He and Sean should adopt a child – one of their own which they can keep and they don't have to send back! What a novel idea; there haven't been any new adoptions on Coronation Street for at least two weeks. So, as a birthday treat, Marcus arranges for him and Sean to go to a talk on the subject. Except Sean would far rather celebrate with several double vodkas with his friends in the Rovers which he does before eventually winding up late at the talk, embarrassing Marcus and not exactly creating the perfect first impression required for such an occasion.

Meanwhile, pressure is mounting over at Lloyd and Cheryl's where Chris has discovered that the memory loss caused by his brain tumour has its uses. Having wormed his way back into Cheryl's affections he pretends to forget that Lloyd is going to surprise Cheryl with two tickets to a concert and instead talks her into a trip to the cinema with Russ, leaving Lloyd fuming with frustration at the unfairness of it all.

School term has started and Steve wants to know where Amy and Tracy have got to. It's a bit like a scene from a pantomime because just as he's standing with Deirdre by her front door, threatening to call the police to track them down, Tracy and Amy pop up from behind a flower bed on the other side of the street and it was all I could do to stop myself calling out "they're behind you".

Of course Tracy never does anything without an ulterior motive and it's not long before we discover her reason for returning to Weatherfield. She's pregnant. And, not just with any Tom Dick or Harry's baby (although, being Tracy, one imagines that Tom, Dick or Harry could quite easily be the father). No, according to Tracy, the person responsible is none other than Steve. Except that she hasn't told him and doesn't intend to after she goes round to see him and he throws her out of the Rovers. In less time than it takes for Ken to close his library book Tracy has made an appointment at the clinic for a termination and Deirdre decides to take matters into her own hands and break the news to Steve. But she soon wishes she hasn't when she discovers Steve wants nothing to do with the baby, beyond offering the services of Street Cars to drive Tracy to the clinic. Tracy reacts by threatening to leave forever, taking Amy with her.

And that's just about it from the cobbles for another seven days.

The writers of this week's episodes were Chris Fewtrell, Julie Jones, Debbie Oates, Ellen Taylor, Peter Whalley and David Lane. You can find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at:

Karen Jankel


Anonymous said...

Great write up. However, the blog used to have detailed descriptions of each episode. It's what brought me to this blog and got me watching the show again.

Its a shame if these individual episode write ups are no more, but I realise that they are time consuming to do (and I'm not volunteering). If the blog is just going to do a weekly update, then please could we have a little blog on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays saying what did you think of tonight’s show(s)?

I like seeing what other people thought of the episodes and other people spot things I missed. People are commenting on the shows now under the preview blogs, which is not the first place people will look for comments on programmes that have been broadcast. Probably the wrong time to raise this with Nora on her hols, but it's getting a bit frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think Yoork used to do it. But I agree, it was the main thing that drew me into this blog. I miss it terribly!

Anonymous said...

WTF is it with Tracy again.Surely there must be more to Corrie anymore than Tracy/Steve merry-go-round. Awful stuff lately. And Dreary? C'mon. All she can say is "What have I done?" How about Ken remarking.."Well, Diedre, you're a bit of a dolt you know and so the writers have relegated you to the dust bin of has-been one liner props". Ken had a surge of manliness the other night though - calling Tracy 'selfish'. What language!!LOL.

Anonymous said...

I agree, great write up, however I do miss the highlights and lowlights at the end of the update

Anonymous said...

I can provide an update of Monday's episodes.

Steve shouts at Tracy. Tracy shouts at Steve. Deirdre shows what a terrible mother she is. Ken looks bewildered and sticks his head in a book. Tracy and Steve shout at each other.

Marcus gives Sean the ultimate birthday gift: an adoption meeting. Sean fails to castrate Marcus like any self respecting gay would and instead gets drunk. Unfortunately, we only know this because Sean knocks back vodka like water. Anthony Cotton shows he can't act.

Wetherfield Courts win best UK Justice system, since the ink is barely dry on the investigation, before Frank is up before the Beak. He is shown getting away with perverting the course of justice. Crime pays in Wetherfield.

Instead of joining Fiz inside for a good number of years, Carla mopes around, showing as much enthusiasm for Frank as a day trip to play I Spy in a Wigan Bus Shelter on a wet Wednesday.

Karl shows Frank how to do intimidating and though he is prevented from ejecting him from the Rovers, Karl acts him out of it. Stella, miracle of modern medicine by going from death’s door to a bit tired in 2 days, says "oar gnaw" a lot.

Millions of viewers catch deja view. Corrie wins an environmental award for recycling - old plots.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Does Carla remind anyone of something from Planet of the Apes from that photo? I wish she would stop mooning around with no make up haunting poor Peter Barlow like some Ghost of a Past that never was!!


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