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Sunday 25 September 2011

Coronation Street Weekly Awards, September 19 - 23

Explosion of Pink award: Man that was a lot of pink in the Bistro for the wedding decos but I did like Hayley's jacket!

Misguided award: Gold Star: Sean breaking up with Marcus because Marcus wants a child and Sean doesn't. Fortunately, Marcus wouldn't accept it.

Family Fortunes award: Brass star: Doesn't Tracy have a bank account full of cash from Blanche?

Pants on Fire award: Peter was under no illusions. He got arrested defending Carla's honour but I bet it felt satisfying. Peter's lying to Leanne yet again and still only telling Leanne half truths. I know he's concerned but he never learns. He still hasn't admitted to that one steamy kiss nor that he knows Carla was drink driving.

Delusional award: Frank has convinced himself that he's done nothing wrong and later, that he will get away with it anyway. He ignored his bail conditions, admitted the rape to Carla and he used all his powers of persuasion to try to make her see that she would lose in court.

Put in your place award: Gold Star: Kirsty finally shut Tina up (for a minute) by flashing her badge.
Silver Star: Rita tore a strip off Tina, told her to be more responsible and mature - and she's right.

Movers and Shakers award: Obnoxious star: Dev reckons he can network on the golf course. He only owns one poxy shop not a world wide corporation but it's all about image for him.

Insufferable Award: Gold Star: Dev again, Now he's a golf daddy with a supposed prodigy 6 year old with a golf club.
Smart Cookie award: Gold Star: Simon knew Peter and Leanne had a row!

I love the cake top!!!

Lines of the Week:

Frank to Carla "I think our fate is firmly in our own hands" (Talk about a portent of doom!)
Maria to Kirk "You'll meet the girl of your dreams someday" Kirk "I hope not, she's quite scary!"
Frank "I just ask you to reserve your judgement" Sean "Justice will be done" (as per soap law)
Dev "Self Important???? Me?????" (yes, actually)
Sally "He loved her one minute" Sean "And then raped her the next"
Owen "I see your water's broken!"


Humpty Dumpty said...

I've lost faith in justice being down in Corrie. It's more to do with whether TPTB want to keep a character in. Frank could go on for years (help!)in the same way Tracy is walking round scot free. I'd be happy to see the back of the pair of them. They're both as charismatic as a bowl of custard. Frank had some good lines this week, winding Peter up, but imagine the same scene with Alan Bradley or Tony Gordon in the role of villain. No contest.

Kate said...

I thought the whole Kirsty and Tina story was very odd. I used to like Tina but the way she's portrayed now is awful -- moody, sullen, and always so bitchy! Not nice to watch at all.

Also, why is Dev still on our screens? I found those scenes in the pub when he was raving about Aadi's golfing to be absolutely cringe-worthy!!

Adam Rekitt said...

Absolutely agree with you Kate. Tina's selfish, ungrateful attitude to Tyrone was horrible to watch.

Jimmi Harkishin's acting is abysmal. Cutting from scenes of Carla's shock and upset to Dev was so jarring. And Sunita's role seems to be reduced to a nagging, miserable harpy. Awful.

Anonymous said...

So very much agree Adam and Kate; couldn't have said it better...

Anonymous said...

Dev owns 6 shops and the kebab take away, plus a flat at Victoria court and another 7 above his shops. He used to own 7 in his Maya days but he sold one earlier this year because of his debts.

So he owns more than one shop...


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