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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Coronation Street Weekly Update, July 18 2011 

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

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Tracy goes for an interview at the florist shop in the precinct, leaving little Amy at home with Uncle James who hushes little Amy when a surveyor comes and inspects the Barlow residence at James’ request. He threatens Amy if she tells anyone that there was a man in the house when everyone else was out, her mum’ll go back to prison and everyone she’s ever loved will just disappear. Amy spills the beans eventually to her mum which fuels Tracy’s suspicions that James is up to no good (he’s not). Not only has he had the Barlow house surveyed and valued, he’s now awaiting the cheque so he can naff off with the equity from his grandad’s house leaving Ken and Deirdre high and dry. Ooh, he’s a bad ‘un, that James (he is). One of the best scenes of the week was Tracy playing her tapes, singing along to Bros… "when will I, will I be famous... when will I get my picture in the papers…?" When you twonk your boyfriend over the head with an ornament and get put away in the big house for manslaughter for 15 years, Tracy-luv, that’s when.

Over at the factory it’s all go when Sally steps up to the supervisor role as Hayley’s at home looking after baby Hope. Carla and Frank need someone in charge as they plan a romantic tryst to Rome leaving the girls and Sean at their machines. Yes, Carla and Frank are now An Item although Carla still wants to get into Peter’s pants and snogs him upstairs in the flat while Leanne lays in hospital. But let’s rewind just a bit. Leanne in hospital, you say? She and Peter argued about Carla, of course, and after Peter stormed out of the flat Leanne went after him, lost her footing at the top of the stairs and tumbled to the bottom. The impact of the fall made her miscarry their baby and as she lies in her hospital bed, heartbroken, Peter’s fighting off Carla’s advances in the Barlow marital home. He tries, he really does, and eventually, but not as decisively as Corrie fans up and down the country would have liked, he tells Carla to leave him alone and the he heads for the hospital to see his broken wife. Stella’s also in there quick sharp, catching Leanne when she’s at her weakest, offering her a brittle-snap hug and pretending it’s motherly love.

Speaking of which, there’s two types of mothering going on at Roy’s Rolls. We’ve got Hayley looking after baby Hope while Fiz is in pris, and Sylvia and Roy finally building bridges and making amends for years of neglecting each other. It’s wonderful stuff to watch and extremely well acted by all. Watching Roy change baby Hope’s nappy, wearing his yellow marigolds was a joy.

Sean wants his fifteen minutes of fame this week, for son Dylan at least, when he spots a Face of Freshco competition for kids aged 4 or under. Problem is, he can’t take the time off work to take Dylan to the photo shoot so Marcus takes the kid instead, the photographer takes a fancy to Marcus and Dylan’s through to the final of the Face of Freshco, soon to appear on a TV ad. But when Sean’s found out that Dylan’s going to be famous without him, he throws a strop, barges into the photoshoot and ends up being thrown out. Marcus and Dylan walk out in support and Sean’s pushy dad routine almost ruins the family unit.

And finally this week, Owen Armstrong becomes Anna's new landlord when he buys the house from Jerry Morton (remember him?) for a knock-down price. I don't like the glint in Owen's nasty eyes when Anna invites him for tea. No, I don't like it, one little bit.

And that's just about that for this week.

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Rachel said...

Oooh, I'm going to be really pedantic. Ken & Deirdre re-mortgaged the house to pay for Tracey's legal fees when she wacked Charlie over the head. There shouldn't be any equity left.

On a non-pedantic note, yep, Owen = bad 'un. He let Anna go through several hours pf stress and worry just so he could do the big reveal about buying the house, i.e. control the situation.

Anonymous said...

Eee, great continuity - in a 1988 episode I have, Deirdre calls at the Kabin for a Bros mag which Tracy is desperate for!


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