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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Corrie weekly awards: July 25 - 29

Deja Vu award: Steve... unhappy because he can't have the one he wants, gets drunk, shags Tracy. Repeat. Along with...

Self Pity Party award: Gold Star: Not only did Steve feel sorry for himself, he comforted himself in exactly the wrong way...with Tracy.

Living in a Dream World award: Gold Star: Tracy thinking she and Steve could ever be a proper couple.
Silver Star: Steve thinking the secret that he slept with Tracy wouldn't get out.

Cheeky monkey award: Gold Star: Dennis flirting with Sylvia and her lapping it up! Love it!

Star of the week: Mikey North and Gary's demons.

New crockery! Looks like the Barlows have a new cheery teapot and cups. Becky must have smashed the old ones.

Lines of the week:
Sean "I'm keeping my powder dry, mainly out of cowardice." Eileen (a few minutes later) "Do you want me to smack him?"
Sylvia about Becky's grammar "My shopping lists are Shakespearean sonnets compared to that"
Steve "I know you're here for me Tracy, that's part of the reason she's (Becky) gone!"
Steve "If anything was going to tip me over the edge, it wouldn't be the sound of Morrissey" (it would for some, mate!)
Steve "There's more chance of me conquering Everest" (Phrase of Doom, anyone?) and "Thought me lawyer was going to give me a loyalty card. One more and the fifth one's free. She calls me Henry VIII!"
Steve "I suppose you stayed in a convent in Crete? The Holy Sisters of Largin' It!"


Anonymous said...

I'm so sure award..Marcus asking Sean if he wanted him to go and straighten Gary if.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty’s Awards:

Disappearing Boyfriend Award: What’s happened to Jeff? Has Kevin done away with him and buried him under t’conservatory?

Character turnaround award: Owen who was a nasty piece of work is suddenly Mr Kind and Caring. I think I preferred the horrible version.

Great Acting Award: Mikey North really excelled himself this week as the tortured Gary. Just shows up the poorer actors more,- some of whom should go back to stage school – Anthony Cotton? I see his old pal has renewed his contract. Hm.

Are you Insane Award:: Steve, becoming increasingly tiresome, MacDonald and the piranha that is Tracy-loove.. After all that has happened between these two and the grief she has caused him, would he REALLY go there again scuttling after her after a couple of cross words from Becky? Scruffy Steve must be the village idiot and I am getting fed up with all his woe is me face all the time. No prizes for guessing of course she will get pregnant (again), that’s after running away to London (AGAIN). The scene with Tracy and Steve arguing was weak and acted like something from the Local Amateur Dramatic Christmas panto, polar opposites to Jane Danson and Chris Gasgoine in their dramatic scenes.

Best Quiche in the UK Award: Ken wanted to turn down a slap up meal with wine and liqueurs (at 4.30 in the afternoon?) in favour of Freshco’s goats cheese & red pepper quiche. It MUST be a special recipe.

Chucking another drink award: Why is it seen as acceptable in Soaps that when you are displeased with somebody you can throw a drink in their face/all over them?. Is it supposed to be amusing? This is actually assault and you could provoke that glass straight back in your face in today’s aggressive society. Silly Audrey made herself as bad as those blokes in the bar, and could you really blame them for laughing: A 7 foot bloke wearing a fright wig and a lunatic grin – this story has to be up there with the Turkeys as one of the worst storylines ever along with Molvin and Michelle’s other son.

Yet Another Loser Award: Amber throwing in Uni – does ANYONE in Corrie have an iota of ambition or desire to better themselves or even stay the course at anything? Let’s all aspire to punching the price gun in the corner shop or bringing up mixers in the Rovers.

Pointless Character of the Week Award: Creepy child Faye – why exactly is she still there? They got rid of Eddie and kept her? Two words: brains and tested.

Anonymous said...

Frosty those were better than the actual awards :D "could you really blame them for laughing: A 7 foot bloke wearing a fright wig and a lunatic grin"

Kate said...

Parts of this week I enjoyed and parts I didn't. The storyline with Gary has been fantastic, and I enjoyed seeing more of Ken & Deidre onscreen as well(going to Streetcars in her housecoat was brilliant!).

However it is beyond me why the character of Becky Macdonald is still on the street. There was a natural time to leave, when the marriage ended, and now it seems very awkward to still have her around, crammed in with "Royston" and "Hayls" (+ Sylvia and Hope). The character serves no purpose anymore, except to cause more grief with Steve and Tracy. I will never tire of watching Steve, but I really think this storyline should be given a rest for the viewers' sakes!

One last point. I used to like Amber but why on earth has she turned into such a cow? It seems totally unnatural and also Sunita's hostility doesn't really match with her character either -- she's always been the peacekeeping one. I was looking forward to Amber's return but they've now totally ruined the character in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of people accusing Phil Collinson of renewing Cotton's contract because they're friends. He's not been brought in by Collinson and has been around for much longer than him. Whether you like him or not, just stop with those ridiculous accusations.

Tvor said...

Always liked Sean, still do.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kate when she says
'It is beyond me why the character of Becky Macdonald is still on the street'. I too wish she would hurry up and go!


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