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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Coronation Street Weekly Update, July 25 2011

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. Without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

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Mikey North, the actor who plays Gary Windass, has played a blinder this week. Gary is still going through post traumatic stress disorder after his short stint in the army and the death of his mate Quinny. Pretending to be ok is a recipe for disaster when he goes into meltdown back on civvy street. He takes his role as protector of Izzy just a little further than she would like after he gets a packing job in the factory as the new man in ladies pants. But when Izzy wants a night out on her own without Gary, she’s mugged at a cashpoint and is thrown from her wheelchair. When Gary finds out, he goes ballistic and thumps Sean by the beer pumps, giving him a black eye, taking his anger out on totes the wrong man. Ooh, I’ve said totes. Get me. Anyway, Izzy’s fine, just shaken, not stirred and determined to get on with her life despite a few bruises from the mugging attack. But Gary’s not having it. He pretends he’s taking her wheelchair in to get fixed but leaves it in his van, making Izzy a prisoner in her own home. He closes the blinds in Izzy’s flat, tells her he’ll protect her from the bad ‘uns outside her front door, turns off the lights and locks her indoors. Izzy is beside herself with worry and after Chesney and Katy come calling at her door, and Gary tells them Izzy’s asleep and doesn’t want to see them, Katy tells dad Owen who goes round to the flat and kicks the door in. Owen finds Izzy cowering in the corner of her bedroom with Gary protecting her, but it’s clear he’s suffering as much as poor Iz is. "Help me," he cries out to Owen. "Help me." And there wasn’t a dry eye in our house, I can tell you.

Over at the Barlows’. Deirdre runs a bath for Ken and puts fresh batteries in his waterproof radio but it’s not enough to get Ken out of his stupor and his dressing gown. He’s been betrayed by grandson James after he found out that James had taken out a loan of £50k on his house. Ken finds the cheque and confronts James who knocked Ken against the wall, battering the Barlow. It’s left to Rita and Dennis to take Ken out to the pub and into the land of the living to cheer him right up.

In the back room of the Rovers, Steve settles himself on the sofa for an afternoon of misery with The Smiths and Scotch. He’s feeling sorry for himself when he finds out that Becky’s gone to Crete with a fella called Clarkey. I know a fella called Clarkey, he’s a painter and decorator, but I digress. Tracy’s straight in there trying to cheer Steve up and invites him for tea chez Barlow. She even irons the tablecloth in readiness for his visit to tea. What she has in store for dessert is anyone’s guess. Actually, it’s everyone’s guess and we’d all guess it right and Steve, as we know, will get it horribly wrong.

And over at Bessie Street Infants, Julie takes little Dylan to a pre-school reading as neither Marcus nor Sean are free. Julie’s loving playing mum to the son she’s never had and so when another mother thinks that Dylan’s her real kid, Julie does nowt to contradict her. However, the teacher giving the reading turns out to be Brian and Julie comes over all peculiar as she stares into his eyes while he reads out The Cat in the Hat. Sadly for Julie, Brian tells her he didn’t realise that she was a mum and that she’d be best off without him. Julie’s too dumbstruck to reply and goes home to Sean for a cry.

And that's just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Martin Allen, Peter Whalley, Simon Crowther, Damon Rochefort and Chris Fewtrell. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at:
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Anonymous said...

Steve could settle himself on the sofa a lot more if onle Becky McDonald hurries up and permanently leaves. I am sick of the writers involving her all of the time. can't the writers find better things to write about than involving a lot of Becky? To me, it is extremely bad writing when they focus too much on one person.

maggie muggins said...

I don't recall seeing much of Becky at all lately. With all the new characters & other storylines, the "Becky problem" seems to have lost its power to bore.

Crikey, Mikey North was incredible, eh? And Cherylee Houston was no slouch either. Been a while since I've teared up that much watching Corrie. Yay Owen! Well written too - glad Gary asked for help, instead of scaring me silly even more!

Julie, Julie. I found her a little annoying and panto in those scenes after she was discovered and cast away by Brian. I wish she wasn't written to be so desperate for a man all the time. It's all she ever talks about. She must have some interests other than that! Here's hoping her rumoured new business will give her some depth.

Dolly Tubb said...

Julie and Brian - yay!
No Motor Mouth Becky - yay!
No Whining Fiz - Yay!
Steve and the Smiths - yay!
Gary's in trouble - wow! Powerful stuff, fantastic acting by Mikey North.

Great Corrie, even thought Tracy has settled in a bit - perhaps Kate Ford has listened to the audience?

Anonymous said...

I still think Dennis is the man behind the fake charity scam...will take Rita's life savings and probably Emily's too. Summat's not right with him.

Anonymous said...

How could Kens Grandson remortgage the house when they did back when tracys trail was on? and how would Ken have the deeds to the house did he win the lottery?

Anonymous said...

Great writing on the Steve paragraph! Got a good chuckle. Thanks!

Mr T said...

After returning from holiday, I have just caught up with the Corrie Omnibus that I recorded on Saturday 23rd from last week's showings. I thought this was one of the best Corrie's that I have seen for ages. The acting and the scripts were much better. unfortunately, it was completely spoilt by the awful filming. Almost every film shot taken was where the cameraman was either wandering around and not trying to keep still, too much fast action, there was too much where the camera was going from one person to another non - stop, and when it showed Steve and Amy McDonald with Tracey in the street, the camera never stopped moving all over the place, while going backward and forward on each person. I found this photography to be extremely poor by Neil Johnston the Camera Operator, and if this is how Corrie wishes to film, then maybe they should employ some amatuer school leaver who may even do a better job after practising with his camcorder. The next time the person who is reading my message watches Corrie, please take note of just how it is been filmed, apart from just the acting.

Dolly Tubb said...

Anonymous #3 - I wondered about this too (the remortgaging an already re-mortgaged house). But Deidre did say something to the effect of 'this is all we have thanks to me mother'. Perhpas Blanche left them some money to buy the house? Corrie PTB aren't hot on the finer details of big things such as house buying and finance and it's usuallty The Money Fairies that arrange these things in Corrieland.

Cobblestone said...

I think a little rewriting of history was involved here, Dolly. Someone must have realised No1 was already remortgaged and so that line was inserted, but Blanche's will was very specifically spelled out at the time. Tracy got the bulk of her estate. But at least they tried to cover their gaff.

Dolly Tubb said...

Cobblestone - yes, I think you are right, thanks. I do remember the reading of Blanche's will and I didn't think that it included anything to do with buying No 1 - although I was prepared to believe I was having a Senior Moment!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone find the swinging camera shots distracting? It seems the cameraman is all over the place and puts me off trying to follow Corrie. Its even worse when the text is on using my remote, as the text is held nice and straight, and the background picture of Corrie seems to take off at the same time. I hope one of these 3 foot rats bites his leg (or somewhere else) while he is filming, and more viewers complain about the moving around camera shots. Otherwise, I hope the cameraman is surrounded inside of a circle by these 3 foot monster rats (sounds like a sci - fi movie) while he is filming, and that would mean he would need to keep filming without moving this way, or that way.

Anonymous said...

Exceptionally poor photography I thought for Mondays two episodes. The end of it got much worse (Garry near the curtains) with the camera jumping about as if the camera man had slipped on an banana skin after someone had eaten the banana first. This spoilt a good night wanting to watch Corrie (which was well written) with a plate of chips, mushy peas and Bratenso├če (Bratensosse) poured over the top(yes mrs your'e correct, that does mean gravy in English. I wish these camera blokes would learn how to handle their cameras!

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing. Wasn't Ken phoning the police himself to turn James in when he was thumped and James just trotted on his merry way? All of a sudden he doesn't want the police involved??
Make up your mind!!!Jezzz...these writers have to get it together...too sloppy.


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