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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Corrie weekly awards: July 11 - 15

Thawing out award: Gold Star: Leanne allowed her mum to comfort her after the miscarraige.
Silver Star: Roy and Sylvia appear to have had a breakthrough.

Jealous much award: Green star: Sean wasn't too keen on Marcus being tipped to be in the adverts with Dylan and not him.

Red Flag - Bull award: If I was James, I wouldn't get Tracy all riled up like that.

Overreaction award: Gold Star: Leanne. I know she's got a bee up her backside about Carla but she was particularly nasty to Peter and it was uncalled for.

It's the 21st Century award: Gold Star: Kevin, yes you can transfer funds without paperwork these days.

Pants on Fire award for this week: Gold Star: James. Pretty much all week about all things.

Yet another forgotten storyline: Did Kevin get the hydraulic lift fixed or has it been taken away altogether?

Legal question: I'm not sure why Kevin couldn't get his money back. It was still a scam, even if it had been him that had done the transfer to the "charity". Anyone know?

Fashion don't: Just because you're crap with the iron, does that mean you forgot how to button it up properly?

Lines of the week:

Kylie "I'm a feminist, me". Audrey "Mrs. Pankhust would be proud?" Kylie "Who's she, me first client?"
Audrey to David "Just because you chose the Creature from the Black Lagoon, doesn't mean the rest of us have to"
Leanne about the test "This is all new to me, you know" (no it isn't)
Deirdre "I sometimes think we've been too soft on Tracy" (Ya think?)
Frank "If you don't need moral support, you might need someone to hold your coat"


Anonymous said...

Who the hell butchered Davids hair? His Granny? OMG..
Stella getting her hair done at Audrey's...then saying she had a few compliments on it..looked exactly the same to me.

maggie muggins said...

Lol! So many good ones there, Tvor, I can't pick a fave. My first thought is that if you really watch Corrie - there's no lack of hilarity and warmth!

I also thought Leanne went on waay too much about Carla knowing she was pregnant. Maybe the actress wasn't aware of the context of her lines in those episodes? It really stuck out.

I love the way Corrie actually does have themes much of the time, in one episode. Oooh, we've finally found a good use for Tracey! Can't wait for her to cleverly and nastily expose Janes' thievery, and SELLING HIS GRANDFATHER'S HOUSE FROM UNDER HIM! Sorry 'bout the caps, but he's some piece of work. The actors must be having fun with this story.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty’s Awards:

Another ridiculous “professional” award: After the UKBA Immigration rep we now have Reg Holdsworth’s long lost son as the bumbling surveyor. Was this stupid idiot an attempt at humour? This daft scam wouldn’t work in a zillion years; if it were that easy half the country would have their houses remortgaged by unscrupulous relatives.

Tiresome Diva Award: Sean is just such a ghastly character and Anthony Cotton’s acting gets worse and worse with his Mr Humphries head tossing mode of acting and posturing. Keep Marcus and get rid of him. It stretches belief that Violet would have let him take her son to the other end of the Country when she left Coronation Street in the middle of the night to get away from him!

Wearing yesterday’s knickers award: Carla turning up to the faktry in the same clothes after her night of passion with DI Manson, sorry Frank. Why do people in soaps always do this and never go home to change when they all live so local?

One of the most dreadful stories ever award: The Mark/Marcia/Audrey debacle. Not sure if this is supposed to enlighten or just be played for “humour”. Either way it is not working and is just godawfuly cringeworthy. Why would the 30 something barman ask to “be introduced” to 70 year old Audrey like she was a young pretty girl. That silly woman banging on that she and her hefty husband “Amelia” swap clothes. This whole story is embarrassingly dire and not worthy of Sue Nichols.

Yet Another Pointless Character Resurrected award: The annoying and medicorely acted Amber. What appeal does she have? Why is her head such a funny shape? Her reappearance means more scenes with the Alahans - just what most viewers do not want to see. Why not bring the manager of Freschos in instead, he looked like he could be an entertaining character instead of another whining teen .

Stevie Wonder could see he is up to no good award: St James of the Barlow couldn’t look more dodgy if he tried, eyes darting from side to side under those eyebrows. Making “secret” calls on his mobile right outside the house of course and dopily refusing to give Tracy a few quid to get her out of the way so he could rummage around for presumably the Deeds. Surely important documents like this would be in the Bank anyway not just left in a sideboard drawer?

The pots plots are getting tiresome award: What is all this silliness with Dreary’s pottery mentioned in every episode now? Is this another attempt at “humour” – oh my aching sides.

Seachange Award: Stella; I am actually beginning to like her but I still think her husband and daughter are superfluous. John Michie is another great actor that is not being used properly. I really hope she and Leanne get close; Leanne desperately needs an ally right now.

Fat Brenda said...

What's going on? where the flamin' hell is Frosty with his alternative awards?!

I'm worried. Frosty! Are you ok?


Frosty the Snowman said...

I have posted early this morning as ever Brenda but they dont seem to have appeared!

Tvor said...

Comments are being moderated at the moment due to a few nasty anonymous commenters. That means they have to wait for me or Nora to have a minute to get to the puter! :)

Llywela said...

I also thought Leanne went on waay too much about Carla knowing she was pregnant. Maybe the actress wasn't aware of the context of her lines in those episodes? It really stuck out.
I'm pretty sure that Leanne's overreaction was the point - we were meant to think that she was going over the top because she was. Partly I suppose it's pregnancy hormones, but also I think because she's got all this stress sloshing around inside and that was where it found its outlet. She's been feeling insecure pretty much ever since Peter agreed to take her back and has focused all that insecurity on Carla, plus she's got 30 years of buried pain and anger at Stella that's suddenly been unleashed, so put all those tumultuous emotions together with pregnancy hormones, throw in a dash of Battersby bullishness, and the end result is the attitude Leanne's been carrying around for the last few weeks. And Peter's the one getting it in the neck mainly, I suspect, because he's the nearest and easiest target. It may not be fair, but it is very human!

maggie muggins said...

True enough, Llywela. Not to mention that Peter didn't show any signs of wanting another child.

Frosty, you're hilarious! Well, not really. I guess you're the official Corrie devil's advocate. I'm just wondering - I've never seen Anthony Cotton tossing his head around. And to be compared to Mr. Humphries is a compliment in my books. I've been watching him carefully after all the complaints about him, and I just don't see it. He walks and talks just like anyone else on The Street. Methinks your perception is a bit skewed.

Tvor said...

Sean does toss his head around sometimes but usually only if he's in a snit over something or horsing around in fun. Well, that i've noticed.

Beth said...

Brill as always Tvor


A BAFTA Award for Frosty's awards :) couldn't agree more!!

gab said...

like i said elsewhere leannae bleats on far too much about carla when peter wasngt the one who cheated-it doesnt make sense

as for kevin and can u transfer money online-well yes u can but theres no way sophie would have been able to set up an internet account that quickly and without further verification-it took me about 2 weeks and i had to phone them up-that was so unrealistically done it was unbelievable

same with remortgaging your house cant be done that quickly either and without verfication


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