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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Flaming Nora’s Corrie Weekly Update, May 17 2011

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. This week the update’s got its feet up on the sofa and is having a cuppa and a pack of digestives.  Ooh, now there’s crumbs all over the keyboard. And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update. 
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Regular readers (hello mum!) will know I’ve been disillusioned with Corrie over the last couple of weeks but this week, I’m pleased to report, Corrie’s starting to pick itself up again. It’s mainly due to some wonderful dialogue we’ve had this week but also very much due to the return of Dennis Tanner. 

Yes, Corrie’s original bad lad has returned to the cobbles. He turned up in the homeless shelter where Rosie and Sian are helping out Ken’s grandson James. Anyway, this is the world of soap so it doesn’t take long for Dennis to be given a wash and a brush up from old mate Rita, who recognises Dennis and takes him in, gives him a shower and a shirt and a suit and takes him to the Rovers for a drink.  Emily and Ken remember Dennis too but that doesn’t stop nosy Norris from sticking his oar in asking awkward questions about what Dennis was doing in a homeless shelter in the first place. More interesting, surely, would be to know what Rita was doing with a whole set of men’s clothes in her wardrobe, but what do I know?

Anyway, bringing back Dennis was a master stroke by Corrie. He shared a tender moment with Rita, telling her how Elsie died. At 81 years old, she was in a red sports car in the Algarve when she died in a car crash, holding hands with Bill Gregory.  “To Elsie,” says Rita, “They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.”  They most certainly don’t.

Over at the Barlow’s, little Amy is deliberately making herself ill by bringing on an allergic reaction drinking milk. She’s doing it so that daddy Steve comes in and takes care of her, and he’s  nice to mummy Tracy while he’s there too.  Becky’s doing her nut in with jealousy over Steve spending so much time in the Barlow’s instead of behind the bar.

Elsewhere, desperate Duckworth tries to chat up Sian and won’t back off even though all his mates tell him that she’s gay and Sophie warns him off too. So when Rosie hears that sister Sophie’s upset  that Tommy’s set his sights on Sian, she tells Jason they’re finished as she doesn’t want anything more to do with his mate.  Jason tries to convince Rosie that Tommy’s all right but Rosie knows he’s not. She lures Tommy to her house to get revenge on him and show him up for the loser he is. He turns up quick sharp, sure he’s on a promise with Rosie and wanders downstairs in his pants. But instead of raunchy Rosie waiting for him, there’s Jason, Sophie and Sian, making a mockery of his manhood. 

Marcus returned to Corrie this week and wants to try again with Sean.  Sean’s not sure what to feel, he’s happy to see Marcus but nervous he’ll get hurt again. Eileen sets them up on a blind date where they have a heart to heart and decide to give it a go as Marcus moves back to Weatherfield to be a midwife at th’ospickle.

And finally this week, in a storyline that looks set to run, John Stape’s secrets start to unfold when Chesney gets suspicious and visits Charlotte’s parents to find out what’s going on with Colin/John. Chesney pretends to be Colin Fishwick’s younger brother and is somewhat stunned to find out that Colin/John was engaged to Charlotte Hoyle and there’s pictures of him with her.  It’s left to nosy neighbor Clifford to fill in Chesney on some more disturbing facts about the death of Joy Fishwick and a nasty pattern starts to form in Chesney’s confused head.  John panics when Charlotte’s parents come calling to visit him as Colin and he rushes out of the house leaving Fiz and baby Hope alone, takes the Hoyles back to their house and, well, you’ll have to tune in next week but let’s just say he’s done something nasty to them down in the basement.  Ooh, it’s going to be fun when it all comes out in the wash.

And that's just about that for this week. 

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abbyk said...

There were a lot of things to like this week:
- Sean and Marcus pulling the wool over Eileen's eyes after their date
- Tracy behaving like a mom instead of a cow
- Sian and Sophie getting involved in something fun outside of school/work; new character James NOT stealing center stage
- Katie wanting to get pregnant at 16 was a dumb idea; Anna taking her under her wing is lovely
- Tommy dealing with the Street in his skivvies
- Sian telling Sophie she's turning into her mother
- The end of StapeWick is nigh

I'm a happy fan again.

Anonymous said...

Won't be sorry to see the end of John..just hope it's really a good-bye and not just another 'banged up' in some mental institution and then escaples scenario. I have really had enough of Fiz' weeping and hand wringing but we'll have to put up with it for a few more weeks till they cart her off to god knows where.


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