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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Vanished: Mon May 23, 2011 Corrie Episode Review



Written by Jonathan Harvey, directed by Peter Rose

Kylie calls Becky to talk and they meet in Roy’s.  Becky assumes Kylie will want Max back but Kylie assures her she doesn’t want to.  Kylie tells Becky how David is on her aboutMay-23-2011-becky-kylie getting full custody of Max and she doesn’t know what to do.  Becky wants to know why David wants to play happy families.  Kylie has no clue and Becky says that it’s not her problem.  Later in the Rovers, Becky tells Steve about what Kylie told her and she wonders what David Platt wants with a kid and figures he’s so weird.  Steve’s more concerned with Amy and Becky figures Amy’s always sick because Tracy and Deirdre don’t keep a clean house.  That’s hilarious coming from the queen of trash. 

Tracy can’t figure out what is continuing to make Amy sick.  Ken questions whether or not she’s been watching all that Amy drinks and Tracy asks him if he think she’s stupid. Tracy goes to tell Steve and Becky how awful Amy is doing and she doesn’t know what she’s doing wrong.  Later, Amy is caught drinking milk by Tracy and May-23-2011-milk-glug runs into Nana Blanche’s old room and locks herself in.  Amy doesn’t open the door, so Tracy calls Steve.  Steve arrives and Tracy tells him what’s happened.  Steve easily gets Amy to come out of her room, then he and Tracy ask her why she drank the milk.  Amy admits that when she’s sick, he comes around and he and mummy are dead nice to each other.  Tracy is actually shocked to find that Amy’s been making herself sick on purpose. 

Tyrone is guilty over what he’d done to Kev’s lift machine and how it might come back to him.  Sophie can’t believe that someone would do this to Kevin on purpose and Kevin reminds the girls that not everyone as nice as she thinks.  Kevin thinks it’s Tommy who’s done the damage since he sacked him the day it happened.  JeffMay-23-2011-tyrone-hate arrives at Sally’s, but she doesn’t let him in at first since she hasn’t told him that Kevin will be recuperating there with his love child.  She invites him in anyway, and it’s awkwardness all around.  Kev goes to the garage and accuses Tommy of being the one who broke his lift.  Later, Tommy’s angry at Tyrone and says he won’t go down for him.  Tyrone goes to Kev’s and tells Kev that he was the one who ruined the lift.  Kevin says that he didn’t know he wanted him dead, but Tyrone protests it was an accident.  Tyrone admits he hates Kevin and he’s done everything wrong.  How it wasn’t fair that he got that lift, so he wrecked it so it’d hurt May-23-2011-bogs-underworld him, but he never wanted to kill him.  Kevin tells him to get out of “his” house.  Kevin cries later to Sally about how Tyrone tried to kill him. 

Carla finds Owen to complain to him that they’ve got a problem with their drainage at Underworld since the toilets are all backed up and the drains clogged.  Owen says he’ll take a look. 

Katy’s still worried about Ches, but Owen thinks that he’s just done a runner and it’s a waste of time for her.  Owen asks Katy if she’s had a thought about the abortion again, but she walks away.  Owen accuses Anna of keeping secrets and Anna tells him that if he’s got problems with his daughter, it’s not her problem. Anna tries to have a heart to heart with Owen in the cafe and how it must be hard for his girls not to have a mother around.  Anna tells Owen that his daughter needs his love, not his anger.  May-23-2011-fresh-start

Fiz is still worried about Chesney as well since she’s gone to all his mates and no one’s heard from him.  It’s like he’s just vanished.  John tells Fiz that now that Hope is better they should leave Weatherfield and make a fresh start.  Fiz is going to take Ches’s photo to the police and report him as missing.  John rips up Chesney’s photo and tells her that she can’t go to the police.  John lies (again) and tells Fiz that Colin’s back in the country. 

Okay, are you ready for this?  There’s more Aud/Claud drama.  Claudia sees Audrey in the Rovers and it’s a frosty meeting.  Claudia asks if Audrey’s meeting someone to which she says she is.  Claudia says she doesn’t want to throw their friendship away over a guy like Marc, to which Audrey replies she wasn’t sure they were that great friends.  Claudia says she should just call a spade a spade: Marc is weird.  It’s at that moment that Marc walks in, clearly Audrey’s intended guest for the evening.  Claudia storms out but not after a few raw insults.  Audrey tries after her and they row further in the street and it appears the friendship (or whatever it was) is over. 


Written by Debbie Oates, directed by Peter Rose

May-23-2011-ken-storm-off Tracy and Steve ask Amy why she didn’t just come to them – but the answer is obvious as they begin to row.  Steve tells Amy that her health is serious but Tracy thinks that Steve should go and Amy doesn’t feel well.  Before Steve leaves he threatens Tracy not to go twisting Amy against him.  Ken later tells Tracy that this is serious and he cannot believe that Tracy’s behaviour has lead to this.  Ken accuses her of storming off to let someone else look after her child, again.  At the Rovers, Steve tells Becky what happened and Becky still thinks Tracy could be putting her up to it.  Becky tells Steve that Amy will be alright because she has three parents.  Steve reminds her that her three parents have had their eye off the ball. Tracy apologizes to Amy for not paying enough attention to her and makes her promise to tell someone if she’s upset about something.  Ken tells Tracy not to blame herself (why not?) since this is a very fractured way for a child to live.  At the Rovers, Steve reminds Becky that it’s the fact that they bought Max and Tracy had it over them which is why Amy is suffering.  Becky tells Steve that she knows they’ve had aMay-23-2011-John-crash-die nightmare getting Max and that the mess of things isn’t Max’s fault, so not to take out things on Max because of the mistake they made with Amy.  Tracy arrives to work things out with Steve, which bothers Becky immensely.  Steve proposes that they start doing things as a family regularly, every other weekend, plus he wants an hour every week after school.  Tracy says what Amy did was extreme and it needs more than window dressing.  Tracy says that Amy’s life is fractured and she needs stability and constants.  Tracy tells Steve she’s moving away with Amy and she’s going to start again.  Oh, boy, I can’t even begin to describe how terrible this is.  

John tries to convince Fiz that they need to leave because Colin will find them and they’ll be in trouble.  John makes up some story that another teacher has seen him and it won’t take him long to figure that his mother’s dead and someone’s stolen his money.  Fiz says they can’t just disappear when Ches’ gone.  Fiz is convinced that Colin won’t show his face around.  Fiz puts her foot down and says they’re not leaving and tells John to go to the shops so John May-23-2011-lady-gag storms out. 

At the Hoyle’s the hostages are looking a bit ripe, and rightly so.  Mr. Hoyle is singing something to himself and Ches wants to know if it’s a Lady Gaga song.  Mrs. Hoyle starts to panic about cellar people being locked up.  Chesney tells them more about what he’s found out about John and how he was around when Joy Fishwick died too.  Mrs. Hoyle seems horrified at the fact that John might have murdered Mrs. Fishwick.  She starts to suspect that he’s murdered Charlotte too.  John arrives with a Freshco’s bag.  I suppose he did was Fiz told him to and did the shopping after all.  Bonus, he got wet wipes.  Mrs. Hoyle asks John if he was bad as a child, but John says he’s not an evil man but he can’t let them go yet. They Hoyles want to know what he’s going to do next, but Ches says he’s not got a clue.  John says that he and his family are going away and he’ll make a call once they’ve gone away and they’ll all be rescued.  Chesney asks what if something goes wrong like if something happens to him and they’ll still be locked down there.  John says he’s got airbags.  Chesney begs to get out of there, but John says he’s not helping himself and just leaves.  Well, almost leaves.  He’s in for a shock when he goes upstairs and finds a woman has let herself into the Hoyle’s.  She asks if the Hoyle’s are in, to which he replies they aren’t.  It seems this lady is some kind of helper/housekeeper and is looking around for Mrs. Hoyle’s notes.  John tries to get rid of her saying that Mrs. Hoyle wants to get rid of her. 

Fiz arrives home later to find John sat in the dark.  He immediately turns the lights off and tells Fiz in a panic that Colin was there and he knows about everything.  He tells FizMay-23-2011-pas-tin-past they can’t stay there.  John lies and tells Fiz that Colin’s given them a week to return every single penny of his money but Fiz says they’ve not got it, but they’ll find it or ask them for more time.  John says that “Colin” told him if they don’t have it he’ll make sure everyone knows what they’ve done.  John tells Fiz for the sake of Hope they have to run. 

Meanwhile, at the factory, Owen’s having the plumbing situation investigated and the engineer thinks that the problem is in the building.  Carla and Owen argue over it being his fault that there’s a problem since he did the construction work on Underworld.  We all know something’s rotten in Weatherfield and it’s nowt to do with plumbing! The engineer tells them that they’ll have to dig a bit deeper inside to find what’s up.  Owen and Carla May-23-2011-eileen-sally argue about the stench in the factory and Carla wants him to dig below and he doesn’t want to unless she pays more. 

Tyrone panics that the police are going to come and get him while Tommy is worried about the clubs.  Kevin comes to his door to talk.  Kevin figures they’ve both caused enough harm to each other – but Tyrone disputes that what he did was an accident.  Kevin figures if he goes to the police, that could jeopardise the garage’s future.  Kevin figures this might be the best way of calling “the past the past.”  Tyrone can’t believe that Kevin is proposing they bury the hatchet and Kevin leaves him to think about it.  Tommy thinks that Tyrone has a right to be bitter – end of.  Tyrone goes over to tell Kevin he’s not giving up the garage.  Tyrone doesn’t want to live with bitterness so he’s going to let things be forgiven – but just for work.  They’ll never be mates. 

Eileen sees Sally with Jack' in the pram and she tells Eileen she’s just child minding.  Eileen thinks it’s the weirdest thing in the world but Sally feels she had no choice.  Sally tells Eileen all about her romantic trip to France with Jeff and she’s not back on Kev.  Sally tries to rub it in Eileen’s face all of that which she saw with Jeff.  Marcus is on the street to see Sean again.  In the Rovers, Eileen moans to them about Sally and Paris. 


- Ken to Tracy: “Tracy, both you and I know that you have a tendency to be…uh…how do I put this nicely…slap-dash?”May-23-2011-claud-aud

- Becky to Kylie: “Do you have any bones in your body, or do you just flop when you stand up?”

- Tracy to Amy: “Nana Blanche’s ghost is in that room Amy.  I’d hate to be caught in there on my own it’s really scary!”

- Claudia to Audrey: “Don’t hate me ‘cause you ain’t me, Aud.”

- Did Tyrone get a new fridge?


- Has Sally had a facelift?

- Okay, I know why John is telling Fiz that they should move from Weatherfield, since he killed people and his currently holding a few hostage – including her brother – butMay-23-2011-balnche-ghost seriously, he wants her to move when her brother’s missing?!

- Can Kevin EVER calm down?  He is always such a misery and a crank. 

- Kevin tells Tyrone to get out of “his” house.  Oh, it’s HIS house again now? That didn’t take long. 

- Tracy to Steve: “I have never, ever raised my voice to that little girl [Amy].”

- Tracy is shocked that Amy is making herself sick on purpose?  Did she think she was coming back to a perfectly sound little girl after being locked up in jail for murder and then returning to rip her from her only home?

- How does the Hoyle’s errand lady NOT find John completely suspicious?  He has his coat on.  He has no alarm equipment nor is there an alarm installed…

- Poor Tyrone as he had to suck up his pride to Kevin Webster and all while looking at Baby Jack. 


Anonymous said...

How on earth Carla manages to run a business by ranting at everyone like a harridan I have no idea. If I were Owen, I would have told her where to stuff her problems.

John Stape ("you flaming nutter") is a joy to watch. How many more lies is he going to tell before it all comes to a head?

Didn't Claud look fabulous?

Dilly Daydream said...

I love all this silliness with John Stape, it's like a Brian Rix farce :-)

Kevin is really doing my head in, I'm disliking him more and more the older he gets. I just hope that he & Sally don't end up getting back together, after all that's gone on.

Looney Baloon said...

Yet another tiresome scene with Claudia haranguing Audrey and Mark, get over it love, its becoming pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Carla is completely unbelievable as the Faktry Manager. She's a fishwife and couldn't run a whelk stall.

Anna and Owen's tete a tete made my flesh crawl.

If the Producers think anyone is going to be taken in by such nonsense as Tracy's threat to leave Weatherfield, then it just shows they have contempt for the viewers.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel for highlights, could easily treble the lowlights.

Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling that Anna and Owen are going to be the next 'Molvin'?

Dolly Tubb said...

Thanks for the update, Yoork - missed last night's eps because of a power cut. That picture of Fiz, snarling and shrewish, will give me nightmares though, it's really set me off - I can here her whiny, shreiky, ear-bleeding voice even when I close my eyes and cover my ears and sing 'la la la' very loudly......I wonder if I could have some of John's tablets?

Apple Cobbler said...

@Anonymous- my thoughts exactly! I'm really worried that the pair will get off together, whilst I like Anna I can't stand Owen.

Anonymous said...

How thick is Fiz? She used to have half a brain but now she's as bright as mud.I can't wait till she's gone.
And why doesn't Ken put Tracy in her place instead of looking downcase all the time. How about "Shut the feck up Tracy" or some such. I'd laugh.

Anonymous said...

I really don't like how Kevin has got the upper hand again. I know he apologised to Sally, but it was always along the lines of 'I made one mistake, get over it already'. I've always felt like he never realised what he actually did wrong.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Kevin but probably only because I have always had a soft spot for Michael Levell. I suggest if he really wants Sally back he should think back to how he first wooed her and grow that manly tache back!

Anonymous said...

Amy is going to need some serious therapy. I'm just sayin'.
Rebecca in TO

Sea Penguin said...

The work that goes into these terrific updates is phenomenal Yoork - big thanks!


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