Monday, 23 May 2011

Coronation Street Tweet of the Week

(Tweet screen-printed and jpg-ed in Paint by me!)

The ever wonderful Grace Dent saying what we were all thinking, in what must be the Tweet of the Week - and it's only Monday. Blimey.


Adam Rekitt said...

Weatherfield Social Services' competence is such that they will probably offer Tracy a job as a childcare expert next.

After Amy drinks milk to see more of Daddy, Tracy's solution to Amy's "fractured" upbringing is to uproot her again and take her away from her Father and Grandparents.

Someone please tell the writers/producers, this is not dramatic, it's lunatic. I wasn't thinking I must tune in to see what happens next. I was thinking what ridiculous tripe! I am beginning to understand why Eastenders is winning all the awards, even in Corrie's 50th year. So sad.

Apple Cobbler said...

It is very sad, and a lot of the plots are ludicrous to the point of unbelievable at the moment. I can't stand Tracy- a spiteful cow who cares about no one except herself- and the plot has been invariably far-fetched ever since her idiotic release from prison.

However, the "nana Blanche's ghost" line did raise a smile.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Well we all know Kate Ford isnt going anywhere more's the pity so all this "leaving Weatherfield" mantra that we got from Tyrone as well as week is just NOT going to happen and is just nonsense. Kate Ford has no on screen charisma with Amy at all and all this emotional blackmail all the time with Steve gurning away I find quite wearisome.

seapenguin said...

All this stuff with Max and Amy is woeful.

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