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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Makin’ a Bad T’ing Good, Mon: Thu May 5, 2011 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Jan McVerry, directed by Durno Johnston

Maria is back to being a salon girl and getting sarcastic about David and Kylie thinking they run the place.  Although, she is right about David and Kylie.  Maria’s trying to styleMay-5-2011-maria-salong her customers and David accuses her of being “rusty” and to go and make his coffees.  Maria responds just as immaturely and makes Kylie get the coffees.  Both Kylie and David leave the salon just when they arrived to go to the salon.  Is Maria wondering why she quit to begin with?  Maria ends up leaving David and Kylie with a supplier who’s going to keep them all night long.  I guess she got one over on David.  Do we really have to watch more salon wars?

Mary and Norris are still trying to figure out who’s been moving the camper van, by conducting an all-night-stake-out.  I hope they were drinking coffee and eating pizza like the coppers do.  Mary figures the thief knew they were watching.  Or perhaps, he was sleeping?  May-5-2011-vandalized Norris thinks she just needs to go back to sleeping in the motor home.  Mary is against that, but Norris is adamant since he can’t stand Mary’s snoring.  Well, mystery solved for us viewers, my suspicions were correct and it was indeed Tommy D. who has been playing with Mary’s mobile home this week.  Tommy lets Tyrone in on the joke, and Tyrone thinks it’s silly.  Even more so, when they find that Mary’s mobile home has now been vandalized by someone asking them to park it elsewhere.  Now what’s he going to do with the van-dalized-van?

Claudia asks Audrey for her advice, since she’s going to ask Marc to move in with her?  Audrey and Claudia meet for lunch and ClaudiaMay-5-2011-claudia-car thinks she could be crazy for letting Marc live at her place.  When Claud goes to the ladies, Audrey spots Marc, er, “Marcia” waltz into the restaurant with what looks like two other cross-dressed ladies.  Audrey wants to know what he’s doing there.  She tells Marc/Marcia that Claudia’s in the loo and he hides his face while Audrey pretends that the other two cross-dressers were old clients and they leave.  Audrey tries to dissuade Claudia from moving in with Marc.  Is Claudia going to find Marcia’s knickers in Marc’s suitcases?!

May-5-2011-marc-and-cross-dresser Steve calls Becky after her (umpteeth) drunken night of rage out saying he’d like her to come home so he can talk to her face-to-face.  Steve accuses Tracey of putting that photo of their “happy family” in Amy’s bag.  Tracey denies it and blames it on Amy, typically.  Steve tells her how Becky’s left, but she’s coming back.  He lets her work the bar since he’s got no one else.  Tracey seems upset to Steve’s face but smiles behind his back, as per usual.  Becky arrives looking like something the cat wouldn’t even drag in, and somehow looks like she ransacked whatever was left of Liz’s closet.May-5-2011-smug-tracey   She makes it known that she was partying with some guy named Stephen Gerrard, how believable.  Becky wears into Lloyd how he always lies for Steve and creates another drunken floor show in the Rovers.  Becky sees Tracey behind the bar and freaks out, making herself look worse and Tracey better.  David and Kylie watch this floor show and David points out to Kylie that Becky doesn’t look like a fit mother to him. Becky is acting like a spoiled child in the back room with Steve, always playing the victim.  Steve tells her to take a shower, so Max doesn’t see her like that. Steve lays down the law: Amy May-5-2011-all-about-me comes first.  Finally!  When is Steve going to get rid?

In the cafe, Deidre and Ken take James for a meal.  James goes on about his charity work feeding the hungry and asks Roy if he can bring the leftover food portions from the cafe to the soup kitchen to feed the hungry.  Sylvie hearsMay-5-2011-james-deidre this and thinks that he’s just being greedy and wants the food for himself, and that his “mother” (Deirdre!) would be happy she doesn’t have to feed him as much.  Deidre of course immediately corrects Sylvie that she’s not his mother.  Sophie and Sian overhear James’ feed-the-hungry plight and are interested and want to help out.  The only other thing Sophie’s got going on May-5-2011-sylvie is looking for a raise from Dev, and who knows what Sian does.  Is James going to stay around for the long-run?

Sylvie continues to annoy Roy, and Hayley just stands there stunned like usual.  Hayley tells Sylvie about Anna’s adoption issues and Sylvie wonders who on earth would want to adopt these days.  Anna tries to have a conversation with Sylvie but gets snark back, rubbing her the wrong way, as she does with most people.  Sylvie can feel that Hayley and Roy are trying to help out her and perhaps she’s comfortable there? 


- Claudia rolling up in her red convertible, with big Jackie O. sunglasses.  Where does this woman think she lives?

- I like seeing James on the street.  Especially since he has a unique focus (a young person interested in charity work etc.) to bring to the table.  At least, for now!  Wait until he’s here a little longer and it’ll probably be all sorts of dramas instead.  The kind we like. 

- Marc and his cross-dressing club cronies!  Especially when one of them thinks that Audrey is another cross-dresser! The short one in the blonde wig looks quite convincing whereas that “red head” needs to hang up her stockings.

- I like the addition of Sylvie to Corrie.  We need an old lady curmudgeon.


- Maria swaning around the salon.  Y’know, it used to be “her domain” on Corrie and I was okay with that but now I find her just so irritating, even there.

- As if Steve still has the patience to talk with Becky for all she’s done.  Tracey’s a nasty piece, but if you ask me she’s doing Steve a favour here. 

- Claudia wants Marc to move in with her?  They’ve been dating for all of two minutes, add the fact that she thought (and accused) him of cheating on her.  How is this a good idea?  How old do you get before you start to develop good judgement?  Oh, boy. 

- Becky’s “it’s all about me” t-shirt.  No kidding!


Rachel said...

How did Claudia's hair remain in place in a convertible? 3 cans of Elnett, perhaps. On the other hand, Mark/Marcia's wig is the worst thing ever; he should be able to afford something better.

Adam Rekitt said...

Other highlights:

Deidre rabbiting on about being the next Clarice Cliff, while a stream of tea poured from her mug.

Noris and Mary carrying on like the new Starsky and Hutch.

Gary and Sean trying to get Kirk re-instated.

These are the scenes that make Corrie worth watching, not the dreadful Tracyluv, Xin and Frank.

abbyk said...

@Rachel, I was thinking along the same lines. Waaaayyy back in the day, Rula Lenska was the spokesmodel for Adorn hairspray, at least Stateside.

Anonymous said...

Deidre and Ken's pottery was hilarious..looked like a couple of 5 year olds had made laugh in a long time.Also..I wonder if anyone else noticed that if Marc put on Audrey's wig they could almost be twins!

Frosty the Snowman said...

I thought Steve referring to Diddy Daddy David was quite funny, why has the normally selfish David suddenly become so paternal?. Poor Maxay, he really has been chucked from pillar to post, should have left him in that nice foster home.

How did stony broke Duckie manage to get the Motor home resprayed in such a quick time? Even at “mates rates” it would have cost hundreds, taken days to dry and suddenly lo and behold there it is and even the step is mended. Daft.

I just find Sylvie unpleasant and quite repulsive in a strange sort of way with her ill tempered hamster jowls. Blanche was a special character that you could not help but like, just plonking another disagreeable elderly woman in the midst will NOT replace her.

I also find Ken’s grandson rather boring. A homeless shelter in Weatherfield, where is the normal outcry that would accompany something like this with Norris writing to complain to the Council. Just too pat and convenient.

Becky bores me to death now. Anyone notice how when she went out she had long hair and the next morning it was short again? What with Lloyd going overnight from close crop to Big Hair, there seems to be some kind of hair crisis on the Street.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Forgot to add above that how clingy is Claudia? Snooping through Mark's personal things, following him around like a stalker. I feel sorry for the poor bloke.

Anonymous said...

Hair extensions Frosty, a love of Beckys.

I was thinking how much I enjoyed some of the scenes this week. Carla and Kirk added a bit of normality and comedy and I even enjoyed Tracyluvs dinner with Frank.

If the producers were to take notice they would realise that nobody wants cliffhangers and are more keen to watch rounded characters have meaningful converstaions.

Highlight for me though must surely be Chris stripping down to his boxers covered in cement dust!

Dolly Tubb said...

Anonymous #2 - Chris in his boxers, yay! But I think he still had his socks on.....!

Plus Adam Rekit and Anon#2 - completely agree about the Carla/Kirk/Gary/Sean piece - luvley! (and Mary/Norris and Keith'n'Dreary). It's what Corrie is about.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Frosty that Sylvie will never replace Blanche because Sylvie just doesn't show that she has a soft spot for anyone. Like you say, just planting an old curmudgeon on the Cobbles with a rude comment for everyone does not make a Blanche or a Blanche-like character... not even close!

Ken's grandson's character (nepotism?) just seems so awkward... I can't believe how the episodes are so lacklustre these days! Aren't the heads of ITV even remotely interested in what viewers are saying?

abbyk said...

James boring? No, he's just not sensationalized. I think we've gotten so accustomed to OTT characters blustering their way in that when a polite adult with a steady job shows up, he doesn't register. He's barely unpacked, let him make a few friends and see what happens. He's smart & he'll have plenty of tales down the road, and they won't have to depend on addiction, bad judgement or grafting.

CallumFreeman said...

I like Roy's mum, but I dont think she was written as a next Blanche, she is another battleaxe. There have been plenty of them before Blanche, for example Ena and Ivy. Dont get all the comparision all the time.

I am enjoying James, I dont find him boring. It is great to have a normal character on the street, not always being involved in large major storylines all the time. I am enjoying this charity storyline as it shows young people do have interests to help and do things like this.

Becky, meh. She is just boring me. Nothing against the actress but this just feels like Becky overload.

Anonymous said...

The James character's input about the charity is boring...but of course, it's all setting-up the return of Dennis T

Tvor said...

Marc, Audrey and Claudia all look like they're related and claudia's voice is nearly as low! I do think this is an interesting story, though, and it seems obvious that Marc and Audrey may have a romance though Audrey is still a bit uncomfortable with the cross dressing. But she's being honest with him and supportive as a friend at least.But after |Lewis, i can hardly wait to see Gail's face!!!

I also like James. Don't know how long he's supposed to be in it but he's a nice addition, as someone else said, mainly to facilitate the return of Dennis Tanner but Why couldn't he fit in and make friends? ##I think David is getting all concerned with Max because of Kylie. He seems to imagine Kylie as heartbroken that she's given Max away and Kylie is well aware that David might think the worst of her if he finds out she's sold Max to Becky and Steve. And let's not forget that he was always quite fond of his niece Bethany as well.

Llywela said...

Aye, I'm not reading David's interest in Max as out of character, but more as a sign of his genuine commitment to Kylie - he wants to embrace all of her, not just the fun parts, and should be commended for that. David does have these odd fits of maturity, they just aren't always easy to spot as his wild side generally overwhelms them!

Anonymous said...

Odd fits of maturity!?!?!?! David wants to uproot Max from the only home where he has had any stability in his life so far and foist him on a mother who has made her unwillingness to look after Max only too clear.

Not only that, but Max would be moving to a house where there is no room for him and where Gail and Nick would be at best indifferent to Max and most probably hostile. All because of some unrealistic, romantic notion of David, Kylie and Max being a family. Very mature.

Blackie Bird said...

Agree Anonymous, Kylie has emphasised to David several times NOT to interfere but he has ridden roughshod over her and done what HE and his pea brain thinks is right for her, even though Gail has said she does not want the boy in the house. Shows immaturity to the point of complete stupidity but that's David Platt.

Wiggleroom said...

Sian is studying for "A" levels at 6th form college.

Maybe she deserves some sort of award for being just about the only teenager on the street not to drop out of education? :)

Beth said...

Thanks for the great update. I was so tired of Corrie the week before that since I was knee high to a grass hopper I made a vow to just read the catch ups and miss out he screaming shouting, pouting, smirking and if I missed something big and out and out worth it I could always fire up ‘t’internet and fall back on my vow. Seems I missed a boring all been done before trip o Blackpool and “oops how did that photo get in there” which caused all out ructions AGAIN. A camper van going missing (which I’m sure wasn’t anywhere near as funny as when Derek’s gnome went travelling ). Maria back in the salon sniping with David (oh rewind a few months back). And are we meant to like Chris (and Frank) now? Is him Chris taking off his clothes meant to make up for the fact that he is a wife beater and it’s a diversion to get us to like him but try make us forget that once upon a time he didn’t speak he growled never smiled but always had a menacing, evil look, but the powers that be changed their minds half way and made him ‘nice’? Let’s see what else did I miss..... Xin, Tina, Graham..... yawn (in fact double yawn).... Marcia, Aud and Claud (and not a decent wig between the three of them). Oh and not being funny but when has here been so many hungry people in Weatherfield so much so that Ken’s son makes a living from it? And I will bet my bottom dollar that it’s through this hunger shelter that Dennis Tannar will turn up – the Weatherfield word is so small. So sadly in so, so, so many years there was no need indeed to fire up the old ‘t’internet for the episodes, seems I saved a lot of time last week caching up on a programme that once upon a time I wouldn’t have dreamed of missing, not for all the rock in Blackpool, not for all the beer in the Rovers, not for all the.... ah you get my drift! A huge thanks to you Yoork!

Anonymous said...

Ditto Beth!


Anonymous said...

May I repeat Chris in his boxers did it for me but then again I am a sucker for a bit of a hptty on the cobbles.


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