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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Mon May 30, 2011 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Jonathan Harvey, directed by Kay Patrick 

John, Fiz and Colin’s body drive out to some woods in the middle of nowhere, knowing Corrie it’s the Red Rec.  Fiz says she’s sorry she ever met him.  John encourages Fiz toMay-30-2011-john-job-stuff help him find something to weigh the body down with. At the Underworld job site, Chris tells Owen that John had left the factory without putting the alarm on.  When John arrives from a long night of playing “hide the body” Owen lays into him. John snaps and tells Owen to do what he wants, he really doesn’t care and to take his job and stuff it. Fiz feels Colin’s blood on her hands and starts to panic besides John saying “you won’t say anything to Maria, will you?”  Fiz runs off to have a shower, but she can’t just scrub John away as much as she tries. 

Fiz goes to pick up Hope from Maria who asks if she’s okay since she looks like one hot mess.  Fiz angrily insists she’s alright May-30-2011-fiz-john and tells Maria to just go home.  When Fiz is at home, she gets harassed by John to run away again.  He wants to move to the Scottish Highlands but Fiz just wants her nightmare to end.  Fiz screams at John to shut up since his casual attitude towards moving is driving her mad.  Fiz tells him she’s not going anywhere, not now after what’s happened.  Fiz tells John later that all her life she tried to be a good person but this is very bad.  Poor Fiz figures she’s not a nice person which is why bad things happen to her.  Fiz says she’s going to have to do what bad people do, kiss goodbye all her friends around there, leave Chesney when he’s missing and run.  John says he’s sorry but is happy they’re going to run away. Fiz says they’ll leave in the morning.

In the Hoyle’s Cellar of Horrors, Dorothy wonders how they were taken in by him. Chesney says he’s a wolf in sheep’sMay-30-2011-steve-solicitor clothing and couldn’t be more right.  Chesney starts to wonder that if he killed Charlotte and Joy, how many others has he killed?  I’m sure he’s thinking that he could be next.

It’s the next morning at the Rovers and Becky asks Steve why he kicked off yesterday.  She wants to know how much money he spent, but Steve just rolls his eyes and walks away.  Over at the cafe, Steve speaks with his solicitor and tells her how Tracy is planning on taking Amy away forever.  The solicitor says that she’s confident that he and Becky would be granted partial if not full custody of Amy if it went to court.  And right she is – he and Becky have always looked after her, plus May-30-2011-becky-steve Tracy’s got a shady past.  The solicitor says to keep Tracy from leaving in the meantime she’ll apply for a prohibited steps order. 

Back at the Rover’s, Becky gets a visit of her own – but from someone at social services.  The social services lady says she’s just doing a routine check on Max.  Roberta, the social services lady, sees Max and introduces herself as Becky calls Steve for help.  Steve at this point, is at Audrey’s to see Kylie.  Steve tells Kylie that social services are at his place and pretty soon they’ll be over there to talk to her.  Kylie thinks it’s not her problem, but Steve says if they go down, she’ll be going down there with him.  Steve says that he’ll tell her a story about how he and Becky got Max and if she doesn’t back them up she’s going down.  Steve gets to the Rovers and finds a panicked Becky who tells him that social services is here for a ‘routine check-up.’  Steve plays dumb and Becky panics as she thinks they’re goingMay-30-2011-kylie-steve to take Max away.   They speak with the social worker, and she asks about Kylie so Steve admits that Kylie doesn’t live there anymore – that she got married and now lives across the street with full access to Max.  Roberta says she’ll call it a day with them and go in search of Kylie.  Steve gives her the Platt’s address where she works as Becky looks on in shock. 

Kylie meets with Roberta the social worker outside Audrey’s so David doesn’t notice.  Roberta says she needs to talk to her about Max after giving her a rude treatment. Kylie says she doesn’t want to talk about Max.  Roberta says they’ll meet tomorrow morning at her place, and Kylie sarcastically says she can’t wait.  At the Rover’s, Becky asks Steve if he’s deliberately trying to screw things up by telling the social worker the truth.  Becky says he’s an idiot and this changes May-30-2011-tracy-ken-wittering everything.  Steve tells her to stop panicking and leave it to her since he’s got a plan – he’ll tell her later. 

Tracy goes on to Ken about how much better London will be then Weatherfield.  Amy seems excited about going to the “Big Smoke.” Ken tells her not to dress this idea of London up as being in Amy’s best interest, since it isn’t.  Ken points out a valid point: how can this be beneficial to uproot her from everyone she knows.  Ken wants to know how she’s going to afford London, and Tracy somehow thinks that her floral assistant job should cover it.  When Ken asks who will be watching Amy, Tracy says “pals.”  WHAT PALS?!  Some of that must have rubbed off on Tracy, so she looks up accommodations in May-30-2011-graeme-sean-marcusLondon and realizes how expensive they are.  Steve arrives to tell her that he’s seen a solicitor and he’s seeking custody of Amy and she can’t threaten him with social services.  Steve tells her how social services have already been over and they’re  sure that Max will stay with he and Becky.  Steve says no one will believe Tracy when she tells them about the sale of Max, since Kylie is backing them up.  Tracy says she doesn’t care, and it’s “London here I come” for her.  Steve tells her he’s taking legal steps to prevent her from leaving with Amy.  Tracy doesn’t believe him until he tells her she’s lost the fight. 

May-30-2011-sylvie-tonto Xin gets angry at Graeme when he comes back after spending the night with Tina and asks if he slept with her.  He says it’s none of her business, which she takes as a ‘yes.’  Lesson learned here: there is never any benefit to having a wife AND a girlfriend no matter which way you put it.  Graeme tells Xin that last night – they just got carried away, Xin answers.  At the Rover’s, Tina wants to know if Xin has figured out when she’s leaving so they can be back together.  Graeme is tired, but afraid to go home so he just joins Eileen and the boys at the pub.  Graeme follows Sean and Marcus home drunk and tries to stay at Eileen’s for the night.

Roy complains to Hayley about how he doesn’t want to go away and leave his mother running the cafe.  Sylvie says she hopes he’s not backing out and calls him ‘Tonto.’  Roy says that he doesn’t want to leave since his griddle is temperamental.  I think he meant to say girdle.  Sylvie accuses him of patronizing her and that she has cooked food before.  Then later, asks Steve if he knows how to turn off a griddle. 


- Fiz to John: “I’m sorry I ever met you.” May-30-2011-tina-snore

- Sylvie to Roy: “Hope you’re not backing out, Tonto.”

- Sylvie to Hayley: “Customers are like Afghan’s Hayley, they have to be trained.”  to Steve: “Sit!”

- Graeme accusing Tina of snoring all night long, then her disputing it!  Puh-lease, she totally snores. 

- Graeme drunkenly trying to get Eileen to let him sleep on her couch so he doesn’t have to go home to Xin. 

- Steve telling Tracy “You lose. Laters!” And making the shape of an L with his hands in her face. 


- Don’t know what’s worse.  How they have a dead body in the boot, and John’s enjoying the view of the moonlight or Fiz only NOW wonder that that makes him a psychopath.

- Poor Fiz crying in the shower.  Kirk would never have done this to her. 

- Ken having to deal with Tracy’s wittering on.  Bet he wishes he made that little attic sanctuary a LONG time ago when he had the chance.  There’s something about the way Ken Barlow always looks as though his face is saying “I’m too old for this crap.”  Almost how Steve McDonald is getting. 

- What on earth kind of friends does Tracy have in London?! Especially after she became convicted of murder?

- I feel so terrible for social workers.  They do so much and get treated like crap by such low lives all the time. 


bbhilda said...

Gutted that you didn't get a screen grab or mention the packet of Rice Bonios that Xin was pouring into a bowl for her breakfast. Maybe that's why Graeme is having second thoughts, if he settles down with her, how long will it be before she going to want puppies? At least 6 more mouths to feed on a window cleaner's wage? No Graeme, stick with toast eating Tina!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Is Graeme going to run off with Xin? He doesnt seem very keen. How awful was Kate Ford's acting yesterday, it beggars belief her contract was renewed. Does Tracy know how high rents are in London and what "pals" who arent working will look after Amy? rubbish.

And so the merry tune of "We are leaving Weatherfield, but not really" is being sung by Fiz.

The "laters" finger thing by Steve was funny.

Blackie Bird said...

One of the highlights had to be the normally meek mild and polite John shouting at Owen and shutting him right up! Noticed creepy Chris was quick to grass him up, glad when he is gone.

Anonymous said...

So Fiz is finally "getting it." Do we have echoes of Lady Macbeth? I'm waiting for her to start wailing "Out! Out
d****d spot!" And the spot is you John!

'Bout time Steve took back some control, agree with Frosty, the "L" -funny indeed!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Ken telling Tracy off..about time and I'd like to see more of it.

abbyk said...

The whole Stapewick story is still too OTT, but when Fiz was in the shower, FINALLY, we're coming in for a landing at planet reality. Add Ken getting Tracy to shut up and hear the truth, a social worker check up, and a solicitor consult, it was almost a grounded episode. Can't wait for these stories to wrap up.

Did anyone else find Graeme getting drunk and falling all over Eileen, Marcus & Sean painful to watch?

Anonymous said...

I just kept thinking 'I wish my shower was as hot as number 5s'. - Micky


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