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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Little Girls: Fri May 21, 2011 Corrie Episode Review



Written by Mark Wadlow, directed by David Kester

Fiz and John (well, Fiz) are still waiting around to hear from Chesney and where he’s gone to.  Fiz knows that this isn’t like Chesney.  John tells Fiz not to upset herself andMay-20-2011-fiz-katy that wherever Chesney is, he’s safe and well.  We shoot over to Ches and the Hoyles tied down to the bar rail in the Hoyle’s cellar not looking very safe and well to me.  It’s a good thing none of them needed to use the washroom whilst tied up for days.  Katy arrives and agrees with Fiz that it’s not like Chesney to run away.  John tells them some lame story about him sneaking off for a couple of days when he was 16 and not telling anyone.  Yeah, he probably murdered some people then too. 

May-20-2011-katy-owen-angry Katy sees her dad and accuses him of finding someone to get Chesney or putting harm his way.  Owen says that her being pregnant is his worst nightmare and he’s angry she kept it a secret but he didn’t do anything to her boyfriend.  Katy tells Owen she’s scared and Owen hugs her and tells her he’ll show up soon enough.  Katy says she thought Chesney was different.  Katy flips when her dad produces some literature on an abortion clinic saying he’ll pick up the tab.  Katy tells him that she’s keeping this baby but he says it’ll ruin her life.  Katy tells her father that this baby was planned – not an accident.  To which, he has his turn to flip out.  Katy tells him that they love each other and they want to start a family. 

Katy is on a rampage and runs into the cafe and gets angry at Anna for assuming she blabbed her pregnancy to her father.  Anna saysMay-20-2011-hoyles-shock she’s said nothing to Owen, and Katy tells her that he knows now and in fact everyone knows.  Izzy walks in and asks Katy if the pregnancy rumours are true.  Katy tells her she’s sorry and that no one’s supposed to know.  Katy tells Izzy that her pregnancy wasn’t an accident – they wanted to have a baby.  Katy tells Izzy that Chesney was thrilled until Owen found out, then he did a runner.  Izzy asks her if she’ll be able to raise a baby on her own if Chesney doesn’t return.  Katy insists that Chesney wouldn’t leave her in the lurch.  Izzy tells Katy that she’ll be there for her, but if Chesney does not return this won’t be a dream family, she’ll be a single struggling mother.  Katy panics and says she can’t do this on her own and maybe her dad’s right – she’ll just be throwing her life away.  Within minutes, Katy changes her mind about having the baby. 

In the cellar, Mr. Hoyle wishes he hadn’t soundproofed the cellar now.  The Hoyles are told by Cheney that John’s done this before (Rosie) but no one got harmed.  Well, not in THAT instance.  John tells the Hoyles that Charlotte was in on the whole Colin thing and that she liked a good secret when he comes and brings them provisions.  The victims complain about being held hostage but John tries to force them to eat.  Chesney calls him a psycho and John says he’s right but he can’t let them go – not yet – it’s too May-20-2011-tyrone-smash risky.  John is going to let them have a comfort break one at a time upstairs.  They want to know what really happened between he and Charlotte and John tells them she was a friend who got caught up in crazy stuff. 

Kevin accuses Tyrone of being jealous of his new hydraulic lift but Tyrone just thinks it’s funny that Kev can’t even operate it.  Maria comes into the garage and tells Tyrone she needs her tires checking.  Since when does she have a car?  Kevin is on the warpath and sacks Tommy and threatens him to go to the tribunal. Kevin tells Tyrone that if he wants to employ Tommy it’s at his expense.  Tyrone is enraged by Kevin’s antics and takes a wrench to Kev’s fancy lift which starts oozing oils – or lubes – I really don’t know but it doesn’t look good.  Tyrone plays with the idea of moving to Australia or somewhere and leaving Weatherfield with Tommy’s encouragement. 

Back at the garage, Kevin uses the lift for a truck as he sees Sally and Jeff return from their romantic holiday in Paris.  Rosie asks Jeff and her mum how their holiday was and what they did.  Three guesses Rosie, first two don’t count.  In the garage, Kev gets his pant leg stuck on the lift and tries to operate himself out of it.  Only, the mechanics aren’t working properly and he manages to trap himself underneath the lift.  He’s almost crushed before he quickly thinks to jam a random metal tube into the scissor of the lift to stop it from completely collapsing, only it doesn’t.  The lift malfunctions and collapses trapping Kev underneath.  May-20-2011-amy-steve

Steve goes over to No.1 and inquires about Amy.  Ken and Tracey tell him she’s not better and they’re going to the hospital.  Amy tells Steve she needs to go for more tests at the hospital and asks him to come with her.  Steve tells Becky that he’s got to go to the hospital with Amy later and Becky thinks Amy’s got him wrapped around her little finger. 

In the salon, Kylie asks David why he’s always going on about Max.  She thinks that Becky and Max are good and she doesn’t want to upset Max. 


Written by Jan McVerry, directed by David Kester

May-20-2011-Kevin-hurt Kevin cries for help while crushed under the lift, only no one hears him but Tyrone and Tommy as they’re walking past.  Tommy finds Kev trapped under the lift and orders Tyrone to call 999.  Tyrone manages to saw Kev’s pant leg from the lift and he and Tommy drag him out from underneath.  Sally runs over after seeing the ambulance and is shocked to see Kevin injured on the ground.  In the hospital, Sally and Rosie are told that Kevin’s collarbone is broken and it’s even very painful for him to breathe.  How will he take care of baby Jack?  Kevin can’t believe that his twenty grand hydraulic lift almost killed him and thinks it was faulty.  Kevin asks Jason to call the company and that all the paperwork is in his office and to threaten legal action and he wants the fault investigated today.  Sally wants to know why he just doesn’t have Tyrone call them – like she even needs to ask.  May-20-2011-sally-bedside-kev

Meanwhile, in the pub, Tyrone is having a guilty few drinks while Tommy thinks what happened to Kevin is all down to karma since he’s a snake.  Tyrone goes to the garage and finds Jason there with the investigator and the investigator says there wasn’t a problem with the lift, but the machine has been damaged deliberately.  The investigator says that Mr. Webster’s lucky he survived and Jason is in shock – but not Tyrone.  Meanwhile, Sally is feeding Kevin his hospital lunch but he doesn’t want to eat.  It appears she’s also forgotten about her fancy dinner with Jeff and it’s obvious that Kevin is more of a priority.  This Jeff has the patience of a saint.  I’m May-20-2011-jeff-ring personally in shock to see that he had an engagement ring in his possession.  At the hospital, Kevin tries to leave saying he’s got to pick his son up from the child minder’s since he can’t leave him there overnight.  The doctor says it’s a problem that he is the sole carer of a baby when he’s physically unfit to be.  Sally asks about Bill before she offers to take the baby and her daughters and her can watch him until Kevin is on his feet again.  But as soon as he’s fit – it’s back to his flat back to normal.   Later, Kevin thanks Sally for doing this for him since most ex-wives wouldn’t.  Sally insists she’s doing it for that innocent baby, not him.  Jason arrives and tells Kevin that someone’s attacked the lift – it wasn’t faulty.  Back on the street, Tyrone admits to Tommy that it was he who broke the compressor.  Tyrone figures he’s going down for attempted murder. 

Graeme is washing the windows of Nick’s Bistro (I didn't even think it had windows) when Cheryl complains that she’s got a full wedding party reception and no staff.  Erm,May-20-2011-faye-anna what about Gail?  Ha-ha, yes that was a joke.  Graeme offers that his wife, Xin, is an experienced waitress and she’s a quick healer and she could bear her in mind for the future.  That’s just what Tina would love. 

Anna’s combing out Faye’s hair for her before bed when Anna reveals that Katy had been crying all night since she’d had massive bother with her dad.  Anna knows that it was Faye who blabbed to Owen about Katy’s pregnancy.  Anna wants to know if she let it slip by accident and Faye takes the defence.  Faye says that if Katy is thick enough to get knocked up then she deserves a shouting at.  Well, Faye rules with an iron fist.  Faye figures that Anna wants a baby, that’s what she really wants.  Faye runs away and Anna is desperately running around the street looking for her.  Xin says that she just saw a bus leaving if she’s old enough to take a bus.  Only, May-20-2011-katy-family Sophie tells Anna she say Faye go into the shed only five minutes ago. Oh, yes, Darryl’s old shed.  Anna knocks on the shed door and Faye thinks that Anna thinks she’s a big mouth pain in the bum.  Anna scares Faye out of the shed by saying there’s spiders in there.  Faye comes out and apologizes to Anna about Katy. 

Izzy tells Katy to weigh out her options and not to run into something she might regret.  Owen just wants this abortion done with – of course.  Katy still hopes that Chesney will come back.  John and Fiz are in the hospital to have Hope’s ultrasound and it looks as though everything is quite as good as it should be.  Which, is pretty much the only good news of this episode.  Fiz and John return from the hospital and Fiz decides to go out looking for Ches and that she’ll start with his old mates.  Fiz says she can’t settle until Ches is home, then leaves. 

Amy, Tracey, Steve and Max arrive back from the hospital and Steve isn’t paying attention as Max runs into the road, but David does see him and runs into the road fastMay-20-2011-altercation enough to scoop Max up before he gets hit by Jeff.  Of course, Becky comes out and picks Max up and cradles him in her nauseating way and asks what the hell is going on.  David blames Steve for being too busy chatting up Tracey to keep his eye on Max.  Steve is with his family – Max and Becky while a sad-faced, ill-forgotten looking Tracey and Amy look on.  Later at home, David has it out with Kylie over how Max isn’t safe living with Steve and Becky.  David insists that Max would be better with them and she knows it.  Kylie May-20-2011-amy-milk feels sorry for Becky because they can have more kids, but she can’t.  David says that Becky can play auntie to all those kids.  Amy later comes into try and get Steve to read her a book but of course, Becky and Steve read her books ONLY when she’s over there otherwise mummy reads her books.  Amy’s jealous that Max gets her father’s time instead of her.  At No.1, Amy sneaks downstairs to drink milk again to continue making herself sick. 

Oh, really, Marc is back?  I thought we’d finally seen the end of this terrible storyline.  He comes into Nick’s Bistro with AudreyMay-20-2011-audrey-marc treating her to a dinner.  It’s “the least he can do.”  The least he can do is nothing actually.  Marc goes on talking about women’s clothing to Audrey – this time how he used to fondle his mother’s old red silk kimono.  He should really get in contact with Ken, they can talk about Kimonos all day.  He obviously has mother issues, and maybe that’s why he’s so taken with Audrey. 

At Nick’s, Cheryl sees Xin and Graeme in there and tells Xin that when her foot’s better she should come in for a chat since they’re always looking for experienced wait staff.  Tina is irked and tells both Graeme and Xin that the idea is for Xin to move on with her life not get a job over the road. 


- Sally looks lovely and refreshed from her romantic trip to Paris with Jeff. 

- Owen to Katy: “You don’t get it do ya?  This isn’t about Chesney.  You could be up the duff to Prince Harry for all I’d care and I’d still be saying you’re sixteen and too young to be a mother.” 

- Rosie to the hospital nurse about her father: “Will he be, like, disfigured?” 


- Why is Kevin so excited to show Dev his hydraulic lift?  How on earth would Dev appreciate something like that? 

- Deirdre is visiting Bev?  Bev, Bev?

- Kevin and Tyrone are fighting over the garage.  Big surprise here, I have no idea how they could even work together after the horror of Molvin. 

- John is a fantastically calm crazed maniac!  Talking about cricket and the military with Mr. Hoyle.  Honestly!

- Is window washing a very profitable business?  Graeme seems to get by washing only a street of windows everyday.

- Becky scooping Max up and cradling him in that same annoying way she always does.  What a whole bizarre scene this ways anyway, with Jeff apologizing for almost hitting him, Tracey trying to teach Max a lesson never to run into the road, Cheryl trying to calm things down, Becky fussing, David pointing fingers and Steve just sat there with his trademark “I hate my life” sulk on his face. 

- What’s with the sleazy lap-dancing music in Nick’s Bistro?  Was that Cheryl’s choice?


Apple Cobbler said...

In my opinion, last night's episode was terrible. There were far too many sensationalist incidents (such as Kevin's accident with the lift, Max running out into the road, Faye trying to lock herself into the shed) which were clearly taking place in order to attract interest, and yet were resolved not long after they'd started happening. There were a couple of highlights- such as Rosie's amusing display of utter stupidity at the hospital- but overall the episodes were a massive disappointment and a reflection of how Corrie is selling out in order to gain more viewers.

Anonymous said...

"Why is Kevin so excited to show Dev his hydraulic lift? How on earth would Dev appreciate something like that?"

Because Dev has barely been it for months and they needed an excuse to shoehorn him into a scene?

Frosty the Snowman said...

I know its not award time yet, but thought I would slip a few in early:

Boring topic of the week award: Mark banging on about the red kimono – yawn – I suspect with Claudia leaving and Mark and Aud palling up, we have more of this to come and does anyone else find the way he speaks like his false teeth are loose, annoying, along with the perma goofy grin?

Where are the blooming social services award: I thought Anna wasn’t allowed to look after Faye without Eddie and the annoying brat is still on the street causing trouble and behaving like a spiteful little diva. She doesn’t deserve the lovely Anna.

Most unromantic venue for a proposal award: Jeff and Sal have just been away for a mini break (that lasted about 3 weeks) to Paris, the most romantic city in the world. Why wait until he got back to Nick’s Bistro in Weatherfield to propose?

Anonymous said...

When was the mention of Deirdre visiting Bev, who I presume they meant Liz, I can't remember that?

Adam Rekitt said...

Garage mechanics across the country must be afeared, if a sharp tap with a spanner can cause a catastrophic failure in hydraulic lifting equipment. I laughed out loud when the computer screen lit up like a christmas tree. I am suprised it did not flash "danger" in big red letters.

Kylie's umpteenth explanation to David of why she did not want Max really jarred. It was so obvious that it was for the benefit of new viewers tuning in for the "exciting" storylines. They really should have one about the Government taking over Weatherfield Social Services, such is their level of incompetence.

Yoork said...

@ Apple Cobbler - Agreed. Very boring indeed, my highlights were suffering.

@ Frosty - I really can't stand Marc either! Plus, with social services no one has really checked on Max lately since he was supposed to be living with Kylie....recall?

@ Anon - It was when Steve first arrived at No.1 in the first episode and Ken mentioned he should have a key. I rewinded it twice - he said "Bev. Bev, Bev." lol.

Cobblestone said...

Yes, Bev. Bev Unwin, Shelley's mum, who was always pally with Diedre, not Bev Callard. I don't see anything strange in this.

Anonymous said...

Those two were always more frenemies than real mates though. Even if you ignore the fact that Peter, Deirdre's stepson who she is almost as blind about as her darling daughter, all but ruined Bev's daughters life? Although I supposed Tracy did kill the man who actually ruined Shelly so I suppose it might work out in the wash. Plus didn't Shelly have Charlies baby? What would they have to talk about, Ken? How in the hell is that not the most awkward visit ever?

Cobblestone said...

I'm pretty sure it's been mentioned that Dierdre has visited Bev before. It's certainly true that they had an up & down relationship, (frequently punctuated by Bev lurching round to No.1 half-cut) but they always seemed to emerge as 'sort-of' mates. Anyway, awkward or not, I'm certain it was Bev Unwin that was being referred to, and not a writer/actor slip referring to Bev Callard when they meant Liz, as some people seem to have assumed. Understandible to do a double-take so soon after Bev Callard's departure though, and let's face it, that sort of slip has been known to sneak through before now.

Apple Cobbler said...

Such as in the tram crash episode when there was a mix-up between Rita and Audrey! :D

Anonymous said...

This story line of Amy craving her father's attention doesn't come across on screen. If it wasn't for the soap mag interviews where every plot line is explained, we wouldn't understand why Amy was drinking the milk. (Perhaps she just likes milk!) There's no rapport on screen between Tracy and Amy. Good villains show their weak spot. Tracy should be sobbing on her mother's shoulder about her feelings for Amy and Steve. So sick of sloppy writing and poor acting.

Anonymous said...

Why can't Marc leave audrey alone and go mince around with the cross-dressing group he belongs to. I could see it if he was asking her to recommend a good denturist - he has to be the most annoying character since Gwen, Jim's money-hungry psycho girlfriend of many years back.

Anonymous said...

I thought Deidres visit to Bev was a nice touch. Maybe she just fancied a break away from Ken? I wish they would do more of this kind of thing. Where was Mavis' phonecall to Rita to see how she was and offer her a break after the tram crash?


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