Friday, 1 October 2010

Who writes the Coronation Street Blog?

In the UK:
Editor: Glenda Young (Flaming Nora) who blogs at Flaming Nora and is on twitter @flaming_nora
Barry Smith (Sunny Jim) who blogs at Deep, Dark Recesses and is on twitter @sunnyjimbaz
Scott Willison (Merseytart) who blogs at Merseytart and is on twitter @merseytart

Fat Brenda (we have no idea who this is!) but she's on twitter @fatbrenda
Mark Llewellin, Corrie expert and tour locations guide, who blogs at Mark Llewellin.
David Bridgman (Ben Karlow), who blogs at Clinkers to Riddle
Llifon Jones (Coronation Street Corner) who blogs at Coronation Street Corner

Ruth Owen Varley who is on twitter at @ruth1722
Graeme Naylor (Graeme N) who is on twitter @GraemeN82
Emma Hynes who is on twitter @ELHynes
Martin Leay who writes at Louder Than War and is on twitter @mpleay 

In Canada: Diane Johnson (Tvor) aka The Voice of Reason who blogs at Corrie on Weatherfield (and without whose help this blog would not exist!). Diane is on twitter @tvordlj

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