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Friday, 1 October 2010

Impressions from Thursday's Corrie

Deirdre to the Doctor "Would you like a cup of tea and a couple of gypsy creams?" "Thanks, Deirdre, you are a treasure." *smugness* After the way Gail treated Deirdre after the trial, I should imagine Deirdre really enjoyed payback! Gail moaning that nobody is on her side and they're all judging her. Pot or Kettle, this week, Gail?

Nick SO had that thumping coming from Trev. He's been vile to him for weeks! That's the second black eye he's had in less than a year. He might want to rethink that personality.

GO Sally! Boy, did she ever give the Head Teacher what for!

Norris is going to have to eat a very large helping of crow with feathers on very soon once he finds out Graeme and Tina didn't steal his and Rita's credit card details. Can you say "back street computer fixer upper"? 

And Boy, did David ever get the wrong end of the stick! Instead of making peace and being friends, which was where Tina thought they were. Even though all the media was screaming that David was going to rape Tina, I never thought The Powers That Be would go that far with him. He would be unredeemable and would have to go. He's far too popular a character for that. There was a time when I thought he might have had enough anger in him to do something like that, because, in his mind, he would be showing her he loved her (obviously, of course, that's not love) but he's been showing a lot of signs of maturity lately and a lot less resentment and I don't think he would have it in him these days.

I thoroughly enjoyed last night's show!


Theresa Green said...

I wish David would flipping GET OVER Tina, she is a sour faced moo anyway and I am fed up with Rita pandering to her all the time. I also hope that Gail is brought to book over her dreadful behavior and the breach of the data protection act, as Natasha is making a formal complaint, it cant just be left that she just loses her job, AND she expected to walk back into it. The scenes were hilarious with Dreary, how many Hi de Hi blazers does Gail have, all in different colours? LOL

Cobblestone said...

Wasn't that the 4th black eye for Nick? David's thumped him once and Peter twice, by my reckoning. By the way, anyone else think Peter got over his avid dislike of Nick pretty quickly - and considering it was jealousy-based, I find it hard to believe he'd be encouraging Leanne to go for a drink with him.

Danny-K said...

Oops, posted this on the wrong blog above -

Thanks for the full photo of Gail's face upon hearing: "Thanks, Deirdre, you're a treasure."

My TV is 4:3 and not widescreen, so I only saw 50% of Gail's face
upon her leaving after hearing the doctor's complimentary comments to Deidre. But Gail's face is, as I suspected - like a baboon's smacked a*s*
- LOL!

Deidre trying to help Gail see the doctor:
"Well I can fit you in next Tuesday.

Hee hee, what can you say but Go-girl-go!?!
Revenge is sweet and all that, LOL!

Danny-K said...

You're right on the money Cobblestone, as I too, thought it HIGHLY UNLIKELY Peter would encourage Leanne to go for a drink with Nick on their own.

They get a lot right but there are increasing examples of Corrie displaying an amazing lack of credible empathy between some characters and some situations
from time to time, that I believe could be one of the reasons behind Corrie losing out on ALL the BIG soap awards worth having to the likes of EastEnders.

Corrie doesn't have to be realistic, only credible - and Peter saying that to Leanne is, so, so, totally, NOT credible.

Tvor said...

Danny that was a bit of photoshop magic. You can see the splice on the door.

John Tomlinson said...

An excellent episode all round. The programme's going through a top-quality phase at the moment.

John M said...

Gail was in her sucking lemons "blouse" so you could tell instantly she was heading for a fall.... HA.


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