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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Coronation Street Weekly Update, May 17 2010

Well, it’s been quite a week in the world of this Corrie updater. In fact, it’s been momentous. Yes, I’ve come to the end of another notebook which I use for jotting down snippets as I’m watching the show, to help write the update each week. Snippets like ‘up the ginnel’ and ‘Deirdre smokes an angry fag’ and ‘looks like a red wine moment’ and ‘has Ken Barlow got no mates?’, snippets like that. I haven’t kept count of how many notebooks I’ve gone through since I started writing these weekly updates 15 years ago. Perhaps I should have done.

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It’s Blanche’s will reading this week and Norris is agog as he’s been invited along. Deirdre gets the jewels, Ken gets the dog and the Maeve Binchy novels, Tracy gets the cash and Norris gets Blanche’s puzzle magazine cancelled.

Ken and Deirdre aren’t happy at all that Blanche has left all her cash, about fourteen thousand pounds, to pyscho-bitch Tracy but there’s nowt they can do, and besides they reckon that some of it’ll make its way to little Amy if there’s any left after Tracy’s drunk her way through it and spent the change on lippy, short skirts and ornaments.

Speaking of Tracy, she’s moved into the same cell as Gail in jail as the cops try to get her to make Gail confess to killing Joe in the Lakes. Tracy’s doing wonderful stuff with her face, pulling it into all sorts of shapes and emotions to wring as much out of Gail as she can but so far, no luck. Gail’s sticking to the story that she’s innocent, which of course, she is, although she should still be locked up for being so thick. Tracy sends Becky a visiting order and warns her that she’ll not let Amy take the surname McDonald over Barlow any time soon. And as Tracy needs to give her agreement if Becky and Steve want to adopt another kiddy, Becky plays it cool. But Tracy knows how to wind her up and the two of them are soon flying at each other in the prison visiting room. Becky’s chucked out and Tracy’s led back to her cell, smirking.

Roy and Hayley have much on their mind. He’s doing a life and death audit and decides they need to be legally wed in case one of them dies. You might remember they were ‘wed’ back in 1999 but the law has changed on transsexuals marrying and finally Corrie are addressing this now and about time too. Hayley takes this to mean Roy’s proposing (was she sitting on Maxine’s bench too?) and she gets excited about a big wedding and a new frock. Roy just wants the legal aspects taken care of and when Hayley fusses over a wedding, he takes back his proposal of marriage. What a cad.

Graeme continues his quest to get Tina up and well, but she’s still not been outdoors just yet. She’s eating now, which is a good sign that Graeme’s doing something right and he’s even managed to put a little smile on her face. Meanwhile Jason’s not happy that Graeme’s spending so much time with Tina and won’t let him into the flat.

Teresa left Corrie this week after Liz had a word with her in the Rovers and told her what Teresa had secretly known, that Lloyd was eyeing up Cheryl the stripper. To save face, Teresa tells Lloyd she’s leaving for a new job in a new town and then when she turned the corner with her bag in her hand, she called one of her kids, with tears in her eyes, and told them she was coming to stay. I’ll miss Teresa, she was great. How can Corrie even think that Cheryl will ever be more interesting to watch than Teresa the tearful, ne’er do well, alcoholic cleaner? Anyway, Streetcars get the taxi account for the strip club so there’s summat good come out.

And finally, we all wish the Mayor of Weatherfield well. He’s got angina, you know.

Coronation Street writers this week were Debbie Oates, Simon Crowther, John Kerr, Jayne Hollinson and Julie Jones. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team.

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Adrian said...

I loved the mayor having angina subplot.

Congratulations to you and Mr Glenda!

Glenda Young said...

Thanks Adrian! How did you know?! ;-)


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