Sunday, 30 May 2010

Weekly awards for Corrie, the week of May 24 - 28

Fashion stars: Carla's lovely red coat and Julie's flowered wellies. Lloyd's shirt was a bit of a joke.

Heartbreaking breakup of the week: Gold star: Noooo Roy and Hayley can't separate!!!

This can't end well award: Gold Star: Paying a witness (with money stolen from your workplace) to lie in court? The witness doesn't seem hard enough to lie well.

Dab hand in the kitchen: Gold Star: Would you have thought Graeme would be handy with a wisk?

Gross me out award: Eddie eating a massive amount of food right from the frying pan and wearing his vest and y-fronts ... You got to hand it to the actor though. He has more (Y) front than Blackpool!

Wet Wet Wet award: How can it be leaking more and more when it's not raining? Shouldn't someone be calling Health and Safety instead of complaining?

Lines of the Week:

Carla about Nick "If he doesn't get back her sharpish he'll be wearing his bits as a bobble hat"

Trevor "Thing with wrong end of the stick is it looks exactly like the right end of the stick"

Julie "It's not a good look, wellies and pedal pushers! I hope i've not lost the respect of the bus driver."

Carla to Nick "Do you even care about keeping this place afloat? Pun definitely not intended"

Deirdre "Tracy couldn't be thinking of getting anything out of this could she?" "Tracy wouldn't stitch Gail up would she?" (ya think?)


Paul said...

It's Manchester, it's always raining

Tvor said...

Aw that's not fair. I was just there for a couple of weeks and aside from grim, overcast, cool weather, it really didn't chuck it down at all. A few sprinkles and a shower now and then, it was dry.

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