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Thursday, 27 May 2010

One More Chance: Mon May 24, 2010 & Wed May 26, 2010


Written by Mark Burt (Mon) and David Lane (Wed), directed by Tessa Hoffe

David is still stuck on the new plan he’s hatched to save his mum: bribe a witness.  He tells Nick about his plan, and of course Nick thinks it’s a terrible idea.May-26-2010-Carla-David    After David makes him feel guilty for not helping their mum, Nick goes along with it after he’s taken three thousand pounds from the Underworld safe.  The Plattilsley brothers headed down to the lake district in search of the “I’m Polish, not stupid” cleaning lady Anka.  The brothers hunt down Anka, and offer her a thousand pounds, but she wants more.  She wants four thousand to lie to police and the judge.  Nick agrees to give her what she wants and they work out her story: she heard people talking in the pub about the woman who killed her husband, only she witnessed Gail get off the May-26-2010-Boys-and-Ankaboat and Joe sail away with Gail crying maybe something like “No Joe!”  She doesn’t remember exactly what was said, it was a long time ago.  Anka goes to the police station and tells her story, and gets half her money.  Now, she’ll get the other half when she testifies in court.  David doesn’t even think she’ll have to wait that long since now she’s given her statement they’ll have to drop the case.  They’ll just have to, right?

The factory is in shambles, accounts and roofs.  There’s still a leak, and Carla’s crossing her fingers over this importantMay-26-2010-Janice meeting with Nick’s lead Paul Stokes.  If they could get his account, they could finally get going again and fix that roof!  Carla is not in a good mood when she has to face the meeting with Paul Stokes alone since Nick has gone AWOL (in the lakes district bribing a cleaning lady) on her.  On top of it all, the factory girls have all stopped working for the meeting, since they figured it’d look bad on Underworld for them to be working in such terrible conditions.  Trev arrives to bring Carla a lunch before her meeting and Paul Stokes arrives shortly after.  Seeing Trev there May-26-2010-Paul-Stokeswith Carla, he assumes that Trev works for Underworld also, and Trev goes along with the ruse for Carla’s sake.  Too bad Paul overhears Trev and Carla talk about how they’re making up rubbish and feeding it to him, he’s not happy and renegs.  It’s all too much for Trev who lets the cat out of the bag that he’s just a bin man, and there goes Carla’s deal – in the bin.  Later, Carla gets angry with Trev for ruining her deal.  She soon realizes that it wasn’t Trev’s fault they lost the deal (it was Nick’s) and she apologized.

Roy tries his worst (best) to make amends with Hayley.  It doesn’t go over well, now that his whole proposal-un-proposalMay-26-2010-Roy-Hayley fiasco has caused Hayley to re-think their entire relationship.  Hayley arrives back home, and Roy acknowledges that he may have been insensitive to her feelings. MAY have been?  Roy wants them to go back to the way they were.  Oh, if only we could do that, Royston.  Hayley says there was a time that she couldn’t ever imagine being with him, but now she can’t imagine staying with him.  Hayley needs some time apart from Roy to inventory her feelings, so she asks Anna if she can stay at hers and Eddies for a couple nights.  Hayley is starting to think that Roy doesn’t have anything else to offer her.  She’s only figuring that out now?  In any case, is this the end for the Croppers? 

May-26-2010-Graeme-Rosie Graeme actually tries to make amends with Rosie Webster after blowing her off to console Tina the other night.  Rosie’s having none of it, calling his flowers cheap and requesting he leave.  He asks her for one more chance, but she’s all out of chances.  After Graeme tries to return the flowers he bought for Rosie at Dev’s, Dev sees him leave and enter Tina and Jason’s flat.  Later on, Dev lets it spill to JasonMay-26-2010-Tina-Graeme that Tina’s still up there since Graeme’s been calling.  Bus-ted!  Upstairs, Tina is the recipient of the second-hand flowers and she finds that Graeme ditched Rosie to console her and is rather chuffed.  Meanwhile, Jason furiously rings upstairs and Graeme finally comes down to open the door just for Jason to manhandle him back in.  Jason kicks Graeme out, and Tina tries to kick him out, but he’s not going anywhere.  Jason’s sympathetic when he finds Tina is a mess although he wonders why Graeme has been hanging around.  Tina says that Graeme has just been a mate because he listened, and not pushed.  Jason is very offended that Tina couldn’t get this comfort from him.  Tina May-26-2010-Deirdre-Kenmakes Jason promise that he won’t go after Graeme, since he’s been sneaking around for her.  Jason leaves, but makes her promise that they’ll talk more tomorrow. 

Deirdre and Ken prepare for their visit for Tracy and wonder if she’s lying about Gail or not.  Guess who thinks she is, and guess who thinks she might not be?  They arrive and tell Tracy that they’re concerned for her, but only receive a facetious attitude in return.  Deirdre points out that Tracy’s going to be branded an informant in jail if she goes through May-26-2010-Kirk-and-the-peacockswith what she said about Gail, and that’s not going to be easy for her in there.  Tracy continues to dig her heels in stating that she’s only after justice.  Tracy says her conscience is clear, but is it? 

Elsewhere, Kirk is looking for a place for he and Ozzy to live now that they’ve been kicked out of Maria’s since she’s sold  up to the Alahans.  Kirk says it’s hard to find a place that’ll accept a dog, so Ashley offers that his boys would love a dog around.  Kirk takes this to mean that Ashley would love to have Ozzy AND Kirk living with them, when he only meant the dog so that Kirk could find a living space.  He’s really gone and done it now, and when he tells Claire, she’s obviously not keen.  It’s hard to say no to Kirk, especially when he lays on a sob story about laying up at night sick thinking about where he’d live. 


- Jan bailing Trev out of a tight spot when he almost reveals to Carla that he’s talking about World Cup Tickets.  Nice try Jan, but he’s still just not that into you.

- When Sophie was worried about her exam, and Rosie tells her if she gets stuck she could just ask “What Would Jesus Do?”  Then wonders if that would be cheating. 

- Hayley pulling a bossy Carla at work.  I like her like this!

- I’m really enjoying these factory-girl choruses!

- Dev growling when describing to Graeme how to woo a lady. 

- Kirk thinking that a highlight of his job is working with ladies underwear all day.  Ah, life, you have to take the joys when you can.  Any joys you can.

- The Plattilsley brothers almost running down Eddie Windass!

- Kirk declaring that having a job is better than telly.  Man he’s dumb, no it isn’t!   Especially not when Corrie’s on!

- Anka to Nick “I’m Polish, not stupid.  My money.” 


- Roy saying that he needs to look at her revised birth certificate when Hayley asks him if he sees a woman when he looks at her.  *ouch*

- I know he’s under stress, but Nick didn’t have to be SO flaming rude to Hayley in the Underworld office!

- When Hayley tells Anna that she used to think her and Roy were made for each other and Eddie mutters “like anyone else would take either of ‘em.”  Erm, look who’s talking!

Overall Episode Rating: 6/10

Drama: 8/10, Humour: 6/10, Classic Corrie: 5/10, Wow Factor: 6/10


Clare said...

I am loving the girls bursting into song, always makes me laugh. Also, wtf, Michelle spoke to Carla..last time we saw them they were having a catfight..have a missed something?

David Cameron said...

How farcial is the David and Nick trying to bribe the cleaner? Especially after the fiasco with David and Graham trying to coerce the other couple as witnesses in the Lakes. Just silly IMO.

Danny-K said...

RE: "Clare said...
I am loving the girls bursting into song, always makes me laugh".

Me too, very reminiscent of Nell Dun's 1960 film UP THE JUNCTION and more recently EDUCATING RITA - yes, more singing please.


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