Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Sharon Marshall's Tabloid Girl reveals Corrie gossip

Sharon Marshall is the soaps queen on ITV's This Morning. And she's just released her book called Tabloid Girl in which she reveals all about her life as a tabloid journalist.

There's a couple of Coronation Street snippets in the book, which is great fun to read. First off Sharon's asked to explain to the late Maggie Jones what 'dogging' is, to which Maggie raised a solo eyebrow and drily declared: "In my day, we just went to the cinema".

And my mind's boggling over which Corrie hunk the tabloid did a kiss-and-tell on who then wrote to the paper to say thanks very much, he couldn't remember the lady in question, but it's done his love life no end of good to be referred to as a love stud in the national press.

It's a cracking book and well worth a read. Buy it here!

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