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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Street Style: The British Soap Awards 2010

This episode of Street Style is featuring the dresses worn by some of the Coronation Street female cast at The British Soap Awards 2010. Some of these dresses are exact, and some are just similar.


For Brooke Vincent’s (Sophie Webster) fun colourful jungle print halter: VIP Halterneck Wire Hem Dress, Lipsy (click here)


If you’re interested in Helen Flanagan’s (Rosie Webster) short sleeved slapper-girl style embellished turquoise dress: French Connection Paradise Beaded Cap Sleeve Silk Dress, ASOS (click here)


Jungle print is proving popular this year, as Jane Danson (Leanne Battersby) also indulged. For the sophisticated look: Jewelled Strapless Ruched Dress, Lipsy (click here) For Jane Danson's jewellry, click here.


Katherine Kelly (Becky McDonald) chose to be a lady in red: Alexander McQueen, Draped Satin Dress, Matches (click here)


Sexy over trendy, Kym Marsh chose a form fitting light green cocktail dress: Roberto Cavalli, YOOX (click here)


Michelle Keegan’s (Tina McIntyre) dress was simple and to the point. Very understated, yet classy, for the “sexiest female”: Rachel Gilbert, Nakita Silk Mini Dress, Net-A-Porter (click here)


An extremely popular shape and colour for this season, Sasha Parkinson (Sian Powers) chose a dress that is likely to be sold out everywhere this season: Rayon Jersey Maxi Dress, Nicole Miller (click here)


Shiney, cute and classy the dress is much like the girl. Samia Smith (Maria Connor) chose to keep it fresh: Tropez Cocktail Dress, Aftershock London (click here) (PS. Samia’s dress is by designer Phillip Lim, I just couldn’t find a place to buy it online). For Samia Smith's jewellry, click here.

Some other nicely dressed were:

Tupele Dorgu (Kelly Crabtree)

Tupele Dorgu

Shobna Gulati (Sunita Alahan)

Shobna Gulati Dress

Rachel Leskovac (Natasha Blakeman)


But what on EARTH was Vicky Entwistle (Janice Battersby) THINKING with this ensemble?!

Vicky Entwistle

Images courtesy of Zimbio.


Yoork said...

Haha, I just realized that I made a complete Freudian slip on Helen Flanagan's description. I wrote that she was going for the "slapper" look, when I meant to say "flapper." Whoops, not even going to change it!

Defrost Indoors said...

It's...a t-shirt. She's wearing a damn t-shirt.

Not crazy about the shapelessness of a lot of current styles; most of these girls have great figures, so why swathe them in a shapeless bag? (I'm female, btw, so I'm not being pervy)

Tvor said...

Jane Danson looks the best i think. and Vicky Entwhistle...WTF?

Sea Penguin said...

I think they all look fab - Vicky's got a very dramatic look going on there!

Jamescc said...

Yes the shapeless look is not for me.

Kym, Jane, Samia and Michelle look very nice... but Wee Jimmy Krankie is distinctly strange - was it a bet perhaps?

Scott Willison said...

Vicky Entwistle's outfit was so bad it made the legendary American fashion site Go Fug Yourself:

Anonymous said...

Loved your Freudian slip, Yoork, and thought to myself, gees, I think for once Helen Flanagan looked really nice instead of sluttish!

Anonymous said...

it looks like Kym's girls are'nt natural.

Clare said...

iKeith, they aren't!

Loved the fruedian slip, oh so true.

Fishwife said...

For this household, Tupele takes the prize. She looks like a grownup. Pretty dress, and sophisticated too.

Cobblestone said...

Brooke - really sweet.
Flanagan - looks like she's sleepwalking in her nighty.
Jane - love her! - 1950s San Troppe
Kat Kelly - Swishrail?
Kim - looks like her underslip.
Michelle - erm, not at all sure - I'm gay. Bit pillowcasey. Crap colour though, especially with her perma-tan.
Sasha - full marks for effort, but much too old a look for her to carry off. She must have regretted that on the dance floor after a couple of bottles of Lambrusco.
Samia - Oooh, too busy. She looks pebble-dashed. Simple design but someone with her natural beauty and grace needs a much simpler fabric.
Tupilu - "I'm Kelly Crabtree!!!" And at last, she bloody well justifies it! Fabu sophisticated look.
Shobna - love her, but it looks like someone has ripped the photo. Not a fan of the weird flouncy trouser-suit thang. It's like the outfit SO wanted to be a ballgown, but just lacked the social confidence.
Rachel - aw, Rachel ... love ya! Viv Nicholson sixties chic! Her time in 'Spend, Spend, Spend' was NOT wasted! Why the hell are they killing this girl off? She has SO much to offer if developed properly. Gonna damn well write her a part in my show.
And Vicky! Vicky! Norma? I'm hearing 'The Greatest Star of All' from 'Sunset Boulevarde' swelling in the background as I look at this pic. Either that or its Arachnia, Queen of the Spider People. Methinks Janice is ready for her close up, Mr de Mille, chuck!
What fun! Can we have more of these please?

Fishwife said...

I thought Janice's dress was a strange one-off, but now I see it is the height of fashion, as followed by Heather Mills in the Daily Mail

But then, as the Queen was taught in her youth, the height of fashion is always vulgar.


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