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Friday, 14 May 2010

Not Today: Thu May 13, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Debbie Oates, directed by Duncan Foster

Ken and Deirdre reminisce over Blanche’s opinion’s towards some of the 1 O’Clock Club members, Gracie and how she could get three cups from one teabag – tight cow.  Apparently Grace was a “wart in human form” according to the late Blanche.  Deirdre’s not sure if she should take Amy with her when she goes to seeMay-13-2010-Deirdre-Ken Tracy since Tracy might be in a state then she doesn’t want to upset Amy.  Deirdre decides not to bring Amy after all and tells Becky and Steve about it who think that Tracy will immediately blame them for it.  Deirdre says she’ll explain that it was her decision but they don’t think Tracy’ll believe that. 

Tracy sees her mum without Amy and immediately kicks off.  This girl is a ticking time-bomb.  Even if she managed herself to get out how soon before she goes right back in?  Tracy thinks it was Steve and that cow that kept Amy away, but Deirdre corrects her.  Tracy’s sick of people making her decisions for her, and she wants to change that very soon.  Deirdre has no idea what she means and later tells Ken about it who also agrees that the threat is empty since there isn’t really May-13-2010-Gail-Jail anything Tracy can do to get out of a life sentence.  Tracy instructs her mother to call her solicitor and have him come to the prison so they can have a face-to-face meet.  What is she up to now?  She talks to her solicitor about something that could change her situation

Just as Gail gets used to her cellmate, the cellmate is being moved to another wing.  Another prisoner is mourning (somewhat) the loss of a child more than a gran – Tracy Barlow.  Gail calls David to tell him that her trial’s been moved up and she’s not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing and neither is David.  Both parties are worried about the outcome of Gail’s case. 

No guesses for figuring out who Gail’s new cellmate is.  MacIntyre, Barlow.  Gail?  Tracy.  May-13-2010-Steve-Becky

Becky and Steve are filling out their “previous partners and criminal record” stuff for their adoptions papers and seem to be having a difficult time with this blast  to the past.  Becky’s having trouble enough figuring out which “relationships” were significant from the list of men from A to M she’s compiled.  Hayley wisely advises her just to mention the ones she was engaged to: Jason and Steve.   I know she was engaged to Jason, but was that really significant in her eyes?  I’m shocked she can even remember A to M.  Becky doesn’t like the fact that many of Steve’s exes are either in jail, or have a record.  You know it looks bad when the best looking one of your exes is Michelle Connor. 

May-13-2010-Roy-Fire-AlarmHayley awakens to find Roy sitting up awake with no socks on and apparently this is a cause for concern.  Roy is up worrying about what will happen to he and Hayley when they both die.  He’s not even had his breakfast yet, egads.  Hayley chalks up Roy’s “death” conversation to the fact that she forgot to replace the batteries in their fire alarm therefore he must have been thinking they could have burned to the ground because of it.  Roy’s onto something beyond the dead fire alarm.  Oh joy, can’t wait to hear  about it.  Hayley gets the battery and Anna points out that she doesn’t even have a smoke alarm to which Roy goes crazy over.  Roy talks to Hayley about his “life audit” again and suggests that he and Hayley get legally married.  He does not propose, just makes a technical suggestion.  Hayley’s upset later that Roy has managed to take the romance out of their entire marriage.  Roy manages to take the joy out of everything, she should be used to this by now.  May-13-2010-Graeme-Butcher

Jason’s on Graeme again for a the keys to his flat.  If he really needed to get in, surely he could just call a locksmith considering the fact that a) he owns the  place, and b) he doesn’t even think anyone’s up in there.  He’s really dragging his arse on the sale of that place.  Graeme tries to riddle Jason with his words about getting a key cut and it’s somewhat successful since Jason leaves completely confused and hasn’t bashed his head in yet. 

May-13-Graeme-Tina Graeme visits Tina and notices that she’s been eating the food that he’s left for her and is happy about that.  He tries to get her to go outside but she gives him a firm ‘no.’  He makes her promise to say “not today” instead of “no.” 

Theresa watches Lloyd washing his cab and says he’d have been a good nurse, getting in all those crevices with that sponge.  I shudder to think about what she’s picturing.  Eddie comes by and asks for a reference for their adoption plan, and Theresa asks what they’re adopting – a brain cell between the two of ‘em?  Oh, I’ll miss her.   She tells him that he’s got enough on his plate with cleaning a burger out of his glove compartment and should just leave the kiddies be.  Lloyd chastises Theresa and tells Eddie he will write the reference.  Later, Lloyd continues to be rude towards Theresa and feels bad about it.  Well, it’s hard being in relationship of convenience. 


- Prison’s really starting to rub off on Gail, and maybe it’s a good thing.  Did you hear how she got her back up to that guard for trading out her old cellie?  The old Gail would have whispered and no one would have heard….

- Graeme’s “yesterday is tomorrow, tomorrow is today” (whatever) speech to throw Jason off the scent. 

- Theresa asking Eddie what he and Anna are going to adopt – a brain cell between the two of ‘em?

- Hayley coming back in and telling Anna that she’s bought a battery and hopefully that it’ll be a better night for the two of them and Eddie VERY curious to know why.  Haha, naughty!

- When Becky looks at Steve’s list of significant others and sees Ronnie on there and yells at him for not knowing he went with blokes!  Haha.  I liked Ronnie, but was she really significant? 


- Hayley thinking that Roy was worried about both of them dying since she hadn’t changed the batteries in fire alarm.  How does she deal with this OCD?  Do you want to know where my fire alarm is?  I have no clue.  Since I chucked it out the window a few weeks back since it kept going off every five minutes every time I try to roast something! 

- Jason hounding Graeme for the key to his flat.  If he really needed to get in, surely he could just call a locksmith considering the fact that a) he owns the place, and b) he doesn’t even think anyone’s up in there.  He’s really dragging his arse on the sale of that place.  As I mentioned above. 

- Eddie hearing David make a wise-crack and saying that if he were his lad, he’d feel the buckle of his belt.  Since when does Eddie Windass wear a belt? He probably stopped when it got too tight, if you know what I mean.

- Tracy saying she’s sick of people making her decisions for her.  It’s called being a prisoner.  Get used to it.  And what’s with her getting out when Amy’s almost an adult?  Since when is a life sentence 10-15 years?  What does “life sentence” mean these days anymore?  I always thought it to mean you lived your LIFE in prison until you died – in prison. 

- Ugh, that entitled rude little madame Tina McIntyre ruining my Corrie viewing experience yet again.  She treats Graeme like dirt, and she always will.

- Is anyone else just about had ENOUGH of this adoption storyline?  It’s full-on almost every episode.  Plus, with both the Windasses and McDonalds adopting, it’s a bit much for me.  Especially since they’re not even close to adopting yet, they’re only just filling out papers!

Overall Episode Review: 5.5/10

Drama: 6/10, Humour: 6/10, Classic Corrie: 5/10, Wow Factor: 5/10


Llifon said...

I liked:

Tracy: Gail?
Gail. Tracy.

Danny-K said...

"What does “life sentence” mean these days anymore?"

- In the UK if there's no continuing media interest in the case then it means about 8 years on average.

Sea Penguin said...

I miss Ronnie's mole. It could act everyone else off the screen.

Old Ena said...

Trearcylooov has only been back on screen 5 minutes and she is already irritating me.

Nurse Florence Ganderpoke said...

I'm afraid I had to fast forward through all the TracyLuv & Gail scenes, I just cannot be bothered!

Anonymous said...

Yes, getting sick of all the adopting stuff.... but if anyone should adopt - it really should have been the Croppers. Yes for all the OCD and the Hayley character being originally a man, etc... they're at least the most sane couple on the block who have no children and could probably enjoy a child coming into their live AND the child would be in a reasonable, stable home far as life in the Cobbles go....

gadgee said...

"a wart in human form" - classic Blanche.

I'm sick of Tracy already as well.

> She treats Graeme like dirt, and she always will.
Hmm. Remains to be seen. If she breaks Graeme's heart I will never forgive her.

Billy Niblick said...

Maybe Eddie just keeps a belt for thumping people with - even if he doesn't use it to hold up his kecks any more.


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