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Monday, 31 May 2010

A Fortnight: Fri May 28, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Simon Crowther, directed by Tessa Hoffe

David and Nick are on edge about whether or not their little plan to bribe-the-witness will pan out.  Things don’t get better when Audrey starts questioning why May-28-2010-Audrey-Gial the witness has come forward now, and calls the police for more information but doesn’t get any.  Audrey goes to meet Gail in jail and to talk with her about the witness.  Gail is holding onto this witness with a hope and a prayer, but Audrey is sceptical.  Gail is scared out of her mind, and is full of tears as her mother hugs her for the last time before the trial.  As Audrey walks off, Gail asks her to look at her, but Audrey doesn’t hear and leaves Gail standing there.  David and Nick are getting cold feet about the legitimacy of their bribed witness, and how she’ll cope under the pressure of the prosecution in court.  Oh, she’ll crumble like a vegan cookie.  David admits what they did was insane, but since it’ll help his mum he still insists they had no choice.  Later, Audrey accuses David of having something to do with the witness, only just then she gets a call from the police saying the witness checked out, and apologizes to David. 

May-28-2010-Rickson The factory is a mess, and the factory girls are working their fingers off to get the order finished under Carla’s orders of “sew, sew, sew!”  Rickson’s in to check on his order, and after having a quick chat with Kirk to tell him that “Kirk” really means “Church”, he notices that his knickers aren’t to specifications.  Rickson has it out with Carla and Nick and cancels his order immediately to take his business elsewhere!  Well, that’s that for the factory girls, they’ve been laid off now for two weeks – or a fortnight – until more work comes in.  Obviously, no one’s happy about this, especially since there’s a deferred payment of their wages.  After they’re done blaming each other for what’s happened, Carla and Nick agree that they’ve got to come up with some orders now, or they’ll lose everything.  May-28-2010-Tony

Speaking of church, that’s exactly where Tony Gordon is this moment, and he takes the body of Christ (cracker), only it’s  not a cracker – it’s a SIM card.  Back in his cell, he receives the mobile phone that his cellmate Robbie has taken from the library, they put two and two together and get a fully functioning mobile phone.  Tony is obviously making a deal with Robbie for money – so that Robbie can pay for his son to go to Uni for P.E.  What exactly is he up to?  He’s got Robbie on the street now, watching Carla and getting friendly with Roy.  He calls Tony from the street to say he’s got ‘the gun’  

May-28-2010-Izzy-Kirk Later, Kirk asks Izzy how she got into a wheelchair.  Izzy jokes that she was hit by a hit and run, but when Kirk says that happened to his brother-in-law, only he wasn’t so lucky.  Izzy feels bad, since she didn’t actually get hit by a  car – she has a degenerative illness – she only just tells people that because she gets bored sometimes.  Kirk tells her all about how Carla’s ex-husband Tony – who’s in jail good and proper now – was the one who hitMay-28-2010-Deirdre-Ken Liam.  Oh, not so sure about “good n proper.” 

Deirdre’s helping out at the Bookies and doesn’t seem to be doing a very good job of it, and thinks that everyone needs to know about it.  Deirdre is thinking about Tracy again and what on earth the incentive would be for putting Gail in it. 

May-28-2010-Tina-Jason Tina goes to see Jason to tell him about a horrific dream she had regarding the trial.  In the dream, it was a the day of the trial and who was to be in the witness stand but her father.  Jason guessed the witness was Buzz Lightyear when she asked, since it was a dream and all.  Oh, it seems Jason just doesn’t have the sensitive listener personality quite like Graeme does.  Or perhaps he, like everyone else, just doesn’t care.  Tina can’t mind too much, since she asks Jason to stay withMay-28-2010-Cheryl-Lloud her in the flat.  Are they back on? Is this the end for Graeme’s hopes? 

Lloyd tries again to hit on Cheryl and tries his best until he’s in the cabby office and hears that Cheryl has requested a cab and has specifically asked for anyone BUT Lloyd.  Lloyd can’t understand why and goes anyway.  When he arrives he sees Cheryl with a ten year old boy – her son.  The son she has with his father – her husband.  Lloyd is heartbroken to hear this, especially since it seemed she was into him.  What’s left for Lloyd now?  Eileen waiting to console him when he comes back. 


- David doing his perms at Audrey’s salon.  He’s quite the little stylist now, isn’t he? 

- When Tina tells Jason about a dream she had about being in court and asks him to guess who the next witness was, and Jason says “Buzz Lightyear?” To which Tina says, no,  my dad.  Oye!

- Eileen being a good mate to Lloyd by consoling him after his heartbreak with Cheryl.  See?  She’s not SUCH an angry cow!  May-28-2010-David-Perm

- Is it just me or does Tony look really good in blue sweats?


- The factory having to lay-off.  Could this mean the end of Underworld?  Especially with THIS happening and all.

- Audrey rudely snubbing Deirdre and Ken’s invite for tea – they hardly control what Tracy says!

- Nick teasing David about living in the fast lane with the Renshaw twins at 9.  Puh-lease, because a broke-down factory is really living in the fast lane.  At least David HAS customers. 

- Hayley sobbing her eyes out and grasping Carla over Roy!  Oh, man. 

- Janice blaming Izzy and Kirk for why they lost the accounts – she can be downright petty at times. 

- I’ve felt sorry for Gail during her whole Joe ordeal, but I’ve never felt so bad for her as I did in this episode.  Did you almost not want to cry watching Audrey hug her like she was a little girl again?  Oh, poor Gail.   As Eileen says, even if she gets off not-guilty, she’ll never be the same again.

- Deirdre still not fully believing that Tracy would stitch someone up!


Tvor said...

Deirdre and Gail both have massive sized blinders on when it comes to their kids!

Aimee said...

THanks for the update! Does anyone know what happened to the picture catch-ups on the ITV website? I can't seem to find them anymore. This blog and the picture catch-ups are how I "watch" Corrie! :)

Anonymous said...

I think I've read here in this blog that someone else tried to find them and couldn't and checked with ITV. To which ITV I think confirmed that they won't do the picture catch-ups anymore which is sad for people outside the UK...

Was it really the priest that smuggled in the SIM card? Wow! Add that to the lowlights! Prisons are rife with drugs and other contraband from outside -- smuggled in via prison guards, visiting friends/relatives/, and staff --no matter how hard prisons try and stop the inflow --esp. drugs, they have not been able to do so-- hence the substance abuse and a black market in the prisons. But what a dig at the Church! I wonder if that was intentional by the writers.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I wrote ITV a rather huffy e-mail implying that my long-standing love of Corrie would be damaged by the lack of visual updates... they seemed oddly unmoved. I also hinted that I had totally gone off Eastenders once BBC had stopped showing proper summaries and relying on video on their website... again, they didn't seem too concerned.
I did love the captions that they used have under the visual updates...
Rebecca in TO


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