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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Talk of the Devil: Mon May 17, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Jayne Hollinson (7:30) and Julie Jones (8:30), directed by Terry Dyddgen-Jones

Steve’s not happy that Tracy’s been giving Blanche’s entire fortune and knows that Tracy won’t do the right thing with the money – like set up a trust fund for Amy.  She couldn’t spend the money worse than Rosie Webster spent her spoils could she?  Liz is sorting the mail and finds a letter addressed to Becky.  Talk of the devil, as Becky notes, it’s a visiting order from Tracy for Becky alone.  They wonder what Tracy’s up to and Steve tells Becky not to go, but Becky thinks she can handle Tracy.  Becky figures she could at least go to try and persuade Tracy to give some of her inheritance money to Amy.  Pffft, good luck Becky! 

Tracy tells Gail that she wanted to thank Becky for looking after Amy and Gail confirms that Amy seems very happy.  She asks Gail what Becky’s like and Gail saysMay-17-2010-Becky-Tracy-fight she’s a bit of a live wire but her heart’s in the right place.  Tracy finds through gabby Gail that Becky can’t have kids of her own to which Tracy finds interesting.  Becky arrives and Tracy apologizes to her for being a cow at the funeral and asks if they can start again.  Becky asks Tracy if she’s going to use some of her money for Amy, but Tracy has no idea what she’s talking about.  You don’t get memos in prison?  When Becky tells Tracy how much money she was left Tracy exclaims “fourteen grand!” so that everyone can hear and asks Becky to get her a chocolate bar to celebrate.  Tracy says of course she’s going to use some of that money for Amy, she doesn’t need to be told how to parent.  Tracy tells her how social services has been in touch and the quality of her recommendation depends on whether or not Amy’s name gets changed to McDonald.  Tracy knows her strategy, because Becky agrees to this even though Steve won’t be happy about it.  Tracy is using Becky’s desire for a child to manipulate her into doing whatever she likes – wretched cow.  Becky tries to get her back up, but fails miserably.  Clearly, Tracy is much more intimidating than she thought.  A woman who’s in jail for murder can’t have as much say as anyone else in their adoption portfolio.  Tracy also wants a letter from Steve stating that Amy misses her in order to increase her visits and get her into an open prison.  Becky thinks there’s no way she’ll get into an open prison but Tracy says she’s already working on it. 

May-17-2010-Becky-Dragged-off The gloves are off and Becky berates Tracy for trying to sell her daughter and being a rubbish mum, and Tracy refers to Becky as a cheap tart and says that at least her eggs are working.  Well, that got Becky off and she went right for the jugular.  Of course, everyone else in the room immediately chants “fight, fight, fight!”  You know you’re in prison ‘when.’  Both ladies get dragged back to their corners and Becky tells Tracy she can forget about seeing Amy from now on. 

Becky storms into the pub later and tells Steve not to ask how it went.  Steve is made at Becky for screwing up their chances at adoption now that she’s ticked Tracy off.  Tracy is on the phone to her mother later and tells her of what happened – only more exaggerated and Deirdre can’t believe what she’s hearing.  Tracy tells Deirdre that Becky told her she couldn’t see Amy anymore and that was enough to upset Deirdre.  Deirdre’s going straight over to the Rovers to sort it.  How many people is she going to manipulate?  Gail overhears Tracy sobbing and Tracy tells her that being in jail is no life and not a life worth living anyway.  Yeah, that’s why it’s jail you daft cow.  Meanwhile, Deirdre storms into the Rovers and gets mad at Becky and Steve and Liz try to diffuse the situation.  Poor Becky looks pretty upset after all of this.  They go to the back room and Deirdre lays into Becky.  Becky regrets having told Tracy she couldn’t see Amy, but defends herself by telling them how vile Tracy was to her. Becky and Steve blow off in the Rovers later in front of everyone and Becky says that this whole thing has made it clear to her that they aren’t fit to have a kid.  Does that mean we don’t have to hear about this adoption storyline anymore?  Hurrah!

Roy’s back’s not doing well after sleeping in the spare bedroom for the night.  Roy goes on about how he doesn’t understand people’s needs to celebrate theirMay-17-2010-ANna-Roy feelings and Hayley tells him that’s because he hasn’t got any – he’s like Mr. Spock.  Roy can’t even open the shop because of what he’s done to his back and leaves Anna to cope on her own.  At the factory, Fiz notices that Hayley is upset over Roy and tries to give her some terrible advice.  Why on earth would you take marriage advice from Mrs. Stape?  Meanwhile, Roy is soothing his back with some frozen peas and some operetta but it’s not helping.  Anna says she’s got Kirk covering for her and needs to help him out, or close up.  Wow, Anna is indeed helping Roy out, but not necessarily in the way you’d think.  Let’s just say I hope Hayley doesn’t walk in right now on them or she’d find Roy on his back on the floor legs up and spread in the air, Anna between them jigging his body around like he’s a press machine.  Oh, wait, she does walk in.  Anna realizes that Hayley is jealous and assures her she’d never look anywhere else since she’s got her Eddie.  I think Anna needs to get her eyes checked – stat.  Anna’s trick seems to have worked since Roy’s feeling MUCH better.  In fact, I haven’t seen him look so good. 

Roy decides to make Hayley a special meal tonight – her favorite.  I guess he’s getting sick of eating soup for dinner.  Hayley’s quickly excited about this. Roy and Hayley are enjoying their romantic dinner and Hayley still tries to convince Roy to have a wedding – especially now that they’re accepted for being themselves.  Roy still does not want to give in and says he’s actually sorry he even suggested they get married since they’ve done nothing but argue.  Wow, so much for a romantic dinner, Roy actually withdraws his proposal!  

May-17-2010-David-Receptioninst-Posting The bills start piling up at Chez Platt (or is it McIntyre now?) and Nick requests fifty quid from David towards the electric, but David used to his free-loading ways, says he hasn’t got it.  David brings a notice from the medical centre to Nick’s attention.  It’s a job posting for Gail’s position as receptionist.  Nick tries to tell him that they’re probably only looking for someone temporary as they’ve got a business to run.  David feels as though everyone’s giving up on Gail.  It’s not that they’re giving up, it’s just that they don’t really care.  Or, perhaps they were going to care, but then they just kept on living their lives.  David and Graeme come up with a new idea to get Gail out of jail: a petition.  Nick wishes him good luck, as do I.  David puts out a banner on the roof Gail’s house for the petition.  Nick finally gives in and supports David with the petition.  Graeme and David manage to get almost everyone to sign the petition.  Now, we can only wait to see if it’llMay-17-2010-Graeme-Petition actually do any good. 

Looks like there’s a leak in the factory, in the ceiling, not from another mole (Kelly).  Janice is getting dripped on, but Carla thinks she’s just being fussy and that it’ll stop in a bit.  The factory girls only find out now that Theresa doesn’t work there anymore.  Sean tells Julie that Violet’s been ignoring his Facebook friend requests.  I know Facebook is all the rage, but could there be a more passive way to contact someone?  You use Facebook when you kinda/sorta want to see what some old friend from school is up to now, not when you’re trying to find YOUR BABY!  Carla is cracking the whip on Nick to bring May-17-2010-factory-raindrops in business while the factory girls pull out their umbrellas and break out into a rendition of “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head.”  Carla comes out to tell them to shut up and get back to work.  The factory girls refuse to work until the leak is fixed since they’re afraid of getting electrocuted.  Carla’s got a new order in and doesn’t care about the factory workers well-being, she just wants a job done.  She tells Hayley she’ll be hiring for a machinist trainee to pick up the slack. 

Eileen and Steve tease Lloyd about being clear of Theresa so now he can go after Cheryl, but Lloyd denies that’s his plan.May-17-2010-Liz-Lloyd   Lloyd goes down to Cheryl’s club and speaks with the manager in negotiating the business for StreetCars.  The club boss is sleazy, but what lap dancing club manager isn’t?  Looks like they’ve got the contract as Lloyd tells Steve later in the pub.  Liz asks Lloyd of Teresa and finds that she’s told him she’s had a job offer and moved on.  Lloyd thinks that Liz’s interested, but she tells him pointedly: “once I change the sheets, I don’t go putting the old ones back on.”  Yeah, you old sheet!  Liz tells him she thinks he’s got a good chance with Cheryl.  As Lloyd goes to pick up Cheryl from her club, he overhears her manager giving her hassle about not coming to work on time and skiving off early.  Lloyd later tells Cheryl that if her boss is handling her terribly that he can have a word, but Cheryl assures Lloyd that her boss isn’t a threat. 


- The fake camaraderie that happened between Becky and Anna on the subject of adoption.  This happens so often between women! 

- Lloyd for being a nice guy about Theresa, even now after she’s gone. 

- The factory girl’s rendition of “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” with their umbrellas and all. 

- Good on Eileen for signing Gail’s petition and putting aside old grudges.  See, she’s not SUCH a sour old cow you all seem to think! 


- David Platt not paying his share of the electric, and thinking that his mum’s job will just remain unoccupied?  Grow up and face the real world, you mummy’s boy!

- Sean using Facebook as his only method to find Violet and his son.  Pick up the phone and do some leg work! 

- Hayley is surprised that Fiz and John fall out about things since they’ve only been married five minutes and wants to know what on earth they could fall out about.  Is she NEW here?

- Tracy now trying to manipulate Becky to get what she wants.  Steve’s right – Becky shouldn’t have gone.

- Wow, Roy actually WITHDRAWS his proposal?  Hayley should pack her bags!  

- Why is everyone so concerned with Tracy’s testimonial to the adoption people?  She should be the opinion that carries the least weight since she’s in prison for murder and tried to sell her child!

Overall Episode Review: 7/10

Drama: 8/10, Humour: 5/10, Classic Corrie: 5/10, Wow Factor: 9/10


Anonymous said...

Yes, I can't stand that kind of fake camaraderie between catty women. I'd rather they fight like cats and dogs like Tracy and Becky and Gail/Eileen. It's violent and crassy and trashy...but I can't help think that in an age of so much superficiality -- fisticuffs are just are a bit more honest...

I've an idea...get Eileen to break the law and then after Tracy gets sprung from jail, Eileen becomes Gail's cellmate and ...hmmm who will emerge the survivor or will both succumb to their mutual mortal wounds from the hairpulling, slapping, and choking?

To Roy Cropper: "you're a cheapskate"...on the other hand, to Hayley -- didn't you have a wedding ceremony already? Why not go budget this time? There is a recession on, you know! And why not use any money for a nicer wardrobe instead of a lavish party/wedding for a bunch of free-loading wedding guests anyway and a dress that's only going to be worn once...

Tvor said...

Yes, Roy and Hayley had a white wedding but it was tainted by reporters and they got "married" in the cafe. Plus it wasn't legal. It's a big thing for Hayley now that she can legally marry, really. A registry office wedding and a big party to celebrate would be wonderful. And i'm sure it will happen.

David Cameron said...

I didnt really enjoy yesterdays episodes as much as I usually do. I cannot abide Tracy and she has turned Dierdre into a sour old moo as well. So bored with the Roy and Hayley nuptuals, so contrived just to give them a storyline. I think these two characters work well as an addendum to other characters but are uninteresting on their own.


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