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Monday, 10 May 2010

Home Truths: Fri May 7, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Mark Wadlow (7:30) and Jayne Hollinson (8:30), directed by Stuart Davids

Deirdre finally opens Blanche’s “to be opened after my death letter.”  It appears it’s less upsetting home-truths and more highly detailed funeral instructions. May-7-2010-Ken-Deirdre-Room  Leanne points out that if Blanche wanted to offend anyone, she’d just come out and say it.  Ken reads the rest of the detailed instructions and Peter can’t believe that she’s still giving them orders.  Blanche wants her reception at a five star hotel – and NO vegetarian options!  Deirdre’s going to make sure that Blanche’s final day is special.  Deirdre’s running around trying to fulfill all of Blanche’s requests, but Ken says the letter probably pre-dates Eccles and she could have been changing her wishes from one day to the next – therefore there’s no reason to make a stressful even more stressful by trying to fulfill her wishes to the letter.  Deirdre has found Blanche’s “funeral bag” and figures she can start using it now – starting with Blanche’s funeral. 

Later, Ken searches through Blanche’s room (which is on the first floor?) and Deirdre catches him and gets angry again.  SheMay-7-2010-Tracy accuses Ken of wanting to rid of Blanches items.  Ken tells her she’s not the only one affected by all of this since Blanche was part of his life too.  Suddenly, Deirdre looks very guilty.  He talks about when Blanche was here and she made her presence felt, and now she’s not here and it’s odd – distinctly odd.  I feel the same way about her absence on my screen.  Ken says he misses Blanche, but God knows why since she never thought much of him.  Deirdre corrects him by saying that Blanche thought the world of him.  Deirdre says she’ll put the kettle on, then they can sort through the lot together.  Deirdre and Ken have a good time going through Blanche’s memories.  Ken regrets that he never got the chance to tell Blanche how fond of her he was.  As they’re reminiscing, they get a call from Tracy.  Deirdre is trying to write the eulogy and Ken offers to help.  He is the writer, after all.  Deirdre wonders if Tracy will be let out for her Gran’s funeral.  Meanwhile, at prison, Tracy convinces the guard to let her attend Blanche’s funeral.  

Becky is freaking out over her social worker visit and has even bribed Becky to say she’s the best mum ever when the social worker is there.  Becky comes down in her regular attire and says she looks like a pole-dancer (more like Liz!) and that she’d rather look motherly today.  Steve points out that his mother doesn’t look “motherly” and Becky replies that obviously she doesn’t look like Liz and the look of disagree on Steve’s face is priceless.  Becky wants to get her hands on something grey and dowdy and in walks Claire.  Claire is insulted that Becky wants to borrow her clothes since they’re May-7-2010-Becky-Social-WOkerfrumpy, but she helps a gal out and loans her best twinset.  The social worker arrives early and orders an orange juice while she waits.  Meanwhile, Amy 6.0 was picked up by Grandma Liz from school who tells Steve that Amy’s been asking a lot of questions about Nana Blanche.  Becky arrives in the Rovers after Claire’s make-under (I’d say make-over), and goes on about how social services will be loving her, and of course, Dawn the social worker is right behind her.  Awk-ward.  To make matters worse, Steve walks in with Amy and introduces them only for Amy to scream that she hates Becky and run off.  More awk-ward.  Steve apologizes to Dawn, since Amy’s just found out that her great-grandmother has died.  Becky wants to know why Steve told Amy about Blanche and Steve says because she’s been asking all kinds of questions like, “is she dead?”  As they make their way upstairs Fiz sees Becky and remarks how smart she looks them asks if she’s in court again. 

During the interview, Dawn mentions that the pub could be a cause for concern if some of the kids come from alcohol-induced homes.  The social worker is really helpful and tells them how they can make their accommodations work since no homes are perfect.  She asks why they want to adopt and Becky says it’s because they couldn’t have kids of their own and Amy is from a previous relationship.  Dawn thinks that it’s very soon for Becky to be considering adoption since she wasMay-7-2010-Amy-Becky only told a few weeks ago that she couldn’t bear children – she needs time to grieve for the children she can’t have.  Dawn thinks they should wait a few months.  Dawn also tells them that adopting a baby is few and far between – it’s mostly older children that need homes.  Dawn asks about Amy and Steve tells her that Amy’s natural mother is in prison for murder.  Dawn says that’s a concern, then asks if they have serious criminal records to which they both cringe at.  Dawn says their records could be a problem further down the line.  She also tells them that it’s a lengthy process and that even if they get approved that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll get a child.  Becky loses it and tells Dawn that she thinks nothing about them is good enough.  Becky then throws the book at Dawn and tells her she’s not good enough to be her social worker and to “go on!”  She grabs Dawn’s bag and tells her to get out before she physically throws her out.  Steve is stunned, needless to say.    

He asks what she’s done and calls Becky that she’s the cow, not Dawn!  Steve chases after Dawn as Liz takes Amy upstairs.  Becky tells Liz she thinks she’s made a big mistake and Amy asks her again where Nana Blanche is.  Later that day, Steve’s still upset with Becky and she apologizes not knowing where it all came from.  Becky feels as though she’s let everyone down again.  At dinner, Amy asks Becky again where Nana Blanche is, and Becky sits her down to explain it all.  The second that Steve walks in with Dawn, as they listen quietly in the background.  Becky tells Amy that Nana Blanche will love heaven since she gets to catch up with all her old mates and there’s nothing more that Nana Blanche liked than a good ole gossip.  Becky suggests that Amy could draw Blanche a nice picture and they could send it up to Blanche on a balloon tomorrow. Becky turns around to find Dawn there asking if they should start again, and says “yes please.”  Dawn tells them that she’s going to want to speak with any significant partners they’ve had in the past – including Amy’s mum.  Dum-dum-dum.  Dawn asks them to fill out forms and she thinks they’ll make good parents.    

May-7-2010-Sean-Computer Meanwhile, Sean doesn’t like Becky and Steve’s baby-banter since no one’s thinking about his feelings about the child he lost when Violet disappeared with Dylan, his son.  Sean moans about how Violet never drops him a line so he can know how Dylan’s doing and it hurts quite a lot.  Fiz suggest later that they have a bottle at hers, and talk about Dylan.  They suggests that Sean track him down but Sean figures that Jamie’s his dad now and it’s not fair.  That doesn’t mean a child can’t have TWO dads or Sean in his life in come context.  Julie says it was wonderful to meet her father, and Sean says “even though he was a child molester?” to which he looks at John and says “no offence.”  Haha. Sean decides to track his child down via facebook.  Oh, the wonders of online social networking.  He finds Violet Wilson living in London, and requests friendship. 

Liz asks Kirk how his love life is going to which he responds: “rubbish.”  Liz figures it’d continue like that if he keepsMay-7-2010-Kirk-Pits pulling stunts like he did with Izzy.  She gives him her advice on the situation: “call her.”  Looks like good news as he gets a text back and says “yes!”  Kirk is at the Platt’s in an extremely tight dress shirt that he models for Graeme.  David comes in and sees HIS shirt on Kirk and isn’t happy about it.  Graeme says he needs to think of something complimentary to tell her and Kirk comes up with “nice wheels!’  Ugh, sometimes he’s such a waste of space.  David’s going to have to buy a new shirt since Kirk has sweated the bejezus out of the armpits of it.  David advises Kirk to keep his arms down when he talks to Izzy.  Izzy arrives and Kirk apologizes.  Izzy says she may have overreacted since if she looked like him she might have used someone else’s photo also.  She tells him how she’s missed him in the chat room.  Kirk asks Izzy how Freshco’s is but she’s not interested in talking about work so he asks her what her favourite colour is.  Liz comes and asks them if everything’s alright and Izzy tells her to get lost basically.  Kirk has to defend Liz and tells Izzy that it was Liz who told him to call her again. 

May-7-2010-Scar-mary-Kabin Norris is going Emily and Rita’s heads in over his kidnapping scenario.  Mary walks into the Kabin like nothin’ doin’ with the photos from their holiday and some Bronte biscuits.  Norris insists she leaves, but she doesn’t, so he leaves.  Mary asks Emily and Rita what Norris’ been saying.  Rita tells Mary she doesn’t think that Norris would make stuff like this up and even Roy wonders.  Mary tells them some story about Norris taking pain killers and how they played tricks on his mind and he was calling her “Angela” at one point.  Norris notices she’s still there and asks her to leave again, so Mary concedes and leaves.  Norris tells all that Mary’s a psychopath, but everyone’s not sure what to believe.  Norris doesn’t understand how Rita can’t see Mary as a psycho since both stories don’t tally.  Plus, Mary didn’t kill her mother since the police have confirmed that she’s still alive.  Mary follows Norris in her camper van later insisting that they need to talk and Norris accuses her of being a liar.  Mary apologizes about lying about her mother’s death.  Norris tells Mary that he never wants to see her again and she looks devastated. 


- Blanche accusing Deirdre and Ken of wanting to bury her on “the cheap” from beyond the grave!

- Becky coming down and saying she looks like a pole dancer (more like Liz!) and Steve saying “that’s why I married ya.” 

- Deirdre commandeering Blanche’s “funeral bag.” 

- Deirdre having trouble with writing a eulogy stating that funerals were her mother’s specialty and that Blanche had been to more funerals that Deirdre had hot dinners.  (An ode to a Blanchism that Blanche told Ramsay, Norris’ brother that she’d “been to more funerals than you’ve had hot dinners!”)

- Julie telling Sean how it was wonderful to meet her father and Sean replying “even though he was a child molester?” Then looking at John and saying “no offence!’ Haha, that killed me. 


- Mary brought in photos from their Bronte Holiday?  What on earth are the photos of?  Her impromptu wedding dress?  Chocking on sardines?  The inside of a competition paper?  Norris on his back trying to escape?  Seriously.

- Poor Sean being sad about Dylan, but what has he really done to find them?

- Becky and her temper for sabotaging her social worker visit!  I bet social workers see everything though.

- The sweat stains that Kirk laid into David’s shirt.  Dis-gusting!

- Why did Izzy rudely slag Liz off for asking if they need anything at the pub?  That was rude.  People are often rude to Liz I find! 

- Deirdre thinking that prison has changed Tracy.  Pffft.

- Is it strange to see Tracy back to anyone else?

Overall Episode Review: 6.5/10

Drama: 8/10, Humour: 7/10, Classic Corrie: 6/10, Wow Factor: 5/10


Aimee said...

It is so strange to see Tracy back!! She is such a blast from the past.

Roy Rolls said...

The social worker scenes were farcical, as if she would come straight back and say she would recommend them to be parents - pah.

Izzy was sharp with Liz but Liz butted in and was most patronising I thought. Like Izzy so far but hope they are not going to turn her into an shrew like Tina.

gab said...

marys a brilliant nutter isnt she lol

like i said yesterday sean has had 2 years to look for his child and now all of a sudden is sad about it leave the kid alone i say

Llifon said...

Blanche's room is downstairs because she can't go upstairs due to her hip. Uncle Albert used to be in that room as well from the mid 70s to 1984.

Rebecca said...

I'm not wild about Tracy being back.

Sea Penguin said...

Me neither.

Zartelle said...

Scarey Mary could be twin for Kathy Bates character...or at least a close cousin!

Yoork said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me CSC!


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