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Friday, 21 May 2010

Say Yes to the Dress: Thu May 20, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Jonathan Harvey, directed by Terry Dyddgen-Jones

Tracy tries to repair her relationship with Gail after accusing her of killing Joe the other day.  Gail is sceptical but plays along.  Tracy wants to know all the detailsMay-20-2010-Gail-angry-tracy of Gail’s conversation with her new legal team, clearly wanting more information to manipulate her with.  Gail meets with her new legal team and they give her the prosecution’s argument:  Gail got angry when he tried to fake his own death and lashed out at him, then decided to leave him to drown.  Gail thinks it’s madness.  Meanwhile, Deirdre arrives to meet with Tracy who gets angry at her for not telling her about the money.  Tracy tries to play the victim but Deirdre reminds her she’s not exactly Snow White.  Tracy makes Deirdre promise that she won’t let anyone stop her seeing Amy.  Poor Deirdre, always stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

May-20-2010-Tracy-Detectives Later, Tracy does Gail’s nails in their room and offers her some contraband nail varnish to which Gail refuses since it’s not allowed.  Tracy tries to win Gail’s favours by complimenting her nails.  Tracy tells Gail that she’ll get a more lenient sentence if she just admits to being guilty.  This sets Gail off and she once again tells Tracy that she’s not guilty and just because Tracy is a cold-blooded killer, she’s not!  Tracy takes back her compliments and decides to speak to the detectives  once again to finally do Gail in.  Tracy tells the detectives that Gail killed Joe by hitting him over the head with a rolling pin she found in the cottage, then later hid it.  The detectives look thoughtful and tell her that they’ll be in touch. 

Natasha and Graeme are making breakfast for Nick and David respectively.  Well, at least they’re earning their keep!  DavidMay-20-2010-Salon gets a letter from the court requesting him as a witness. 

David and Natasha sing along to “Grandma, We Love You” in the salon with a few older ladies in chairs getting their permanents done.  David is extra-nice to  Audrey and just as she suspected it’s because he wants something.  He requests to get off early to see the reporter who is to help his mother’s case.  Since it’s to do with Gail, Audrey allows it.  David leaves to fix up the place but not before scheduling Deirdre in for an appointment.  The reporter arrives and Nick and David spill their side of the story to him.  Bad news, as the reporter says he’d love to publish their story, but legally cannot do until after the trial. 

May-20-2010-Graeme-Tina-Walk One the street, Graeme bends over to pick up something he dropped just as Rosie lifts up her leg to fix her pantyhose exposing her underskirts and accuses Graeme of sneaking a peak and shoves him down as Eddie Windass looks on and laughs.  Graeme’s day doesn’t get any better as Eileen asks him if he’s seen Tina and tells him how Jason’s going to break into the flat soon enough if she doesn’t show up, since he needs to sell it.  Well, finally!  Graeme is happy to see that Tina’s finally been eating again and looks better.  He then has to break the news to her that Jason’s planning on breaking in since he’s low on patience.  This makes Tina anxious and she agrees to go on a walk with Graeme, but only at night – in the dark.  On their walk, Tina reckons she might be able to go back to work soon, much to Graeme’s delight.  Tina loses her smile when she sees the banner over Gail’s house saying “Free Gail McIntyre” and figures there’s no escaping it.May-20-2010-Becky-Liz-sad

Steve wants to know where he and Becky are in their relationship after the row.  He wants them to sit down and talk about how they feel.  Steve gets  competitive with the Windasses over the adoption process again, but Becky says there’s no need since they’ll be kissing away their adoption hopes thanks to Tracy.  Liz tells Becky that she’s not even sure they should bring another child into the home, since her and Steve are constantly rowing and that might not be the ideal environment for a suffering child.  Becky figures any home is better than no home.  However, it seems that Steve and Becky might be giving up on their adoption hopes.  Will this be it?  Deirdre comes to the pub later and tells Becky and Steve that Tracy wants them both to visit her so they can discuss Amy’s welfare like civilized adults.  Steve hangs his head knowing better. 

May-20-2010-Hayley-Dress Hayley doesn’t feel in the mood to go to salsa class that night, but goes anyhow on Anna’s insistence.  The salsa teacher tells the students that they’ve got some new outfits in, if any one wants a look.  Anna wants to look at the gowns, even though Hayley insists she can make her own gowns.  Hayley tries on this little red number and looks just fantastic in it!  She’s got quite the figure she’s been hiding under her usual shapeless wardrobe!  Another classmate, Gerard, thought that Hayley and Anna were lesbian partners – ironically.  After they clear up that misconception, Gerard says he’s delighted she’s not gay since he loves the way she looks in that dress.  Roy better watch out, the flies are starting to hover!  Anna insists that she buy the gown and Hayley, after some insistence, says “yes” to the dress! 

Izzy’s back on the street and she’s decided to help Kirk find a job.  Fiz tells him that they’re hiring for machinists at Underworld and she could show him a bitMay-20-2010-Kirk-Sewn-Finger around the machines for his application. As to be expected, Kirk does terribly on the machine.   He sews his finger and freaks out saying that he’s going to be handicapped now, with Izzy rolling her eyes and saying he really doubts that.  Izzy accuses him of not taking it seriously, but we think he was. 


- Steve’s imitation of Sean’s voice!

- Natasha gives Nick a kiss after delivering his breakfast, and Graeme trying to do the same to David! 

- It’s finally nice for little Amy Barlow to have a voice. 

- Do Becky’s pyjamas have feet on them?

- Natasha and David’s little “Grandma, We Love You” song and dance in the salon.  These two make a pretty good pair as is! 


- Tracy telling Gail that she wanted to start a women’s charity for how to deal in prison when she gets out.  Pffft. 

- Rosie accusing Graeme of looking up her skirt.  Get over yourself!

- Tracy rudely telling her mother “less you, more me” when Deirdre talks about her life at their visit.  What a rude little madame!

- Okay, so I thought about this when Izzy first arrived.  Whereas, I love that they have someone wheelchair-handicapped on the show, I can’t say that it’s very realistic.  How did she get into Underworld?  Seeing as there are only steps up to the front?  More so, how does she get into the Rovers when there is a step up?  It’d be nice to see the mention making something accessible.  As it is, I think the only “accessible” place is the medical centre on the street.

Overall Episode Review: 6/10

Drama: 7/10, Humour: 6/10, Classic Corrie: 5/10, Wow Factor: 6/10


Walzing Matilda said...

One of the lowlights also has to be Tracy calling Gail "babes" and trej (obviously short for treasure!). Perhaps Tracy has been inside for too long!!!

Unknown said...

Jonathan Harvey is my favourite Corrie writer. He always includes little random scenes that are so funny. I loved the breakfast scene at the Platts' and the conversation about daughters in jail was just a hoot. I nearly split my sides when the non-speaking customer got to speak - her daughter wasn't in jail, but a secure psychiatric unit! Lol. Excellent episode.

gadgee said...

Yeah Jonathan Harvey does write some cracking funny scenes. I bet the cast enjoy doing them a lot. Grandma, We Love You was particularly excellent.

Cobblestone said...

Yes, Walzing Matilda, after 'babes' & trej', I was expecting 'queen' out of Tracy's mouth next - straight from the "Jackie Dobbs Book of Old Lags' Blandishments".

Scott Willison said...

Becky was wearing a full on romper suit at breakfast. She was like a baby. Not to mention the yellow matching cheerleader outfit she wore behind the bar...

The Izzy step thing makes me laugh. *Everywhere* in the Street, bar the medical centre and Kevin's garage, is accessible via a step, and yet somehow she manages to float above them all. I actually expected the set designers to slip the ramps in without us noticing, but it seems they haven't got round to it. I suppose it's possible that Carla let Izzy in through the loading bay at the back...


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