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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

In pictures: Psycho Tracy Barlow's return to Corrie

There's new pictures online of Tracy Barlow's return to Coronation Street here at Digital Spy and the official Corrie site at ITV.

The woman's mentally ill, for heaven's sake. She doesn't need locking up, she needs putting down! I reckon Kate Ford's a brilliant actress because I hate Tracy Barlow with a vengeance and for a character to have that much of an effect on me, it's got to be down to the acting, and of course, the writing team behind it all. I felt the same about Fred Gee!


seapenguin said...

OMG!! she is truly, truly horrible. I don't know if I can stand watching her!!

Ena's hairnet said...

Well that picture makes a change from the joker grin she normally has.

Annie said...

Disgusted they've brought her back.

Nasty character, bad actress.

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