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Friday, 6 March 2009

Sign up for Coronation Street Weekly Updates by email

Coronation Street Weekly Updates have been written for th'internet since 1995 and are available on all of the Corrie fan websites.

There's an archive of the weekly updates on and they have their own website here.

If you'd like to receive the Coronation Street Weekly Updates by email once a week direct to your inbox, you can. It's free and spam-free (guaranteed). The list has been running for years - and to find out more and decide if you'd like to join up to receive the updates by email, have a look here.

The Corrie weekly updates are written by Corrie fans for Corrie fans.


june houghton said...

I remember Betty Driver when she was the singer with Henry Hall's band 70 years ago. She was most attractive with flaming red hair and had a great voice. She may remember my uncle, Albert Marland, who was Henry Hall's pianist. I enjoy watching her performance in "Coronation Street"
I wish her all the best and may she continue to entertain us.

Pam said...

What is a "Cream Slice"??? Has anyone a recipe for it? I'm sitting here in Michigan (Yes, a Diehard Corrie Fan don't ya know....) & I keep wondering what it is - as they keep ordering it at Roy's Rolls. Please let me know eh! Send Recipe...Thank you!

SirCelebritaire said...

A cream slice is basically a long skinny pastry with cream in-between, it it typically in the form of a chocolate eclair: Enjoy (with a cup of tea!) :)

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