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Friday 13 March 2009

Was Steve and Becky's wedding Corrie's best kept secret, ever?

There were no tabloid spoilers and the press previews didn't give the game away either. Well done to Coronation Street and to the tabloids for keeping schtum on this one. Steve and Becky's wedding has got to be one of Corrie's best kept secrets, ever, and what a joy it was.

Becky was legless, complete with a packet of fags in her garter belt, chewing gum and Jordan-style tiara while Steve had a black eye and second thoughts before the registrar told the unlucky couple that Becky was too drunk and he refused to conduct their wedding.

But cheer up. On the bright side, it means we'll get to see Steve and Becky get wed again, and this time properly. Or will we? (Insert own evil laugh).


Unknown said...

Sorry but I thought tonight's two-parter was one of the weakest I've seen in a long time. It's as though the writers they simply didn't know what to do. Parts of it were cringeworthy, and I don't usually say that about Corrie.

Glenda Young said...

Hi Mimi - no need to say sorry ;-) I see what you mean and understand where you're coming from. Perhaps it's been a case of over-hype in the last few weeks and the episodes themselves were a bit of a let down? I thought Steve was great but Becky could have been more manic to make it more comedic. Roy and Hayley were perfect.

Ado said...

I thought it was Christmas last night after the Turkey Corrie served up! Pathetic isn't a word I'd use. It was embarassing to watch and lacked any substance whatsoever. I put it down to the fact that I'm "old school Corrie", born and bred and "modern day Corrie" with all its OTT ratings obsessed tripe doesn't really hit the spot for me. There must be something there though, for me to keep watching.

Glenda Young said...

Ado, I agree to a point. I kept hoping Karen McDonald was going to storm in through the doors, shoe in hand, ready to give Becky a good hiding!!

Danny-K said...

I'm in full agreement with Mimi, even though I missed most of the first episode.

Becky is a forthright and determined character if nothing else. Having her willy-nilly dance on the factory tiles and lose track of what she wants most to achieve, (marriage), is so out of character. The 'real' Becky would have let nothing stand in her way. Although this could be the storyliner's way of indicating hidden negativity, if later the marriage flounders, thus showing deep down that she wasn't sure about marriage to Steve.

Nah, overall Mimi's right - weak two-parter - who wrote it? Surely not the writer assigned to write Becky's scenes?

Glenda Young said...

Danny - the first part was written by Chris Fewtrell and the second part by Debbie Oates.

If Corrie were hoping for it to stand them in good stead at the British Soap Awards, they should have let Jonathan Harvey and Peter Whalley loose on the wedding script instead.

Danny-K said...

Thanks for the info FN. Jonathan Harvey and Peter Whalley? Not up to speed on those two - is that because they were involved in Steve's wedding to Karen or just other wedding storylines in general?

As I understand it, the scriptwriters don't get a free hand in writing the episodes, that's all decided beforehand at the story editor's conference with the story liners. This is then handed on in the form of a story outline in notes to the actual scriptwriters - who then have to write up the notes regardless of whether they agree with the notes or not.

So the poor appreciation by some of us of Becky's wedding two-parter may rest higher than with the actual scriptwriters. Yes? No?

Glenda Young said...

I'm not sure how the process works I really can't say. I just mentioned Jonathan Harvey and Peter Whalley as they are the two best (in my opinion) at writing comedy on Corrie.

Tvor said...

I loved it! I laughed out loud... though i missed the fag packet in the garter... i'll have to watch again. Out of character? I think once she got started drinking, the excitement just carried her away. Lovely stuff between Becky and Hayley and even Becky and Jason, too


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