Monday, 30 March 2009

Katherine Kelly on Justin Lee Collins this week

Watch Katherine Kelly, Coronation Street's barmcake Becky Granger, on ITV's Justin Collins show this week.

The show's on Thursday 2 April at 10pm on ITV2. The show website's here.

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Danny-K said...

Saw her on that show last night. Dunno what to make of her.

Guess I was expecting someone totally different to the Becky character she portrays on screen.

That's so I could enthuse over the range of her acting ability. However, she came over as cut-from-the-same-cloth as Becky; so IMO she's drawing more from personal traits to play Becky, rather than an acting tour de force to create a dramatic new character.

Or maybe she felt she should give viewers more of what they like to see on screen. If so, then we still haven't seen the real Katherine Kelly, but I suspect we have.

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