Monday, 2 March 2009

Where have you seen Julie Carp's mum before?

Actress Sharon Duce plays the role of Paula Carp in Coronation Street. While Paula Carp is mum to Julie and school friend of Eileen Grimshaw, Sharon Duce is one of those actresses whose face seems very familiar, and it's no surprise. Sharon has been acting on British TV since 1970 and has appeared in classic telly programmes such as Armchair Theatre and Softly Softly through to Z Cars and Peak Practice. Her IMDB profile is here so you can see for yourself where you've seen her before. It's always a joy to have such an established British actress turn up on the cobbles.

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Mimi Maguire said...

Was she not once married to Trevor Eve (Shoestring)?

Anonymous said...

she is married to the actor
who plays dev's uncle.

Flaming Nora said...

She never is?

Anonymous said...

i was only joking,

how could any woman face that in the morning or any other time come to think of it.

he makes norris look like tom cruise.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help me. Must be someone old like me. Sharon Duce played in a teriffic series years ago and the other character was Robbie Box. I think the series was called Blue Money but cannot be sure. What is acting name of Robbie Box (he appeared last year as a love interes in Eastenders with Pauline Fowler).

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