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Wednesday 20 October 2021

Corrie Blog Interviews Maximus Evans. Corey kills Abi in Sinkhole Sewer Shoot-Out?

This week sees Abi & Corey finally face off and confront each other over Seb's death. However, it is Super Soap week, so they won't be discussing Seb's murder over a hotpot in The Rovers Return! It's Horror Nation Street of course, and a metaphorical, literal, (almost biblical) storm pushes the two characters into a claustrophobic battle of wits and a battle for their lives?! Finding themselves falling into the sinkhole, it becomes clear that danger is everywhere: running water, flashes of electricity, a rainstorm, and Abi's loaded handgun. Will either of them survive? 

It was a privilege to chat with actor Maximus Evans (who plays Corey) to learn more about this Horror Nation Street week for the Coronation Street blog readers*

*Spoiler Alert - This article may include a couple of references to tonight's drama. If you don't want to learn more, look away now...

As we know, villains do have a shelf-life on Corrie, and most fans expected Corey to go down for the Seb murder! When do you find out about the twist?

I heard about it a couple of months ago and was happy about it. I think the writers made the right choice. It adds layers to the story and especially the character development. Kelly doing time for murder(when viewers know she had little to do with it) adds sympathy for her. Kelly then has that redemption story arc that her character needs.  

What has the fan reaction been like to the story? 

It has been interesting. I tend to not look at social media (after big episodes) as it can go either way. I think the majority online are annoyed that Corey has seemingly gotten away with it! When out and about in Manchester, people only have nice things to say!!

How did you feel when you found out you would be involved in some stunts?

I was excited, as any actor would be! Knowing I would be doing the scenes with Sally adds an extra layer - the sets and stunts add an extra element too! There were a couple of night shoots - which can go either way! We gave it 110% and smashed through it. 

What was your favourite part of filming the stunt? 

Working with Sally (Carman, Abi Franklin) was brilliant!! I think, without a doubt, she is one of the best actors on the show and the same with David Neilson (Roy Cropper). I deeply admire both actors, and to be involved in a big scale production with Corrie, And with those two - makes my day easier! We do get on quite well, off-screen! 

We have seen pictures of Seb pointing the handgun at Abi. Could Corey kill again? 

I think with Seb’s death, that was almost an accidental killing, in that his emotions completely took over and ultimately caused a lot of damage. I never saw him as a murderer, I see him as a small vulnerable young lad who got himself into a situation that he’s trying hard to now get out of! He is willing to do anything. If the opportunity is there, and he knows it could work in his favour, then it could happen?

How do you get into the right mindset for filming such violent scenes? 

It’s about staying relaxed and having a good time with the other cast and crew. We are so fortunate to be doing this show. That said, before a take, I try and get into the correct mind space, the motivation, and look at what marks I need to hit. I like to see the whole process, but can’t do that without having a bit of fun!

How do you relax and not take the storylines home with you? 

I'm one of those people that do like to leave that kind of thing at work. I do like the separation. I love my friends and family and I go to the pub and have a pint. It’s those moments with my family and friends that allow me to 'switch off'

How did you feel filming those stunts? Was it how you imagined or expected it to be? 

Not at all! The writing was brilliant. However, when reading the script, I found it hard to envisage it! And then when we got there, seeing the elements that were in, it then became easy. I did not expect a harsh environment. It was wet and cold, but the best week I have had since being on the show! 

So there we are! What are your thoughts? Does Corey kill Abi, does Abi kill Corey, do either of them escape from the sinkhole with their lives? 

Stuck in a claustrophobic sewer with Abi sounds like a dream to me! But, this is not one of my #Corrie fever dreams. This is a nightmare of Horror Nation Street proportions!!!

Watch Your Back! 

@rybazoxo Your Cobbles Connossieur 

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maggie muggins said...

That kicking Corey gave Seb didn't look so accidental to me. He and his friends chased Seb and Nina down. Repeatedly kicking someone in the head is verging on psychopathic. Him smiling and winking at Abi when he walked out of the courthouse made my skin crawl. He knew how it would hurt her. How is he vulnerable? Except to his own lack of social norms.

Either the writers explained the Corey character in this odd way, or Maximus, as nice as he seems in interviews, hasn’t had the life experience yet to grasp human nature. His acting skills are superb though.

C in Canada said...

I will have to agree that he is very good at making his character as abhorrent as possible. My husband will always say he can't stand (insert villain here) and I tell him that it's the mark of a good actor to make him as believable as possible because they're supposed to be unlikable.
That wink he gave Abi would have made me throw the nearest heavy object at his head were it me!

Anonymous said...

The preview for next week says that "Roy's conscience causes him problems" so I think that Corey is going to be killed by Abi and Roy will witness it, probably by something like her kicking him over the edge (with some "this is for Seb" one-liner) so he falls into the water to his death. And there'll be no proof that it was murder aside from Roy


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