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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Simon gets drunk - first-look Coronation Street pictures

Here are some sneak preview pictures of Coronation Street to be shown on Wednesday 12 August 2015.
In a bid to smooth things over between her and Simon, Leanne suggests he invites his friends for lunch at the Bistro.

Leanne’s pleased when Simon appears to be enjoying himself but doesn’t notice when Simon steals a bottle of vodka from behind the bar.

As he and his friends become increasingly drunk, Leanne is horrified to discover the empty bottle under the table.

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Anonymous said...

Simon has friends? We've never seen them before and no doubt after Wednesday's episode, we'll never see them again

Anonymous said...

Sadly Simon is becoming like his father as he's been drunk before and passed out on the couch when Peter and Carla's affair was revealed.
If this is going to be a running storyline with Simon then his grandfather Ken should get involved.

Anonymous said...

Why would a bunch of kids that age be hanging out in the Bistro aside from a chance at some ill-gotten booze? Leanne is daft. Those boys probably only came with Simon on a promise of booze in the first place.

Anonymous said...

It's really ashame that regulations restrict casting more young people on the show for intermittent appearances. (If I remember correctly, there was an interview on this blog with someone in charge of casting contracts who related the nightmarish difficulty of putting together a children's party on the Street.) Simon, Amy, Craig, FayE - they're all interesting people, but instead of exploring storylines at their school or with their friends, we get this mad cow inward-turning quality. Does anyone else remember the days when Tracy, Steve, and Andy were in high school and we actually saw scenes in the corridor of Weatherfield High? Since new casting regulations apparently preclude that, maybe, instead of casting new adult characters, TPTB could cast an age-appropriate friend for Simon, a kind of male Candice for the new millenium. Si can't hang out with Zeedan all the time! -ELK

Anonymous said...

Didn't Simon get drunk a couple of years ago..passed out on the sofa with a bottle propped up under his arm?
Send this kid packing to his invisible grandparents.

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