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Friday, 7 August 2015

Quinoa and Kale Crisps - the Genius of Sally

So impressed by Sally’s performance tonight and by the brilliance of her script. Sally Dynevor was superb. Her comic timing is second to none on the cobbles.

Carla was clearly deep in thought but Sally, who misread the situation chats on about the pronunciation of quinoa and kale. She even mentions the avant garde notion of kale crisps.

At root, of course, is Sally’s snobbery and her sense of self-importance. The brightest scripts the writers produce for Sally are those where she thinks she is being fashionable, in the swim, keeping up with the Jones’s and in actual fact is failing. Remember the sofa? She hated the red sofa but on discovering it was expensive and pre-owned by a woman she thought of good stock, all of a sudden Sally loved it! It’ll be Farrow and Ball paint next, which will be essential to Sally’s existence.  

Later, when Tim and Kevin arrive back at Sally’s and there is a sense of relief about the kiss and the buying of the factory is in prospect, Sally says, ‘I’ve got a Vienetta in the fridge.' Alan Bennett would be delighted.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Completely agree! Sally has been transformed. I loved the misunderstandings between Sally, Tim and Kevin. The stuff of sitcoms, but they bounced off each other so well that it was a joy to watch. Sad to say, the same could not be said about the bracelet scene with Eileen, Michael and Liz which fell flat as a pancake.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with Humpty on both counts, although I did laugh out loud at Gail telling Eileen to "turn away from the dark side".

Anonymous said...

Sally was the same with the graffiti on her wall until she thought it was a Banksie.

Anonymous said...

Sally is excellent and stands out a mile at the moment as a highlight. I love it when she is on and somehow she has not only raised her own game but that of Michael Levells too- Micky

abbyk said...

Sally, Kevin and Tim are brilliant together. Long live our favorite threesome!

AmandaB said...

She was superb on Friday and as you say Ruth that was down to both the performance and the writing.

Pootle5 said...

I loved the Vienetta line too, my mum also still thinks they are posh and they appear at special occasions :)
I enjoyed Friday's Corrie a lot - and I have only just realised that's probably due in part to only Gail and Nick representing the Platt clan... I'm even warming to the Nazir's.

Pootle5 said...

I also thought Tracey was good, I liked her suggestion that Todd was "meeting someone off an app" rather than going to the dentist.
I do however still think Todd should have gone at the conclusion of the Eileen/Jason storyline, he's a spare part now really, pointless.

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