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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 5 August

Wednesday 5th August
CARLA RISKS EVERYTHING ON A SPIN OF THE WHEEL Carla is devastated to discover Roy knows the truth about her trip abroad and desperate to escape again she hurries off to town. A concerned Nick insists on going to the casino with Carla and is aghast as he watches her recklessly gamble away hundreds of pounds in the casino. When Carla confides in Nick just how much she’s gambled, will he  now realise the extent of her addiction?
SARAH FEELS POWERLESS AGAINST CALLUM’S THREATS Bethany and Kylie both quiz Sarah on her split from Callum but feeling the pressure from Callum’s loaded threats, Sarah keeps quiet. When Bethany tells Callum she believes he split up with Sarah because he’s got the hots for her instead, Callum’s taken aback by her mischievous spirit. What is she up to?
SALLY IS CHEERED BY KEVIN Annoyed at being left in the lurch by Carla, Sally moans to Kevin that Carla’s left her to man the factory fort again. Knowing how stressed Sally is, Kevin tells her for what it’s worth he thinks she’s brilliant. Sally’s spirit is lifted.
ELSEWHERE Leanne agrees to give Robert a trial in the kitchen at the Bistro. Eileen and Michael sell the bracelet they’ve found to Todd at Barlow’s Buys but panic when they discover the bracelet belonged to Deirdre and Liz is looking for it. Can they persuade Todd to sell it back to them?

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, who has the perfect opportunity to have Callum banged up, does what? Northing as per. Would you not walk, no, run to the cops immediately and tell them that your under age daughter is being forced to mule drugs for some lowlife? Not on Corrie. Now watch this whole long dragged out mess come to a screeching halt because the writers don't know where to go with it anymore. Is this the lead in to Callum's demise leading to another character behind bars? I think so.

abbyk said...

Oh David, something's about to go down. Stay with Martin for just a bit longer, you'll be the prime suspect if you come back too soon, and you've already got a record.

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