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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Coronation Street Weds 5th August episode review

It's a grim start to tonight's episode, as we see  that Carla has slumped out on the sofa the night before. Her eyes focus slowly, bringing her back into her vastly crumbling world. Her flat has been repaired and everything is still boxed up, The only thing on display is a bottle of wine. She attempts top go into work, but temptation takes over and she logs onto a gambling site yet again. A disturbance from Sally causes her to close her laptop and leave her flat.

At the Bistro, Nick hears from Gail that Carla has not turned up to work. He is concerned and rushes out to find her. He bumps into her by her car and tries to find out what is going on. A disgruntled Carla eventually gives in and invites Nick to join her. They drive off together and end up at a high-end casino, where Carla is a regular and is even known by name. Nick watches in disbelief as his friend gambles away money she hasn't got without a care in the world.
Later on, back at Carla's flat, it is revealed that she was finally lucky and won £2000. However, this is a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of money she has lost. Carla confides to Nick that she has lost everything. The once 'rich bitch' of the Street now has nothing. This transformation has been incredibly difficult to watch; Carla is one of my all-time favourite characters. At first I thought the sudden change was rather unrealistic, but since 2006 Carla has lost two husbands, one secret lover, a fiance, a baby, has been a murder suspect twice in two years,a victim of rape  and is now being wrongly blamed for the Victoria Court fire. There is no telling where her mindset must be. Maybe Nick will prove to be a source of comfort for her.

"You won two grand..."
"It's just a band-aid on a gunshot wound"

Over at Streetcars, what started out as a somewhat comic and rather frivolous storyline has turned sour. Eileen and Michael ponder over what to do with the bracelet they assume a rude customer left in the office last week. Michael reckons he can get a better price for it than Eileen, so he goes to Barlow's Buys without the intention of actually selling it. However, Todd offers him £85 and he can't refuse.

When the pair visit the Rovers for lunch, Liz tells them she has lost Deirdre's bracelet which Ken bestowed upon her. She is devastated and is panicking. Eileen and Michael guiltily lie through their teeth  and tell her they haven't seen it. Michael's attempts to buy it back are unsuccessful when Todd reveals that a deposit has already been made on it and it will be sold tomorrow.

"What was I supposed to say? That it wasn't ours to sell? It would have made no difference"
"I knew I should have had him adopted!" 

Sarah is keeping shtum as to why she and Callum have split up. Paris-bound Bethany is desperate to coax the truth out of her. She is convinced that she was the cause. Bethany has become eerily obsessed with Callum, who doesn't help matters when he turns up with a wad of spending money for her. Lloyd drives Bethany and her ten-tonnes of luggage to the airport, but she she spots Callum she begs him to pull over. Sarah has forbade Bethany to speak to Callum, but since when would that stop her? She embarrassingly flirts with  the man she has become dangerously and somewhat sickeningly infatuated with before hopping back in her cab ready for her school trip (in the summer holidays).

"Make sure you get me a present"

"Why? Am I not enough for you?"

Later on, Kylie finds Sarah in the pub. She is deep in thought and seeing Callum earlier has really bothered her. Kylie sits with her and tries to talk to her. Yet again though, Sarah won't disclose the reason for her sudden and bitter break up. She lies to Kylie, telling her that Callum was sleeping with someone else and hastily leaves the pub. I am so glad this storyline is moving forward now.

My award for Best Costume yet again goes to Kylie. 
Elsewhere, Sally and Kevin grow closer yet again,   Robert talks and cooks his way into a job as the chef at the Bistro and Liz, Cathy and Roy discuss reincarnation over the counter at the cafe.

"For what it's worth, I think you're brilliant. I just haven't always been good at saying it" 
A good episode which served its purpose for story progression.

As ever, thank you for reading!


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Tvor said...'s still ok for Callum to pay for Bethany's trip to Paris, even if he's a drug dealing gun toting dog? ;)

It was rather grim tonight, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was a bit grim and the bracelet story that was supposed to constitute the light relief was just plain weird. First, Michael disapproves of Eileen keeping the bracelet, then he's over the road flogging it to Todd. Then, having said she's going to bin it because it's trash, she orders him to take it back because it's turned out to be worth something. I honestly couldn't figured out why either of them would act the way they did, other than for the sake of a not very convincing plot device.

John McE said...

So why didn't Eileen go and demand Todd sell the bracelet back to her?

Louby said...

I think that Alison King has not got long to go until her break from the show? The appearance of Erica and signs of jealousy suggest that a big bust-up might be imminent. So no happy ending for Carla yet, but this is soap land so the truth will come out in the end. I guess these new Connor cousins will give her a job when she returns.

Anonymous said...

Agree totally with the second post - it was if there was a two-week break in the script editing process and/or the whole thing was filmed VERY out of order and everyone forgot where they'd got up to with the thing.

Third post: don't forget Eileen and Todd aren't exactly on the best of terms at the moment since the Adrian/Jeff set-up.

Cobblestone said...

Louby, Ali King isn't leaving till some time in 2016, so still plenty of Carla to go. She said recently she hasn't even begun to think about her sabbatical.

Cobblestone said...

And how much longer will Michael endure Eileen snapping & bullying him. The way she talked to him in the Rovers was appalling. Surely even Gail's fluttering must be preferable? And why have we never seen him living with Andy & Steph? It's quite an important character dynamic, given the circumstances.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Bethany is beginning to look like a Lolita and it makes for very uncomfortable viewing. It's becoming quite dark and, if the writers followed this through, Bethany would push things too far and somehow get beaten up. But this is a soap so maybe it's leading up to Jason protecting them and getting beaten up himself.

The scene with Eileen and Michael being quizzed by Liz was the stuff of children's tv. All Liz had to say was 'have you found a bracelet in one of your cabs?' but instead we had this silly exchange 'do you two know anything about it?'

And what is Erica doing back on the Street?

Louby said...

Thanks Cobblestone, a bit more drama to come then!
I'm a bit confused about the Erica situation. Although not seen for a while, is she supposed to be in a relationship with Nick?

Tvor said...

Erica is moving in with Nick once the flat is smoke free, which i imagine it must be now since Carla's back in hers.

Anonymous said...

I find Bethany hard to watch. Bethany lusting after her mother's boyfriend is sickening and I have the feeling she has done this before. If it's supposed to be a "school trip" I wouldn't think she'd be taking a cab to the airport by herself. Wouldn't there be a busload of students going to the airport together. Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll stay in Paris one can only hope.

Anonymous said...

J in Atlanta
why are both Michael and Eileen working together on the switch and who took over when they went to lunch at the Rovers??? It was a very contrived and stilted plotline - worth absolutely nothing - wouldn't Liz just called and ask if someone had found her bracelet in a cab??

Anonymous said...

Do people in UK say 'band-aid'? It sounds so Amurican.

Anonymous said...

рeoрle in the UK usually say 'рlaster' - but remember Carla has just returned from the States and maybe heard that exрression there

Belle Fleur said...

I am afraid the episode was not very good yesterday. Robert just happening to be in the Bistro while Leanne was moaning about the lack of a chef was faintly ridiculous, is he to become a permanent character now?

Why didnt Eileen as Todd's mother just go over and ask for the bracelet back instead of pulling faces in the Rovers with Michael?

And the whole Cathy business does not make sense, why would she move into a small caff when she has a nice house in the outskirts. She is just annoying.

Although I like Carla I am sick of all this gambling nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I was sadnenned by this episode. There was no warmth, no humour whatsoever. Corrie actors always rave about the mix of drama and humour making it unique when they are interviewed but they are looking at it with rose tinted glasses at the moment. This could have been any other soap based on this episode. If the writers think that Eileen and Michaels bracelt storyline is funny then they are wrong. - Micky

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