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Monday 21 April 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - looking after the bananas

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Tyrone’s in a panic after hearing that Kirsty’s been let out of jail. He beefs up the security on the house and worries for baby Ruby although Kirsty is nowhere to be seen.  However, that doesn’t stop Tyrone from worrying, especially when he gets a text from an unknown number telling him that there’s a present for the girls that’s been pushed through Tyrone’s front door.  He immediately thinks the text and the gift of a book are from Kirsty and frets like billy-o but they’re not from Kirsty at all. They’re from Maria, sending Tyrone a text from her phone after she broke the old one throwing it at Todd’s head.  Well,  Todd’s got the kind of face you want to chuck stuff at so who can blame her?   Maria doesn’t put Tyrone straight on the facts though although she tries to, it’s fair to say. Tyrone’s so panicked that he won’t listen to Maria and so she shuts up, letting Tyrone think Kirsty’s out to get him and little Ruby.  But it’s Maria who’s after Tyrone and she’s happy for him to think he’s got her as his best pal when her head’s so messed up after the Marcus and Todd lark-a-bout.  I love Maria when she goes a bit loopy.

Over at the salon, it’s shut for the Easter weekend so Audrey sets-to and bottoms the place out with David pulling hair out of the sink and plunging the toilet.  What joy.

Meanwhile, Peter’s nursing his hangover up in the flat and Carla doesn’t want him left alone in case he drinks again. She brings in Steve to babysit Peter and this is news that makes Rob laugh: “It’s like leaving a monkey in charge of the bananas!” Indeed, the only thing worse than leaving Peter with Steve is leaving Peter with Tina.  Oh wait, that’s just what Carla goes and does when she changes babysitting shifts and shifts Tina in to look after Peter when Steve leaves.    Deirdre wonders what’s going on with Peter that he would get so drunk and start again on the booze.  Tracy knows summat’s up with her step-brother and determines to get to the bottom of his nasty little secret.  Deirdre wonders if it’s money trouble, to which Tracy replies: “Carla’s got handbags worth more than your house!”  Anyway, Peter’s parceled off to rehab, again. 

In the Kabin, Rita takes a phone call from Weatherfield General. It’s Dennis  in th’ospital, he’s been beaten black and blue and is living on the streets again after Gloria dumped him.    Rita goes to visit him (against the advice of everyone on our sofa).  “Rita, can you ever forgive me?” he asks her to which we all replied. “No!”.   Rita also replies “No!” but picks him up when he’s discharged later, unable to send him back to sleeping rough and says he can kip on her sofa for now.

Gail and Mary join the new gym, determined to take up self-defence classes and an unlikely friendship looks set to spring between the two of them.

At the Windass-Armstrong  (Windstrong? Armass?) household, Pat Phelan bursts in to announce he’s got news. Anna’s beside herself with nerves, terrified that Pat will spill the secret about their afternoon in the hotel room.  But no, Pat tells Owen and Gary that Anna’s had a word with his Val who has had a word with him, and he’s decided to cancel the contract he made with them and he’ll destroy all copies of the CCTV film showing Gary beating him up.  Now then I’m a bit lost here.   I think this means that Owen won’t get his £80k investment back from Phelan but that he and Gary are free of Phelan’s clutches at t’Mill now. 

And finally this week, Tim has a word with Kirk about taking on other people’s kids.  Tim asks Kirk how he felt about getting together with Beth and having to inherit Craig as part of the deal.  In a lovely line, Kirk says that he doesn’t see himself as inheriting Craig, but  that “he’s like an added bonus”.   I’d love to see Kirk and Beth get wed this summer with Craig giving the bride away and Darryl the rat as page boy.  Anyway, the fact that Tim’s asking this of Kirk makes me wonder if Tim is feeling a bit suffocated by Sally and Sophie.  Sophie and Maddie are sleeping rough in town after being thrown out by Sally and so Kevin offers to take the troubled teenagers in.  He’ll be sorry, just you mark my words.

And that’s just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Jan McVerry, Mark Burt, Jonathan Harvey, Julie Jones, Carmel Morgan.  Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Unknown said...

It was a strong week for Corrie apart from the Friday doubles, nothing really happened and nothing really seemed to happen until the second half. Corrie's evening's are always more eventful lol. Jonathan Harvey's Wednesday episode was the best one.


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