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Sunday 20 April 2014

Connor McIntyre on playing creepy Pat Phelan

There's a good interview with Connor McIntyre, who plays creepy Pat Phelan in Coronation Street, in today's Sunday Mirror. 

Connor says he loves playing Pat Phelan and that he's a lifelong Corrie fan so the part is a dream come true for him.

Connor feels a lot of sympathy for Debbie Rush, who plays Anna Windass on Corrie.

He said: “This storyline can’t be easy for women to watch. I don’t think I’ll be getting invited to the Womens’ Institute any time soon. The torture must be ­particularly disturbing for females. For Debbie, some of those things must be very difficult to be involved in.”

Connor is ­currently studying for an MA in fine art at Plymouth University

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Frosty the Snowman said...

It would be good if Phelan still makes the odd appearance on Corrie, a very believable and well acted villan.

Mad Hatter said...

I hope he remains for a good while. If awful characters like Tracy Barlow can have their contracts renewed all the time, I don't see why this good actor can't. He is far more interesting than some of the current ones.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Phelan is a great villain and though he has no redeeming qualities, the actor makes him utterly compelling. It would be so easy for Phelan to be a 2-D panto baddie but, on the contrary, he's very intriguing, possibly with many layers, all of them evil. Phelan really is one of those characters you love to hate.

Anonymous said...

I doubt there are many viewers who could not appreciate Connor McIntyre's portrayal of this bad guy. He's excellent, and has been, as an actor, a very welcome treat to watch.
He's far from mediocre, and am sure must be in demand. I would love to see him stay too, but the storyline has all the hallmarks of the character not staying on.

John McE said...

Does anyone know if there is more to come in this storyline? It would seem very odd indeed if Phelen didn't eventually get his comeuppance.

Anonymous said...

Perfect for the part - hope he's around for awhile - not killed off in another whodunit but I think that's what in store.

Anonymous said...

I'd love him to stay too, but I think a comeuppance is definitely in store, no matter who gets done and sent away for it.
I think we knew, right from when Owen took his bike, that Phelan wouldn't let that go unpunished.
I can't imagine where he'd fit into (onto?)the street if he was to stay.

Shan said...

I think he's a fantastic actor given how much how I hate his character but want more of the storyline! I just think it's unfortunate that these fantastic actors get cast in characters that only last a short period of time and other terrible actors are on the show for years.

Dame Edna said...

Fantastic actors mostly don't want to be playing tbe same character for years on end, whereas the mediocre are grateful for steady work.

Can you imagine the actor who plays Sophie Webster (as a for instance) in a part where she had to do more than just shout? Nope, me neither. Can't see Michelle Keegan having much success either....she who clearly went to the "Act Mainly With Your Hands" School of Drama.


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