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Monday 14 April 2014

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 14 April

Coronation Street, MONDAY 14TH APRIL 2014 at 7.30pm
TINA PULLS OUT THE STOPS TO SEDUCE PETER Dressed to kill, Tina turns up at the Rovers in a bid to win Peter back. An impressed Luke tries to flirt with Tina but Steph tells him to stop wasting his time. Quietly whispering to Peter that she has the flat to herself, will Peter be able to resist temptation?
ANNA RECEIVES AN UNWANTED VISITOR A clearly troubled Anna is worried sick when Owen and Gary arrive in the cafe after being given their marching orders by Phelan. When Phelan later calls round at No.6 with an announcement for the family, Anna is rooted to the spot. Is he about to reveal their sordid deal?
STEVE GALVANIZES LLOYD Jenna’s unimpressed when Andrea tells her she won't give up on Lloyd and Lloyd is grateful when Steve tells him his relationship with Andrea is purely platonic and Andrea loves him.
ELSEWHERE Aware of Tyrone’s concerns that Kirsty might try and snatch Ruby, Maria then worries that Marcus might try and snatch Liam. Taking the week off, she barricades herself into the salon flat with Liam. Elsewhere, Kevin is shocked when he finds a desperate Sophie and Maddie raiding the fridge at No.13.

Coronation Street, MONDAY 14TH APRIL 2014 at 8.30pm
PETER SUCCUMBS TO TINA AND HITS THE BOTTLE As Tina and Peter make their way to the bedroom, a frustrated Carla calls his phone again and again (he’s supposed to be watching a film with her and Simon). When Peter finally sees all the missed calls, he leaves a hurt Tina. Wracked with guilt he drowns his sorrows in the factory but will Carla be able to smell the Whisky on his breath?
THE WINDASSES FREEDOM COMES AT A COST Anna’s relieved when Phelan tells them he released Owen and Gary because Anna had a word with Valerie. He tosses the CCTV footage to Gary, pointing out they won’t see a penny of their £80k. As Owen thanks Anna for talking to Valerie, will a sickened Anna be able to cope with the reality of what she’s done?
MARIA TRIES TO BE POSITIVE – BUT FAILS Tyrone and Fiz drag Maria out for a drink but as Maria and Tyrone reminisce about old times, Maria can’t help but feel a longing for the relationship they once had.
ELSEWHERE Sally’s furious when Kevin tells Maddie and Sophie they can move in with him. Lloyd and Andrea bury the hatchet and declare their love for each other.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Sophie and MADDAR 'desperate'? Yeah right, try working for a living instead of sponging. The sense of entitlement Sophie has is breathtaking. Pandered to by her parents, they havent done her any favours.


Is the last we see of Phelan?

Zagg said... desperate can Sloppie and Madehhhhh be? Doesn't Sloppie work for Dev? Surely she must have a a few coins for a kebab or something. The writers have so missed the mark on this story line. It's just NOT believable on any front. Sloppie is 20+ years old. Get real.
Sloppie should have her own flat by now. Instead the writers have her suddenly "homeless" and are trying to evoke some sympathy for this situation and it is just not happening. A total joke of a story that no one cares about because these 2 characters are useless, uninteresting and horrifically annoying. Fast forward....

Anonymous said...

Zagg, well said! I'm watching in Canada and intensely dislike the characters Maddie and Sophie! Why does Sophie insist on moving every new girlfriend into her Mom's home! High time she moved out and hopefully off the street for good!

Anonymous said...

Now Soapy is living next door to Dev's Shop perhaps she will be able to make it to work. One bit of good news though Kevin appeared to return to form and even told Sally to shut up! (Here Here) tough night for Sal - Peter told her to mind her owm business (as if!)
On the subject of own business don't try and have a private conversation in he Bistro - Steph is tuned in and not adverse to chipping in! Really Andrea was lying to Lloyd give her some space!


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