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Saturday 26 April 2014

Coronation Street weekly update - putting toothpaste back in the tube

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This week in Corrie, Deirdre joins the Weatherfield Women’s Action Group. Well, Blanche had her 1o’clock club, so Deirdre should have her fun too.  She takes a packet of custard creams to chew over along with the pressing issues of the day, whatever they might be for the women of Weatherfield.  For Deirdre, she needs to think about what to wear as mother of the bride when Tracy tells her she and Rob are getting wed. “Engaged?” shrieks Deirdre.  “Yeah, like a public toilet,” replies Tracy, looking a bit flushed. Clearly it’ll be a marriage of convenience and will last a wee while. Oh, stop me now with these toilet jokes before I go round the bend.   Deirdre wonders about wearing puce to the wedding while Tracy ogles Rob’s bum in the Rovers. “You can’t marry a bum though, Tracy,” Deidre warns daughter. “Take it from one who’s tried. Several times.  Samir’s was like two spacehoppers in a holdall.”

Mad Maria, as she must now be called, texts Tyrone again, pretending to be Kirsty.  This puts the frighteners on Tyrone and things are not good between him and Fiz, especially when he goes to Maria for tea and sympathy about the texts that are coming from Maria herself.  Sorry, from Mad Maria herself.   In the salon, David realises what Maria is up to with the texts and tells her she ought to stop it right now.  He’s done some daft things in his time and he knows what Maria is up to can only lead to no good.  “You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube,” he advises Maria sagely.  “And that’s a whole load of toothpaste.”

Over at the Rovers, Steve tells Tina he knows the truth about her affair with Peter Barlow. Peter’s still in rehab and Carla and Simon try, and fail, to bond while he’s away.   Leanne looks after little Simon but she’s got a lot on her mind when she kisses Kal in the Bistro.  Kal’s called in to strip off and help out when a male stripper fails to turn up at the Bistro for a hen do.  Decked out in a dicky-bow tie, Kal gets chocolate pud smeared all over his midriff by the hens and then he’s snogged by Leanne.   That should all have been more exciting, or at least interesting, than it actually was.  I do like actor Jimi Mistry, but the character of Kal isn’t working for me.

Gail takes up self-defence classes at the newly opened gym, along with Mary.  Gail’s nervous that her burglar has only been given a 12 month sentence, which no doubt means he’ll be out in two weeks.  

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Dr Pepper said...

More scenes of rude sour faced sulky little Sophie and how much does Dev charge for groceries in his sho - £2.69 for two tins of cheap beans and a loaf? Should be about half that, Anna should have stuck with Phelan and enjoyed Heinz beans on rustic bread. Nick is behaving as prattish as ever again, another cringe moment with him down on one knee proposing to the woman he is already married to - doh!

abbyk said...

Yeah, I just don't get it with Nick. He's supposed to be one of the smarter ones, coming from a successful business to open the Bistro which shouldn't work but does. He can afford a nice apartment, drives a nice car, and always has cash to splash on presents for Simon. But when it comes to Leanne, he's competing with Steve for village idiot. And he's not funny, so it doesn't work. He's not a bad guy, and since 'hot' Kal is so bland, I wish he and Leanne would get back together. Slowly. Honestly. With rehab challenges along the way (which would be a better story than 'I want I want I want'). Make eye contact and stop overtalking and ignoring each others body language. Oh, and lose the neck beard.

John McE said...

Deirdre is slowly but surely morphing into Blanche. If you closed your eyes, some of the put downs she's had in the last few episodes, were pure Blanche.

Let's hope the writers continue doing this.

Just saying said...

When it was first mentioned that Nick was going to have a character change after his head injury I thought it was hinted that he would have a personality that would put David's most evil side to the test. I thought he would be shrew, controlling, uncaring, etc. This smiveling whimpering version is stomach churning. Also I bet that if Nick had removed his shirt his body would be much more fit than Kal's. I would like to see Nick get a backbone and a haircut. So tired of this Nick...I fast forward to ease the gag reflex I feel when he is on screen.

abbyk said...

And the other thing that's *really* bugging me is Maria going off the deep end following a breakup. I'm sorry, but a basically nice, self sufficient, responsible adult doesn't do that. They weren't married, they didn't have a child, they didn't have a mortgage, they didn't have decades of a life together that suddenly unravelled. Its sad and she should be sad but what we're getting is 19th century hysteric dramatics, a woman wronged in love falling apart. Barf. Maria was strong enough to survive early widowhood and single parenthood, now she's a mental weakling. Don't buy it.


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