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Monday 14 April 2014

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 14 April

The question on all of our minds, after the carrying out of the indecent proposal is - did what Anna do enough? After Phelan put all Corrie fans off soft cheese forever, by massaging it between his fingers for what seemed like an eternity, surely he will now relent and Owen and Gary can relax a little, though they may be mystified as to why Phelan might introduce a more gentle regime.

Anna, though, has been profoundly affected by her deal with the devil and as a result seems withdrawn and appears to be going through the motions of living. It may at first have seemed like a straightforward way out, a mere physical act to buy peace of mind. Let us not underestimate the grimness of the reality for Anna that afternoon in a hotel with a man she despises, a man who is the source of her family's troubles and with whom she is betraying Owen, a man who clearly loves her, albeit that she does it to help him. If Owen does find out that Anna slept with Phelan, it does not take more than a split second to work out that Owen will go berserk no matter what the alleged motive - at least initially.

So much could come from this that the writers will have a field day. Will Owen believe her, will he think she is attracted to Phelan, will her family find out? What about Valerie? Where does all this leave her? The repercussions from Anna's one afternoon with Phelan are potentially limitless.

Back to now, Owen and Gary arrive in the cafe having been 'set free' by Phelan. Anna is almost frozen and immobilised with anxiety when Phelan calls at the house.  He uses JFK's famous line about America but substitutes gaffer for America, to serve himself. 'Ask not what your gaffer can do for you, ask what you can do for your gaffer.' Much to Anna's relief, Phelan says that Anna has had a word with Valerie and that he has freed them from the job because of the two women. Phelan even gives back the CCTV footage of Gary hitting him. He does though point out that they will not get back one penny of the 80 grand. It is then, a release of sorts.  As the family moan about their fate, Anna bursts out, 'He's set you free, why can't you just be grateful?' She must hope that that is the end of it.

Tina looks stunning as she tries to lure Peter Barlow back into a relationship with her. Luke, Steph's brother seems eminently suitable as a boyfriend for Tina and he would be only too pleased to go out with her, but unless we're in Jane Austen, suitability has little sway over the feelings of characters in soaps. Good job really - we need the drama and action of ill-matched couples.  Peter cannot resist Tina and they go to her bedroom. All Peter's 'fresh start' intentions fallen before they were seconds old.

 Many will rue the day the mobile phone was invented. It was much easier to get away with things than now. Carla is ringing Peter repeatedly and must be wondering why on earth Peter is not answering as he's supposed to watching a film with Simon. He skulks back to the factory, troubled by overwhelming guilt and hits the bottle.

Maria, an ex-girlfriend of Tyrone's, is in a fragile emotional state and with the news that Kirsty has been released from prison and Tyrone's fear that she will try to snatch Ruby,  Maria is on the alert that Marcus may snatch Liam. Surely she has no need to fear that, no matter how fond Marcus is of the little boy. Marcus is just too level-headed isn't he?  Still Maria is taking no risks and picks Liam up to take him home, her clients in the salon and Audrey's attempts to persuade her to return, all ignored. Maria has a drink with Tyrone and they both enjoy reminiscing. Maria believes that things were simpler then.

Andrea and Lloyd are back on, but it took a while. They seem happy to be together, but does Andrea still yearn for Steve and he for Andrea? Both have strenuously denied any interest in the other, except for their coursework, but it feels unconvincing. Jenna is against her, even going so far as  calling her 'poison.'

As for Michelle, she seems more like Steve's probation officer or primary school teacher than girlfriend. She interrogates,  tries to catch him out and generally treats him as if he has not got an iota of sense. How is Steve bearing this? At least tonight Michelle was on her own and not with her 'mother-in-law' who is almost as bad. Maybe he will tire of her incessant spying and ridicule and find someone else...

Throughout the episodes Maddie and Sophie keep turning up. As a disgruntled cleaner throws water over them as they wake from a night in a shop doorway, it's clear that Sophie is missing her creature comforts. The pair decide to raid Kevin's fridge and they are caught by Kevin. In his no nonsense way, Kevin takes care of the girls and cooks them food. When they ask what is for afters, in less than a heartbeat Kevin tells them, 'Washing up.' Sally is summoned and discussions take place. Much to Sally's annoyance, Kevin offers to take the pair in. At least they could babysit for Jack.

How uplifting that Simon and Carla are getting on so well. Both are annoyed at Peter for not showing up and bond over Peter's unreliability. Simon tells Carla that 'Grandma Deirdre says that Peter can talk his way out of a room with no doors.'

Tonight though there are chinks in the talk. Wondering where he's been, Carla asks if he has been in the Rovers and he says hasn't. Carla says, 'So Steve and Michelle are lying?' Got to think fast Peter! He says that he popped in for five minutes, as if in some way that negates his having been in at all.  No stranger to  drink herself, it seems pretty clear that Carla detects Peter has been drinking - how long until she discovers the rest...?

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Anonymous said...

I can't imagine that Owen wouldn't assume that Anna has some demented attraction to Phelan - I do! If she despises this man so much, how could she go through with the act? This isn't a seasoned prostitute or desperate addict; and we can be sure he'd have expected more from her than just lying quietly and thinking of England... she might have loads of disgust and remorse after the fact but how'd she managed to under the covers in the first place?

Frosty the Snowman said...

Good episodes apart from the tiresome Maria being rude to Audrey and now going to latch on to simple Tyrone when we have been there and done that. Loved Kylie's take off of her voice. Your boyfriend cheated on you, get over it! Just write out this wooden dullard.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't so long ago that Kevin wanted to call the police on Maddy for stealing his bags[which he left in the middle of the Street]but now he is going to take in Maddie and Sophie?How much longer will this storyline drag on for anyway?


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