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Monday 28 April 2014

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 28 April

Beth seems set on her plastic surgery in Latvia. Should alarm bells be ringing? Beth gives Chesney some money to take Sinead out and to buy her something nice to wear. Beth concludes that she was the gobby one at school, because she wasn't the pretty one or the boring, brainy one.  She has a theory, which probably isn't far wrong, that we fall in and fit. Chesney tells Sinead that she's beautiful and Sinead replies, 'I'm a lot of things but beautiful isn't one of them.'

Maddie continues to aggravate people, including Sophie, who seems determined to stick with this annoying girl. If someone steals from you it is human nature to believe that they will steal from you again and so it is with Dev who, quite understandably, feels concern at her being in the shop. She yells at Dev telling him that he suspects she has marmite down her jeans and Shreddies up her top. Sally sees that Sophie is cross with Maddie and says, 'Even she's had enough of you,' with a degree of relish. Sally then calls after Maddie and says, 'Try not to have a fight with yourself on the way home.' - which is a rather amusing comment.

Kevin has shot off to Germany, his dad having broken his leg. Before leaving though, he gave Maddie a job. Naturally Sally thinks Kevin has lost his mind and says as much to Tim, who rather impressively sticks up for Kevin's actions, pointing out to an aggrieved Sally that what Kevin is doing is really for Sophie. It's clear that Sophie is not going to give up on Maddie, so Kevin plays an astute game - in some ways it's a keep your friends close and your enemies closer plan that Kevin has designed. Wise man.

Every scene Steph, played by Tisha Merry, is in, works brilliantly. Her acting is excellent and her character is lively, kind and witty. Not quite sure how she puts up with Tina as a flatmate, but that won't be for much longer as anyone who hasn't been holidaying in a different solar system will know. On seeing the first dress that Chesney has bought for Sinead, Steph tells him that it it like something her granny would have worn before she had had her cataracts done. She adds, 'I don't usually do pity but your need is greater than mine.' What she chooses for Sinead isn't as it turns out Sinead's cup of tea, but Steph's intentions were good.

Maria has got herself in deep by making out that the texts she sent were actually from Kirstie. But what exactly is Maria's aim? Yes she's after Tyrone but does she really want to break up Fiz and Tyrone's relationship? Really? It seems more likely that she wants a man around, someone to comfort her after what she sees as Marcus' betrayal. Tyrone is familiar, kind-hearted and someone who would not turn his back on someone in a crisis. In The Rovers, it seems Maria suddenly realises this when Fiz sees them mid- hug. He is cross with Fiz though and when she tells him he should be more sensitive he rounds on her and tells her that she is being most unfair. An observation about David tonight was that he became a moraliser telling Maria that what she was attempting to do, that is take Tyrone from Fiz was wrong. Well, thank you David!

 Kal is upset, he's frustrated. He was hoping that he and Leanne would get together. Nick though, is keen to restart his relationship with Leanne and suggests a holiday. Leanne cannot bring herself to turn him down and so fosters false hope. It is very difficult for her to tell him straight that they are no longer together, hard enough under any circumstances, but  especially difficult after the horrors that Nick has had to face.

In the gym Kal is training Steve, who has fitness on his mind and is also feeling fiercely competitive with Lloyd. Steve is doing well. Nick arrives but it seems the gym has made a mistake and double booked. Steve though is happy to share the session. Kal pushes Nick to an almost cruel extent and Gail expresses her concern,though Nick tells her in no uncertain terms not to get involved. Nick is clearly exhausted but Kal pushes him even harder to the point where it is no longer fitness training, but punishment for being married to Leanne.

Kal forces Nick to do some punching. After goading and taunting him, a reluctant Nick gets on with it; he punches while Steve takes the punches. Nick is punching so hard that he floors Steve. Steve says that Nick caught him off guard and anyway he could do with the rest!. Gail to the rescue, 'Deep breaths!' and nobody can blame her for telling Kal off.

Leanne is furious with Kal and tells him to stay away from 'both of us.'  So, torturing his love rival in the gym didn't work so he'l have to think of another method.

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Anonymous said...

Corrie producers really want a ratings boost? Kill off one of the long timers - that will get the rest of the staff to pull up their bootstraps and act their a$$es off. My vote is Ken B finally takes the big dirt nap.

John McE said...

Has there ever been a more contrived "love triangle" than the current Fizz - Tyronne - Maria one?

Maria's change from nice girl to phycho-bitch all due to a breakdown because gay Marcus turned out to be... gay? Yet when Daddy Liam was murdered she got over it in a couple of weeks.

The writers must thing the viewers will swallow anything!

David Parsnips said...

John McE - I think there is - Kal, Nick and Leanne - with Kal mooning around like a lovesick 13 year old. Unfortunately this character is now becoming very annoying indeedy.

Cobblestone said...

Beth says she wasn't the pretty one at school - but when Steve dated her in their late-teens, he said she was stunning & looked like a model. Not necessarily a contradiction, as it could just reflect Beth's self-image, but I got the impression the writer forgot about how Beth was introduced to the show. Nevertheless, I really liked the warm, human side of Beth in her little chat with Chesney.

John McE said...

Yes, I agree David, that one is equally annoying. And even in the few weeks Kal has been in the show, the writers are already forgetting what they've set up. Kal hates his father's domineering ways, yet he is forever telling him his fears and doubts about Leanne... not to mention getting his father involved with the gym.

Anonymous said...

Really warmed to Beth, her scene with Chesney was lovely and gave the character some much needed depth. I hope she gets more to do soon.
Still not so sure about Steph, why would Chesney take advice from her? Has a male character ever bought a dress that a female character liked?
Tim needs to get away from Sally, Kevin is only man able put up with her long term.

abbyk said...

I don't know which was more painful, Kal acting out like a 12 year old, hovering Gail fussing over Nick like he was 10, or My Fair Maddie. Thank goodness for the dress (which would have been stunning on Sinead in black or dark blue, btw) and Leanne putting her foot down. Would that it stayed there.

Just saying said...

Things I liked about the show:
1. David - replacing Maria's conscience as hers is on the blink. I like David. And his morals are sound.... I truly believe he would never cheat on Kyley. So to say it is wrong to take Tyrone from Fiz is a show of his true character.
2. Very believable - Tyrone's reaction to Fiz trying to tell him what to do. Granted she was in the right...but he is still tender from the Kirsty ordeal.
3. The chat with Chesney and what's her name in the bistro. I like her. But I think Ches had the right dress the first time.
4. Loved the reference to Becky videochatting with Kyley.
5. Loved the chat with Steve and old times!
6. I like that Kal's dad can give a few home truths when needed....I like him very much now.
7. I liked Michelle being nice to Steve.
8. Liked Leanne telling Kal where to go.
9. Loved Sally's line to Maddie...try not to pick a fight with yourself on the way home! Genius!

Only thing that bothers me....David and Maria...two good looking individuals...playing hairdressers...yet theirs is the worst hair on the street at the moment.

Overall - loved the episode.


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