Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Bring back the dimpled beer glass to The Rovers Return

The BBC is today heralding the return of the dimpled beer glass.

In an article on their BBC News magazine, it says that the dimpled pint glass, the symbol of the British pub is back. I know I'd love to see it return, I'm a big fan of the dimple.

Surely it's time to get a dimple revival going in the Rovers Return on Coronation Street.  It used to be popular with Jack Duckworth:

And with Eddie Yeats:

And with Kevin, Curly and Terry Duckworth too.

But sadly the dimpled beer glass has been out of favour for some time on Corrie, and nationwide too. Below is just one of many pictures I found showing dimple-less glasses being used on Corrie right now.

It's time to bring back the dimpled beer glass!

Read the full article here.

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Annie said...

One of my locals in a trendy suburb of Manchester serves pint of cider in dimpled glasses.... lovely stuff!!

Scott Willison said...

I got a dimpled beer glass in a pub the other day. Everyone at my table immediately cooed over it, like I'd been served beer in a tankard or something.

Anonymous said...

I believe they got rid of the dimpled beer glass because it was used as a weapon in pub brawls.

Anonymous said...

Dimpled glasses are more expensive than straight walled ones, they come with a handle which causes concern as anonymous pointed out..they can be used as a weapon and people like to smuggle them out in their handbags.

Tvor said...

And perhaps they are perceived as more masculine. They certainly are heavier when full and I think a lot of the female population are more comfortable hoisting the newer lighter and less masculine looking glasses. That way, they can sell more beer to the ladies.

Cobblestone said...

I found a nice little pub tucked away in Newcastle the other week and ordered a pint of real ale; my heart did a little skip when they handed it to me in a dimpled glass. Really hope they do come back right across the board.

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