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Friday 25 April 2014

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Friday 25 April

FRIDAY 25TH APRIL 2014 at 7.30pm
NICK BUILDS HIS HOPES FOR A RECONCILIATION Kal and Leanne decide to tell Nick about their feelings for each other but Nick clearly thinks him and Leanne are getting back on track and before Kal can say anything he tells him he plans to get back with Leanne tonight. As Leanne psyches herself up, will Nick’s bombshell stop her in her tracks?
THE PRESSURE STARTS TO GET TO ANNA Liz pulls Anna up over her cleaning skills on her first day at her new job in the Rovers. Owen’s annoyed and leaps to Anna’s defence but will Owen feel hurt when Anna snaps at him not to interfere.
FIZ TAKES MATTERS INTO HER OWN HANDS Tyrone tells a panicked Maria that Fiz intends to report Kirsty to the police so David tells her to throw her phone away but when a police car pulls up outside No.9, will David persuade her to confess before it’s too late?
ELSEWHERE Deirdre's pleased to hear about Rob and Tracy’s engagement, Kal shames Steve and Lloyd into agreeing to do a 5k charity run and realising she’s forgotten her purse, Izzy uses some of the charity money the girls raised to pay for her shopping.

FRIDAY 25TH APRIL 2014 at 8.30pm
DESPERATE LEANNE GIVES NICK FALSE HOPE Leanne feels terrible when Nick tells her he can’t live without her. He kisses her and leaves. He later confides in Kal that he hopes Leanne will take him back. Desperate to spare his feelings, will Leanne tell him how she feels about Kal or lead him to believe he has a chance?
OWEN’S CONCERNS FOR ANNA GROW Owen questions Anna’s feelings for him, pointing out she hasn’t let him near her for weeks. Anna insists she’s just tired but Owen is unconvinced. Does he suspect Anna’s not being honest with him?
MARIA NARROWLY ESCAPES BEING EXPOSED Tyrone’s angry with Fiz for involving the police and storms out but Maria’s relieved when Tyrone tells her that because the texts came from a pay-as-you-go phone it’s harder to trace them. Feeling confident Maria sends Tyrone another text.
ELSEWHERE Steve joins the gym, hoping to outrun Lloyd in the charity run. Rob and Tracy celebrate their engagement in the Rovers. Gary hands Izzy £40 that he earned on a building site but Izzy squirrels it away with the charity money and when Lloyd suggests he stays the night at Andrea’s, she makes out the boiler’s broken and they’d better stay at his flat instead.

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Anonymous said...

Why can't anyone on this Street just be straight forward? All Izzy has to do is tell Gary that she's putting his money into the charity cash because she was stuck at the shop without her purse and borrowed from it. Problem solved. Now, there'll be some unholy row and accusations about it. Nonsense.

Frosty the Snowman said...

So we have a Totally Tiresome Triangle to look forward to then - Mr Self Pity Nick, Sucking a Lemon Face Leanne and the Prattish Kal - cant wait (not!

jenniffer said...

Rob and Tracy’s engagement...WAO...You give me shot

Anonymous said...

Jenniffer, I have no idea what you just said!

To be honest, Rob & Tracy's relationship is one of the brighter things on the street at the moment.

mayann57 said...

I have been watching for years but now I am skipping episodes because I just don't care about most of it anymore. I'm hoping that turns around but if not I'll probably just stop.

Zagg said...

I don't get where this Izzy and money thing is going. So she forgot her purse and uses the money which she will replace when she gets home,right? If it were me, I'd call my mates and let them know I was temporarily using the money etc...all above board and end of. What the heck is going on here? Or are they turning her into some mini criminal now?

Anonymous said...

Agree Rob & Tracey are a bright spot in an increasingly dull street era.
More Misery for the Windass clan - Steve made to look stupid - Rita running around after a unworthy man -Tina to be murdered (whoeverdoesit Hurry up!) & the return of Ken (yawn) - Liz wears a short skirt - I can hardly wait!!


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