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Friday 11 April 2014

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 11 April

Coronation Street, FRIDAY 11TH APRIL 2014 at 7.30pm
ANNA CONTEMPLATES AN ALMIGHTY SACRIFICE Phelan tells Anna to meet him at his hotel room at 3pm if she wants to get Owen and Gary off the hook. Telling Roy she feels unwell, she takes the afternoon off and heads to Phelan’s room. As he locks the door behind her, Anna feels sick. Will she really sacrifice her body to save her family?
STEVE LANDS HIMSELF IN HOT WATER Andrea agrees to give an apologetic Steve another chance and they make a start on their history project. Feeling peckish, Steve slips out to get them a kebab but when he returns Andrea has fallen asleep. Waking her, she mistakes him for Lloyd and pulls him in for a hug just as Michelle and Lloyd enter. How will they explain themselves?
SOPHIE MAKES A STAND FOR MADDIE Sophie’s hurt when Maddie tells Sophie to go home to her middle class semi as she hasn’t a clue about life on the streets.
ELSEWHERE Tyrone’s horrified when he gets a call from the police to say that Kirsty’s been released from prison and Jenna covers her reservations when Lloyd tells her he’s thinking of taking Andrea away for a romantic weekend.

Coronation Street, FRIDAY 11TH APRIL 2014 at 8.30pm
ANNA MAKES AN ALMIGHTY SACRIFICE FOR HER FAMILY Leaving the hotel room, Anna is full of self-loathing but was she able to go through with the act? When she arrives home she is stunned to find the whole family have prepared a lovely meal for her. Owen tells her she’s the best partner and mother, but will Anna agree?
STEVE’S SLIP CAUSES CHAOS Michelle and Lloyd remain deeply suspicious when Steve and Andrea explain nothing is going on between them. Steve tells Michelle that Andrea used to have a crush on him and Andrea tells Lloyd that Steve had a crush on her but now they’re just mates. Are they digging themselves into a bigger hole?
EMILY INADVERTENTLY REKINDLES TINA’S PASSION Emily talks about Ernest and how important it is to hang on to the one you love but Tina takes her advice to heart. Vowing to win Peter back, she texts him telling him that she loves him. Will this send Peter over the edge?
ELSEWHERE Tyrone breaks the news to Fiz that Kirsty’s been released and Maddie and Sophie spend the night sleeping rough in a shop doorway.

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abbyk said...

My mind is reeling. Kirsty's out and nobody knew this was happening??? Tyrone is both her victim and the father of her child. Maybe letting the victim's know of a criminal's upcoming release is a fantasy only found in tv land, but surely a custodial parent would be notified about visitation arrangements. Then again, this is Corrie, where Tracy just strolled in and got custody of Amy a few years after being convicted of murder. I so wish we had a better grip on reality. *sigh*

I wish Tina knew what was going on with the Windasses. Revenge is a dish...

Kill Maddie Next! said...
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Frosty the Snowman said...

Is Anna really going to be so dumb as to act like a prostitute with Phelan? Does she really think he will keep to his word? Probably film it and put in on the internet knowing him.

Anonymous said...

"Will Anna sacrifice her body?" It is not her body she is giving up. Phelam will it borrow it for a few minutes. What she is sacrificing is her self-respect, her commitment to Owen, her freedom of choice. These are far more subtle and so much more important. People often refer to prostitutes as selling their bodies. That is an inaccurate description of the transaction.

Anonymous said...

Very well said Anonymous.

Laura said...

Agreed that it's hard to muster up any sympathy for Anna/Gary after what they put Joe through back in the day. And Owen has always been a mean-spirited bully. What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

I too am finding it hard to muster sympathy for the Strongasses and Windarms. It's bad enough that they're such unpleasant people, with dubious morals, but they're just so stupid! When Phelan told Owen "You never learn." I found myself yelling "Right!" How can you care what happens to such people when they bring it on themselves?

Anonymous said...

I think the comments about the Windasses are a bit harsh.Noone deserves to be victimised by someone as evil as Phelan.I would also like to add that Anna and Owen were very kind to The Croppers during Hayley's Illness and Anna kept the café running while Roy dealt with his grief.I would also like to point out that Tina who some claim should be enjoying seeing the Windasses' misery did try to steal Gary and Izzy'sbaby and keep Owen's money,had no qualms about sleeping with Peter while his wife Carla was spending time with her dying friend Hayley and again while Carla was at her stepfather's funeral without any remorse for betraying her'friend' Carla.


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