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Sunday 27 April 2014

Taxi for Armstrong

So all of a sudden, out of the blue, we hear the news that actress Georgia May Foote is to leave Coronation Street before the end of the year.

While I'll not shed any tears when Katy Armstrong leaves Weatherfield, it does seem a bit odd given that a long-term future for the character was suggested not that long ago.

Young Katy has been one of my least favourite characters for quite some time. While not being quite as surly as the increasingly irritating, dour Sophie or quite as gobby as the increasingly unpleasant Michelle, Katy has been a quiet, background source of annoyance for a while.

The character has been a spare part since her split with Chesney. The arrival of sweet, kindly, soap making Sinead has left Ms Armstrong redundant. Seeing nice but dull Chesney with Sinead makes you realise what a poor match Chesney and Katy were in the first place. To my mind the character was ruined as soon as the pair were saddled with their hasty relationship and parenthood. This aged them overnight and neither character has been able to come back from that abyss of old before their time responsibility. 

What made things worse was the further about turn which saw devoted young mum Katy turn trampy overnight with the deeply unsuitable, beige, characterless Ryan Connor. That entire storyline was the ultimate in filler tedium and it was an immense relief when Ryan was packed off somewhere or other for some deeply vacuous, spurious reason. At the time my only complaint was that he didn't take Katy with him.

In recent times Katy has been a background presence in the seemingly never-ending spiral of gloom that is the Armstrong-Windass family. Every so often she would chirrup up to pass on some lame piece of advice to someone who wasn't listening or compliment Valerie "gob on a stick" Phelan on her d√©colletage. 

While I'm a fan of Debbie Rush (Anna) and Mikey North (Gary), the over-abundance of the Armstrong-Windass clan has been quite overpowering of late, so as far as I'm concerned one less is no bad thing. Out of them all, Katy is the easiest to dispense with. Steph has come along with bags of personality and we are soon to meet Kal Nazir's daughter, Alya, so there will be no shortage of younger female characters.  

Despite my feelings towards Katy, I do wish Georgia May Foote all the best for the future.

So what do you think about the decision to wave goodbye to Katy Armstrong? Will you miss her? What would you like her exit storyline to be?

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Anonymous said...

Good luck to the actress and GOODBYE to the character. Please, Please... P L E A S E .. take Sophie and Maddie with you.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Best of luck to Georgia and I hope she finds work where she can develop her talents. She hasn't been used well and that's not her fault.

My guess is that Owen will go bonkers when he find out the truth about Anna and Phelan. They split and Owen sells the house to finance a business elsewhere, meaning he leaves the Street, too. Because we know that Katy's exit is part of this storyline, she won't leave with a new beau. She will side with her dad and goes to lives with him, maybe taking Joseph with her. That means goodbye to two Armstrongs. Anna will be homeless and Roy will give her and Faye a roof over their heads. This will be the new direction for Roy as surrogate grandpa to Faye and best friend to Anna. I hope this frees Gary and Izzy to have lives of their own.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised when they put Chesney and Katy together in the first place, and therefore wasn't surprised it didn't work, given their youth, Katie's good looks, but weak character.
No surprise her head was turned by the vain and quietly sneaky Ryan and yes, how much better it would have been if Katy had left with Ryan for Ibiza, oh- but baby Joseph wouldn't have been welcome as part of the package.

I'm not sorry character Katy is going, but I'd rather it was Sophie that was leaving.
I can't tell you how much Sophie,and Ms. Vincents delivery of her lines as well as her story lines bug me.

Humpty Dumpty, I think your guess about what might now happen is pretty good, makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

I thought this actress was one of the prettiest they have ever had. She has this innocence and wholesomeness about her that does not work on this show where every female under 60 is required to bed-hop. I do hope she finds more suitable work.

Anonymous said...

You know, I really resent this crap. The girl has been given absolutely nothing to do what so ever. Once she broke up with Chesney, that was it. What a load of shite. But that's ok. We still have Sophie and Maddie to look forward to for the foreseeable.

Sallie said...

I have often wondered how many of the actors read these blogs about themselves and beg to get out of the series. I don't think this young actress was given a chance to develop and along with so many other characters on the street are despised and hated. One or two rotten characters in a series livens things up and gives us, the viewer, a chance to vent our brains out at "that horrible" creature but in Corry there are far to many unlikable people. I do not recall Coronation Street being like this in the past but now I find when certain actors appear on the screen I start to cringe and place my finger on the fast forward button. The story lines are the same old thing over and over. Katy had her fling and ruined that marriage. Maria, the worse and most disgusting crier I have had to watch, is determined to break up Fiz and Tyrone who I thought were great together and maybe would end up being the couple that would be respected for their ability to get through the rough spots. But no, lets break them up as well. And then there is the really vile Peter and Tina story. The cheating and lying - on and on it goes. My question is what kind of people sit down and start out the day saying "whose marriage or relationship should be ruin today" What is their problem??

Anonymous said...

When I think back over Katy's moments, I have to say that I'm not sure she was such a talented actor; very pretty for sure, but in an increasingly fast-paced show like C.S. it takes more than being just window dressing.
I also think that there is too much of the improbable these days being thrown at us.
Too much corruption of characters that most of us have grown to know over the many years.
I don't get these abrupt changes in personality to suit the story lines of infidelity, it ruins the continuity of the show and in a street this small, continuity is important.

Defrost Indoors said...

I wish her all the best, although I wonder how she will leave -- job offer elsewhere? The Armass clan will probably adapt very easily. Like Sophie, she didn't seem to mix very well with the rest of the street and it really limited what the character could do. Too often the writers have the families operating in little capsules separate from the other groups on the show. In the long run I think Katy Armstrong will have made as much impact as a previous Katy (Harris). I didn't like that Katy much either but she was much more dynamic.

Dame Edna said...

How much would Owen's house be worth? Wasn't it remortgaged to enable him to invest the £80,000?

Anonymous said...

Georgia will be OK Pantomime always needs pretty girls! Snow White?

Just saying said...

How frustrating. Georgia could have been the next Tina with a little guidance. She is gorgeous. But they go and hire someone outside.
Also how in the world is Sophie safe in her job when she is so wooden and ordinary.
It makes no sense.

Unknown said...

they shouldnt leave georgia go
i will miss her but she be back again in a few years

Unknown said...

they shouldnt let georgia go
i will miss her she will be back in a few years

Unknown said...

never could understand half of what she said..she needs to take the marbles out of her mouth..take diction lessons


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