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Tuesday 29 April 2014

Craig Charles on Corrie's Lloyd: "He'll get his heart broken again"

Craig Charles, who plays Coronation Street's Lloyd Mullaney, was interviewed on ITV's Lorraine yesterday.  He talks about Lloyd's upcoming heart attack storyline and there's a wonderful montage of clips of some of Lloyd's best bits, including his fling with Liz McDonald. a storyline I loved.

There are clips from next week's Corrie when Lloyd has his heart attack on the fun run, which has been arranged in memory of Hayley Cropper.    Craig says that after the heart attack, Lloyd has to change his life and cut out the fags and drink and start going to the gym and eating healthily.  He talks about the rivalry between Jenna and Andrea as they look after Lloyd on his route to recovery.

He says that Lloyd will get his heart broken again, there's a big story coming up soon.

He also talks about his Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show on BBC Radio 6.  "Playing records and talking nonsense, I can't believe I get paid for it!" he laughs.

He says there's a few things towards the end of the year that he's filming to do with life away from Corrie but he can't talk about any of them yet.

Watch the interview here.

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Anonymous said...

rivalry between Jenna and Andrea surely

Frosty the Snowman said...

You dont have to be Einstein to work out there is something seriously dodgy about Andrea - anyone with that rictus grin has to be strange - there is obviously some secret at home - an ill child or partner a la Paul the Fireman. But one good thing that at last Jenna is being given a story and something to do.

Humpty Dumpty said...

They don't know what to do with Lloyd. They gave him Mandy and then had two people they didn't know what to do with. She was ditched and Andrea was brought in. Guess what, they didn't know what to do with her. Was she really after Steve? Was she going to become a bunny boiler or turn out to be a fun, problem-free woman for Lloyd? In the end, as often happens, nobody cares anymore. I reckon Andrea's an escort and that's why she has to rush off, and her flat is filled with bondage equipment. Anything's possible. PS: I've just seen an interview where the actress says fans hope that Andrea finally gets together with Steve. Too late for that, get rid.

David Parsnips said...

I think fans only want odd looking Andrea to get together with Steve as Michelle is such an awful old harridan. Have to agree that she is morphing into another rather pointless character just sitting around the Rovers with Lloyd. I really dont care about her any her "big secret". As Humpty says, get rid.

Anonymous said...

I had high hopes for Andrea when she first arrived not any longer. She always has that stupid grin plastered on her face when she is hanging off Lloyd. We know nothing whatsoever about her where does she work, live, thought she had a child. They need to develop her character further or get rid.

Anonymous said...

Andrea's going to make up some excuse one night in the Rovers and about how she has to leave town to take care of a sick relataive and bam..she's outta there. Really, maybe it's time for Lloyd's character to be without a woman. The actor doesn't do romance well...his scenes aren't believable - except with Cheryl. Maybe she'll make a comeback for a short while, she and Lloyd get married and she's tragically killed in an accident at the faktry or wherever leaving Lloyd alone again.

Anonymous said...

I too had hopes for Andrea when she arrived.
She was pretty, but not a babe, was vivacious and I could see Steve with her down the line, yes it was set up because Michelle was being OTT horrible to Steve.
Now, because we have zero character development with yet another character, I could care less what might happens next, I don't have hope in the character anymore, she might just as well be a cardboard cut out.

Barrie.T said...

I love craig's laugh

Anonymous said...

I think Andrea's grin got permantley stuck on Dancing on Ice.
If she is going on a poison spree she could help everyone (especially Steve) by starting with the awful Michelle.
I am suspecting another dreadful parent story for Andrea - a racist father or a control freak mother.
Or her home could be a shrine to Steve - while not knowing Jim is her father!

Anonymous said...

I take back my previous comment re: not caring what happens to Andrea, and many others. There should be a contest held on here: who can come up with the best (read- outlandish)storyline/ exit, for Andrea.
Joking aside, I'll be disappointed if they turn her into an unstable type,she seemed so NORMAL when she first sprung on to our screens, that pretty smile seems to become more desperately intense looking every day.


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