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Saturday 26 April 2014

Coronation Street spoilers for summer 2014

Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn has been talking to the The Sun's TV Magazine today.  In a nutshell, here's what he says about some of the upcoming storylines in our favourite show:

Roy Cropper

Stuart says: "We are now building a new friendship for Roy, but as long as I'm producer, he will not have a romance with anyone.  If that's the only story we can give Roy, we're a bit crap at our job."  However, he also says that Roy is "pushed into actions he never imagined".

Maddie Heath
Stuart says: "Amy Kelly as Maddie Heath is a keeper. But it's important our writers don't confuse her with Katherine Kelly's Becky McDonald. The instinct with a character like Becky is: 'Where are we going to find the next her?' But you'd end up doing shadows of former characters. The joy with Amy is that she has no idea how good she is. Short of [a] writer bringing in another story that I haven't expected, or Amy wanting to go, the character of Maddie will be here as long as I'm here."

Gary Windass

Stuart says: "Gary hits the lowest place possible."

Tina McIntyre's murder
Stuart says: "It was a big call killing her off, especially after I promised Michelle I wouldn't! But then the writers came up with this massive story. So you have to go, 'Okay, there won't be any other Michelle Keegans, but new people will emerge.'"

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Upintheattic said...

The character Maddie is a keeper??????? Does this man not read fans comments? Her and Sophie are the most hated characters on that show. They are the reason alot of us have stopped watching!!!! Oh...this just saddens me when Audrey, and Eva, set aside again. "Maddie will be here as long as I'm here" so says Mr Blackburn. He's rubbing our noses in his superiority.

Anonymous said...

He's right, actually. So please stop crying :)

Frosty the Snowman said...

Exactly Diane - the man is a fool and we complained about Collinson - he needs to grow a pair and CULL some of these characters. He always reminds me of Mr Blobby.

I wonder who Roy's friend will be, I hope not dotty Mary, dont think I can listen to any more sentences started with Aye Aye Aye..........

Dubcek said...

Isn't there an on-line petition somewhere to get rid of Blackburn that I can sign?
Please, please let it be so.

Sharon said...

I think Maddie and Sophie work for all sorts of reasons, the haters should watch and wait give the writers a chance to develop the character of Maddie further.People are to quick to judge Amy Kelly is a young actress who given time will grow into the roll, she has so much potential, i remember really not liking Roy Cropper when he was first introduced on to the street now he is one of the best loved characters
I applaud Stuart Blackburn the street needs to move forward to keep its number one status

Just Saying said...

I think Blackburn put a bullseye on Amy his pet....he makes her all the more displeasing. Yuck!
As for being there as long as he is...well he admitted that he is having Tina killed off after 'promising' Michelle Keagen he wouldn' that shows what this man's word is worth.
As for a new friendship for Roy...I would like that to be Deirdre....but I imagine that they will put her in a love triangle with Liz and Tony instead.
This Stuart Blackburn is so arrogant. Go start your own show Stuart instead of using Corrie as a playground for your idiotic ideas.
By the it just me or does he look like Mr. Potato Head?

Tvor said...

I think Maddie is a keeper, too. I just don't care for her relationship with Sophie. The actress is really good.
I think Roy will reach out to Anna to support her

Anonymous said...

I would venture a guess that the actress playing Maddie is connected somewhere along the way, same as Sophie and Faye.
2014 - watch the ratings fall into the abyss, SB get fired and the scramble to regain Corrie's lost audience ensue.

Rebecca said...

I think SB is doing better than PC. We're seeing the occasional scene where the characters are chatting in the Rover's or in the cab office and there's no major drama going on. I know that's something I had missed for a long time.
As for Amy Kelly being a better actress than she knows, well, I've been in the dark about that too. Probably because she's one of the characters I can't stand to listen to so I fast forward through her scenes.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Get Maddie away from Sophie, put her with Roy as Tvor suggests, and she might be OK. It's Sophie's character that's dragging her down. If that does happen, it will be a recycle of all the troubled teens and twenties who are reformed by Roy's magic. I'm prepared to wait and see. Other than that, SB doesn't say a lot. He doesn't mention Rob and Tracy's wedding. It won't happen or the groom will be inside straight after the honeymoon.

Barrie.T said...

Sophie is prepared to put her life on the line for an ungrateful 17 year old street kid who she's only known for 5 minutes and has given her nothing but grief since the day they met. I don't think so. Thats what makes their relationship so unrelalistic and viewer care factor so low

Humpty Dumpty said...

I misread Tvor's post. What I think could happen is that Roy takes Maddie under his wing, especially as she's already said she was good at cookery at school. We already know that Roy will become a stronger character (previous SB interview)and will repay the kindness of Carla and Anna. They could be his friends.

Anonymous said...

Since she's pregnant with Peter's child,I think it would be likely that Roy would befriend Carla who's been betrayed by her 'friend'Tina and becomes a surrogate grandfather to Carla's baby.Perhaps the actions Roy takes is to stage a boycott of the Rovers after it's revealed that Steve and Liz knew of Peter and Tina's affair but kept quiet to protect Tina and realises that Peter betrayed Carla while she was supporting a dying Hayley?

Anonymous said...

"If that's the only story we can give Roy, we're a bit crap at our job."

Funny, that has never been an issue for you before.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Roy become close with Carla and Audrey. Yes, it seems like chalk and cheese but Audrey and Roy would share the common ground of losing a beloved spouse and they are both entrepreneurs. If they get Maddie away from Sophie and find her a job cooking at Roy's, that would at least be something. Right now, I despise the pairing of these characters and can't imagine where the hell all their nonsense is going.

abbyk said...

The one who plays Steph is also a young actress but from the time she walked on, she had our attention as a believable fun young woman, one who had and could make friends, and now who can hold a job and pay rent. Okay, a 17 year old shouldn't have to pay rent, but please and thank you should be part of her repertoire. Of course he's going to stand by Maddie, she's his creation. And Tina is not.

I'm all for a good friend for Roy, wouldn't mind if it were an adventure filled bromance. Anna and Carla are of a different generation; he needs one or two people he can be really open with, and someone closer in age would make more sense. Sharif's the right age, but seems a bit cold; maybe he likes trains. Gail could use a friend, too.

Gary hits bottom. Been there, bought the t-shirt, shoulda had therapy. Snooooooze. Unless (wishful thinking) this is the beginning of the end of the Windass Armstrongs.

Upintheattic said...

Dubcek, if there is a petition, I hope I can find it, I will sign in a heartbeat. This show AND most of the characters have lost their familiarity to me.
Anonymous 16:15 BB claims that viewership is on the rise, and I'm sorry, but I don't believe that for a minute. There WERE 6 of us who watched Corrie faithfully, and I am the only one wishin and a hopin' that BB leaves and takes his 2 untalented "pets" with him. Corrie just isn't Corrie anymore

Abbyk, Yes, I really really enjoy Steph, just as I enjoy Eva. You can bet your next cuppa, that they will sit on the sidelines like all our favourite characters waiting for a story line. Oh PTB please heed the fans feelings.

Anonymous said...

Could Roy's new friendship be with Julie? It could tie in with the comment about being "pushed into new actions" - she's been trying to organise fundraising events after all.

Anonymous said...

I for one am glad he hasnt announced a whole string of sensational storylines as the Tina murder is enough of that already. Its still early days for him so lets see how it pans out.- Micky

John McE said...

The odd thing is that I can see that Amy Kelly isn't a bad little actress - it's her character I can't stand, and coupled with Sophie, the world's most unbelievable and poorly written lesbian, the two of them are quite unbearable.

Kelly Scott said...

"Sophie, the world's most unbelievable and poorly written lesbian"

Best description of her ever!

Kelly said...

Maddie is far from being a keeper. She's a horrible character played by an equally horrible actress.

Anonymous said...

I think there's hope for Maddie, I just don't love the way she is now, and I absolutely hate the pairing with Sophie, but that's down to Sophie.
If Sophie would get fed up and leave the street, Amy Kelly I could see building her character into one with more than one dimension; I think she's a much better actor than B.V. who is irritating me more than ever since this affair begun.
I really think there's something wrong with the character, she acts way too young for her age.

Zagg said...

Maddie a keeper? That makes me very sad. I am afraid Stuart B has lost the plot and is just caught up in his own arrogance. I SWEAR these actresses who play Maddie and Sophie are related to someone in the PTB realm and that's why they keep their jobs on the show. The general audience hates them. It is all over the internet. There is no other explanation for it.

They are a permanent fast forward for me. I don't want to see them or hear them on screen ever. I have never been so disgusted by TV characters in my life. They are completely unwatchable.

Anonymous said...

I get the "bad girl" image of Maddie, but I do not see any chemistry between Maddie and Sophie.

There are so many possibilities to create chemistry, why are they always arguing?


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